I’m diggin these earrings. And so is my teenage daughter, as they seem to find their way to her earlobes more than mine. I found them this summer at Handpicked, a local shop I frequent for accessories. They’ve been one of my favorites ever since. They’re so dangly and sparkly and fun.

And inexpensive too. At $16 they’re a steal. Yep, only $16. I only wish I’d picked a few more pairs of these up in other colors.

Last week I stopped by Handpicked to pick up something for my daughter’s birthday. They let me snoop around taking pictures. Let me show you a little bit more of the treasures there.

How fun is that one?

Handpicked has been around for over 20 years, providing the perfect accent at reasonable prices.

(Guess what? I’ve got a secret. Once upon a time, many years ago…many…very many…too many to name, I created the logo for Handpicked. It was one of my first logo jobs ever. And look! They’re still using it.)

What brilliant blue…so purty.

Just about every time I’m in search of the finishing touch for an outfit, I head to Handpicked first. I hardly ever leave empty handed, which my teenage daughter benefits greatly from right now.

At Handpicked you’ll find a unique collection of fashionable jewelry.

Hip necklaces.

Funky earrings.

Cool rings. Love the turquoise and simplicity of the wire on these pieces.

One of a kind bracelets.

There’s even a great selection of scarves, handbags and other fun stuff perfect for gift. Handpicked has always been a great place to find gifts for birthdays, Mother’s Day and other gift giving occasions. They also have a wide selection of jewelry for monograming.

So if you’re in the market for something sparkly and shiny, stop by Handpicked. You can easily check to see if there is a Handpicked shop near you or use their convenient online store.