15 Cookbook Recommendations


Over the course of the year a large stack of new cookbooks has grown in my kitchen. Some have been sent my way from publishers, others I’ve purchased on my own. It’s a big stack. On more than one occasion I’ve had a friend ask me for a cookbook recommendations for a birthday or other… 

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A tale of flour, lasagna, hunky cowboys and a giveaway!


A few weeks back, in early November, my friend Jennifer and I made a huge mess in my kitchen. Flour was everywhere as we embarked on a cinnamon roll escapade of sorts with The Pioneer Woman Cooks as our guide. Our plan was to make a bunch to freeze for Christmas parties and such. Four… 

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Flour, flour everywhere and a giveaway.


Earlier this week my good friend Jennifer came over and an attempt to try to plan ahead some baked goodies for the holidays, we set about to baking. Jennifer is not just a good friend, she’s my baking friend. And while I’m learning a bunch about baking as I go, she’s sorta my security blanket –… 

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