Oatmeal Walnut Caramel Coffee Cake Recipe

Oatmeal Walnut Caramel Coffee Cake Recipe

Once in a while a great mistake happens. I think the mistakes that happen in the kitchen are the very best. Don’t you? Take this Oatmeal Walnut Caramel Coffee Cake Recipe, for example. This recipe began late one night as an attempt to satisfy a craving for caramel blondies. It was too late and I… 

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Chocolate Caramel Apples Recipe

chocolate caramel apples

One of my favorite treats of all time has to be a Chocolate Caramel Apple. I’ve never much cared for a candy apple, and a caramel apple, while certainly a delicious combination, has always been a little to messy for my liking. But dip a caramel apple in chocolate and something magical happens. I don’t know what it is, but it’s magic, man. The chocolate seals the gooey caramel in and combines with an excellent crunchy apple to create flavor perfection in my book.

Turtle Candies Recipe


As far as candy goes, is there anything better than a caramel, chocolate, and nuts combo? I think not. So when I found this recipe for Turtle Candies in my Aunt Carole’s cookbook I had to stop all manner of housework, to try it out. Laundry must wait for things like this.