Sweet Potato Chips Recipe

Sweet Potato Chips Recipe

After all the junk I’ve had over the holidays I’m needing to take a few steps back and regroup in regards to my eating habits. Healthy snacks are at the top of the list. Did you see the post I did for Tasty Kitchen on how to open a pomegranate?

I’ve opened more than a few pomegranates over the past weeks, but have also made a few batches of healthy chips with this Sweet Potato Chips Recipe. They’re packed with flavor, and Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Potassium and Manganese.

Plus, they’re baked, not fried. And did you know the sweet potato is a strong anti-inflammatory food? I had no idea all that goodness was in the sweet potato. Sweet, indeed. If you’re participating in Weight Watchers, according to my calculations, one whole sweet potato, baked, is about 4 points, but a vitamin rich 4 points it is.

For the Sweet Potato Chips, begin with some basic seasonings and sweet potatoes.

Sweet Potato Chips

This is a simple recipe that allows you to create your own flavor combination. I’ve listed a spicy combo below, but get creative and come up with what floats your boat.

Begin by peeling the sweet potatoes.

Sweet Potato Chips

Next, it’s time to slice. I used a mandoline to slice the sweet potatoes, but you can easily use a sharp knife. Be careful! You’ll want them pretty thin, about 1/8″ thick.

Sweet Potato Chips

In a bowl, combine the oil and herbs and spices. Then add the sliced sweet potatoes, and toss until they’re all coated with the spicy goodness.

How to make Sweet Potato Chips

Next, on ungreased baking sheets, line then all up, in a single layer and get ready to bake.

Bake in a 400°F oven for about 10-12 minutes. Then, turn all the potatoes over and return for more baking until golden brown and starting to get crispy. Should take around 10 more minutes. Be careful to watch for burning. Depending on your oven, you may need to decrease or increase cooking time for desired crispness.

Sweet Potato Chips Recipe

They’re so yummy. And they make for the perfect snack or tasty partner to a burger or sandwich. Enjoy!

Sweet Potato Chips Recipe
Adapted from Taste of Home’s Simple & Delicious.
Serves: Makes about 10 servings.
  • 5 large sweet potatoes, sliced thin (about ⅛? thick)
  • 2 teaspoons ancho chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon garlic salt
  • ¼ teaspoon smoked paprika
  • ¼ teaspoon cumin powder
  • ¼ teaspoon kosher salt
  • ½ teaspoon cracked black pepper
  • ¼ cup canola oil
  1. Preheat oven to 400°F.
  2. Combine all seasonings with oil in a bowl.
  3. Add sliced sweet potatoes. Toss to coat the potatoes well.
  4. On ungreased baking sheets lay sweet potato slices in a single layer.
  5. On lower rack, bake for 10-12 minutes, then turn all potato slices over.
  6. Continue baking until golden brown, about 10 more minutes. (Watch carefully to make sure potatoes don’t burn. Depending on your oven, you may need to cut baking time short or add a few more minutes to desired crispness.)


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  1. 1


    I’m with you. Give me something healthy, please! My daughter helps with a caterer sometimes and always raves about the sweet potato fries they serve. We tried them, but didn’t get them quite right. I’ll have to try this chip recipe.

  2. 2

    Jennifer K says

    I love sweet potatoes! These looks delicious! Can’t wait to try them. Yummo!

  3. 5

    Rivki Locker says

    Yum. I make a similar recipe but without the cumin. The cumin sounds like a great addition. I also love your photos. What beautiful colors and lighting!!!

  4. 9


    Fantastic recipe… I bet my kids would love these, not to mention hubby! (I, for some INSANE reason, am not a huge fan of sweet potatoes, its like I am not American or something)


  5. 10

    Jennifer (Savor) says

    Sweet Potato awesomeness – we can them ‘Mommy Fries’ in this house. Daddy fries are baked white potatoes

  6. 12


    I can’t wait to make these! My daughter loves chips and my brother got me a mandoline for Christmas because I’ve been wanting to try making homemade chips. This will be great and super cute with the crinkle cut blade too. :)

  7. 17

    Kaitlin says

    I’m in the mood for healthier fare now, too. These look absolutely wonderful! Yum!

  8. 19

    Michelle says

    Sweet potato chips are delicious. I actually don’t even peel them – just give them a good scrubbing before slicing them up.

  9. 20

    Jennie @ Oh, Sweet Day! says

    I LOVE sweet potatoes in every way. I often bake them in coin slices like this but never as thin. MUST-MAKE!

  10. 24

    the country cook @ Delightful Country Cookin says

    I have always loved sweet potato chips…they are the perfect make-at-home snack! I love making sweet potato fries, too. I just spray them with cooking spray (I don’t even use oil!), sprinkle on a little salt and pepper, and let them bake. YUM

  11. 25


    Wow, not only do they look great but they sound great too. These are definitely going to get a try once I go buy some sweet potatoes. Good job!

  12. 26


    This look so good! The smoked paprika and ancho chili is a great idea. I am sure they give it great flavor.

  13. 27

    Janna M says

    I’m going to make some of these this weekend. Especially now that I know sweet potatoes are anti-inflammatory.

  14. 28

    SMITH BITES says

    these are soooo good Amy – will you come to my house and make ’em for me? purdy please???

  15. 29

    Pattypro says

    I’ve never tried making sweet potato chips, but these sound fabulous. Thanks, Amy!

  16. 32


    Now this is my kinda food, in a big way. I adore sweet potatoes & I must make these for a snack sometime soon!

  17. 33

    Jenny says

    Made a variation of these tonight! Used a chili grapeseed + garlic grapeseed oils in lieu of canola, and red pepper flakes rather than chili powder. Nice contrast of spicy and sweet flavors, and (guiltily) tasty in ketchup. I also don’t have a very good knife, so I couldn’t get the slices as thin, but I just flipped then twice and cooked slightly longer to cook through and get crispy.

    Still, great idea and I loved the post!

  18. 34


    Deeeeelish! Love sweet potato chips and fries. But I’ve never tried this flavor combo – sounds like it would be a hit, though!

  19. 35

    Delishhh says

    So healthy and good. I love sweet potato chips! Nice work! And i like the spicy version too!

  20. 37

    Deliciously Organic says

    I just got a load of sweet potatoes in my CSA box this week and needed a recipe for them…this is perfect! I’ll make them tonight. The kids will love’em!

  21. 43

    Maegan says

    Mmm! I just posted a version of sweet potato chips as well, and love the looks of yours–I think I’ll definitely try out a spiced version next time!

    Wondering what you thought about the mandoline? Worth purchasing one for recipes like this? I’ve never come up with any need for one, but cutting these puppies with a knife was a bit tedious! Curious to hear your thoughts on a possible mandoline purchase…

    • 44


      Hey Maegan!

      I don’t use my mandoline very much, but it sure does come in handy for recipes like this one. It was a breeze. I bought a pretty inexpensive mandoline years ago and it works like a charm.

      ~ Amy

  22. 46

    AmyRuth says

    Hi Amy,
    I haven’t made these yet… will soon, but I was wondering if these are just as good cold as they are hot. I was thinking of serving them at a luncheon.
    I love sweet potatoes btw.
    Thanks and I can’t wait to put my mandoline to good use. woohoo. I too don’t use mine a lot. In this case, pretty darn happy its up on the shelf. :”)

    • 47


      Hey Amy Ruth!

      It depends on how thin you make them. Personally I think a thinner crispier chip would be fine cold, the thicker would be better warm. But that’s my opinion. You may want to give them a trial run.

      ~ Amy

  23. 48

    AmyRuth says

    Hi Amy,
    Thank you very much for your response. I have an OXO Mandoline. It works like a charm for those who are shopping them and the price point is very reasonable. In the oven, “right now” I have three thicknesses of sweet potato and I have also varied it with cooking spray as well as with EVOO. This is fun!!! :”) I feel like the MAD SCIENTIST in my lab…… OR, am I hiding behind my black curtain?

    So, we shall see how my experiments fare….
    Thanks Much!

  24. 50


    very yummy but I cannot get my veggies crispy. I’ve tried baking them longer but then they burn, I’ve tried lowering the temperature but they never crisp up. The taste is great though.

  25. 51

    Fry Guy says

    I did this with ground red pepper (finely ground) and ground chipolte for seasoning. They are excellent.

  26. 52

    Lori says

    Mmmmm! Really loved the seasoning!

    Like others, I had trouble with the texture. Only some of them came out chip-like and crunchy. It didn’t seem to matter weather I sliced them thinner or the 1/8″ specified. Most of the thinner ones turned brown, and I didn’t have any better luck with a lower oven. The potatoes made so many batches that I got to try a number of scenarios!

    In the final analysis, I liked them enough to consider them delicious roasted sweet potatos, and I’ll definitely make them again. But, probably thicker, moister, and serve warm.

    Cooking notes: *Left the skin on – definitely a good move! *This recipe makes a bunch! *I might use more seasoning next time. *One potato more than filled up sheet, so baking them (in batches) took a long time!

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