This time of year, each morning I search the trees surrounding our home for that hint of a change in color indicating a spectacle is about to begin. But fall is like a big tease.

This sassafras seems to be most eager to let the party begin, along with a few dogwoods and sourwoods dotting the view. Vibrant reds and oranges shout for attention – a small prelude of what’s yet to come.

This little sassafras has been babied since discovering it a few years back covered in vines.

We cleaned it up and have enjoyed watching it grow a little more each year.

It introduces us to fall each year and in the spring pops back out with a frilly yellow wave.

So purty.

Sassafras, you’re nice to have around.

Yep, I like trees.

How about you? What’s your favorite fall foliage?

Waiting for the maples,



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  1. 1


    These are some mighty sassy trees you’ve got there Amy! Yes, fall is a big ole tease and then – pow – here’s the show!

  2. 4

    Barbara @Modern Comfort Food says

    For me, at my western NC home, it’s a toss up between sourwoods, which hint at fall so early, and sassafras, which are so very bright and pretty. Unfortunately, though, the poison ivy is the most glorious of all!

  3. 5

    Jennifer K says

    Sugar Maples! Our neighbors have one that is gorgeous every year. It has just started turning. The outer leaves are a beautiful shade of orange now!

  4. 7


    What’s fall? LOL I live in Orlando, thankfully I can live vicariously through your photos. Fall means down here it’s just now really comfortable to spend the day at the beach/waterpark/pool because it’s not so miserably hot and we (probably) won’t get rained on!

  5. 8

    SMITH BITES says

    I must confess I’ve never seen a sassafras tree Amy – but boy howdy, the Sugar Maple in our front yard is a show stopper when we get enough rain and the temps are just right. We haven’t had much rain this year so it looks like the tree will just lose its leaves without much fanfare. :-( pouty-face

  6. 9


    I love the sugar maples, sumac, and surprisingly, poison ivy vines. The ivy turns a bright red and is easily spotted climbing tall tree trunks.

  7. 10

    Wenderly says

    You know how much I adore anything *sassafras* but this one doesn’t talk back! My dogwood has decided to put on her party dress as well!

  8. 12

    Martha Vaughan says

    I love the Bradford pears in my neighborhood but nothing beats the burst of color of the sugar maples. Bradford pears don’t seem to last long enough though they are ‘purty’ while they are dressed for the dance.

  9. 13

    Martha Vaughan says

    btw, is this the same sassafras that you make the tea from the roots? I assume it is and wonder if you do?

  10. 16


    Sugar maples! I love the smell of sassafras. My daddy would always find one in the woods and crush the leaves and break the twigs so we could smell it. Then he’d tell us how to make sassafras tea. Also, the scent of sweet olive takes me back to my childhood. You asked about foilage and I’m going on about scents. Sorry.

  11. 19


    I’ve never seen a sassafrass before, it’s beautiful. For me it’s a toss up between the colors in the autumn blaze Maple and the autumn blaze pear and the bright yellow beauty in the ginko. I love fall.

  12. 20

    Lynne A says

    Love our Bloodgood Japanese Maple — it puts on a beautiful & sustained show every fall. Really, it’s one of the first to start turning & proceeds from yellow-gold to orange to bright scarlet at a most leisurely pace.
    Love the regular ol’ maples, of course, & bright gold gingko, & surprisingly, our crape myrtles usually put on a lovely show, too.

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