Pumpkin pecan ice cream… fall is coming fast!

Today my daughter forced me to go to Bruster’s. She practically took over the steering wheel and threatened to claw my eyes out. She’s tough like that. Otherwise, I would’ve kept on driving and exercised the self control that we all know that I’m known for.

Ahem… anyway, since she twisted my arm I was able to enjoy this pre-fall treat and thought I’d tempt you too.


Pumpkin pecan ice cream. It’s some good stuff.

Fall, I’m ready for ya now!

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  1. 7

    Cindy says

    Ah…so hard when you’re forced to do something against your will like eating PUMPKIN PECAN ICE CREAM on a gorgeous day like today!!! Hopefully my daughter will do the same for me ;)

  2. 8


    Fall, winter, spring, summer – I’ll have that ice cream ANY time. It looks divine ! Mmmm. That photo is oh so tempting indeed ! As for your daughter, she’s got good taste (wonder where she gets it, haha)! ;)

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