Itty Bitty Nest Giveaway

Because it’s spring and bluebirds are nesting all around our yard, because it would make a great Mother’s Day gift, or a gift for any special lady in your life, because my eyes may not be able to take it much longer, and just because I want to, here’s another itty bitty nest drawing giveaway.

Seriously, I’m moving up the optical range of reading glasses mighty fast now, so these nests are few and far between. They’re teeny. The actual nest size is about 3″ wide and they’re all original art, each different from the next, and original size – no reducing involved. So, while it’s not a priceless work of art, it’s real. And it’s from my heart, hands, and feeble eyes to yours (not that you have feeble eyes).

Anyway, one (1) winner will be randomly chosen to win a framed nest drawing, customized with the number of eggs desired. The eggs represent your little chicks, or your mom’s little chicks, or your grandma’s little chicks, or a teacher’s little chicks. Of course that is within reason. The largest amount of eggs I’ve ever drawn in a nest is seven. The Duggar’s would be out of luck (is it 19 now?).

All you have to do is tell me what big plans you have for the summer. It’s right around the corner you know. Are you planning a trip to the beach? The mountains? Planning a getaway to somewhere exotic? Hiding in your closet?

Just leave a comment (1 entry per person please) between today, Wednesday, April 14, 2010 and Monday, April 19, 2010 at Midnight PST. The winner will be announced sometime on Tuesday, April 20, 2010, so be sure to check back.

Happy spring y’all! Tweet! Tweet!

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  1. 1


    I plan to spend the summer with my two kids and four chickens! Basking in the sun, playing in the pool and listening to the whining of boredom. LOL!

  2. 2


    Having a baby! Did ya’ know? Well to be very truthful, I’m not having a baby but dd that lives with us is having a baby so I’m planning to take care of Isaiah. We’re excited. Martha

  3. 3


    Camping and horseback riding in the Blue Ridge Mtns. I have to do something totally opposite of surfing and going to the beach of course :)

  4. 4

    Eileen says

    My hubby has big plans for a road trip to see several National Parks. I have big plans of not sleeping in tents, or spending all of our tax rebate on hotels, or finding my son or myself “glutenized” during our two week separation from my gluten-free kitchen. *sigh*

  5. 5

    Kim OBrien says

    well, I wish I knew. I haven’t figured it all out yet. I know I will still be doing school with the kids (homeschool) but we will probably hit the beach or Pigeon Forge at least once. Hopefully we will have time to relax by the swimming pool a little bit. By the way, I love the Wisteria pics!

  6. 6

    missinmountains says

    I plan on being here on the farm for 1st and 2nd cutting (June and August) of haying season but in July I plan on going home to Idaho/Montana for my yearly visit to be w/ family for a MONTH! WAHOOO!!! I hope I can convince my 14 that he needs to come w/me this year.

  7. 7


    we have some plans to take our 4 year old to the exloratorium in san francisco and to a minor league baseball game in Reno, Nevada…..and to swim lots in the lakes around us……hoping to avoid tourists and do mid week swims and hikes!

  8. 8


    Adorable drawing of the nest!! We’re doing Wisconsin Dells like we always do at the beginning of the summer and then just filling the weekends with parks, beaches and other inexpensive fun places!

  9. 9

    Lisa says

    I plan on getting my first born son ready for college! If Kimberly Clark stock sky rockets, it will be because of me :)

  10. 10

    dallimomma says

    Our plans include a (first time in 10+ years) vacation to celebrate two graduations; my daughter’s masters degree in SC and my son’s college graduation in CA. I am thrilled beyond words.

  11. 11

    Missy Manning says

    My first born, a daughter, will be leaving for college this fall. The rest of us will be packing and moving 5 more hours away from her to a new town.:( Now we will be 8&1/2 hours away from her.. past ME the tissues please!

  12. 12

    Katrina says

    This summer my honey and I are going to be saving money, as we only have 1 year of college left and will be getting on our feet afterwards! For our vacation, I will be visiting him in Wisconsin (we’re long distance!) for a state wide tour.

  13. 13

    Angelene says

    I plan to spend my summer in UK, want to have a tour around Europe tour since I’m still studying here…Hope to visit some beautiful places.

  14. 14

    Marcy says

    OMG I love that nest…how neat! My summer plans include a Brooks & Dunn “Last Rodeo” concert AND Michael Buble show in Charlotte…then an early September beach trip with my parents, sisters and our husbands and children…we each only have 1 husband…just sayin ;) ! Can’t wait :)

  15. 15


    Son #2 gets married in August on my hubbys 60th birthday and then hubby and I are off to Turkey to see U2 in concert (his gift from me) and spend 3 weeks touring around the country :-) Prior to that…party on the patio as often as we can…LOL…it may be our last year in this house so we want to make the most of our beautiful garden..

  16. 17

    Denise says

    The summer will FLY by as it always does and I resolve to enjoy each day and be thankful for it! I want to soak up lots of time with my baby birdies (the oldest will fly from the nest next summer!), with family (a trip to Nantahalla with my in-laws and swimming & fishing with my family), at the beach with my husband & kids, and enjoy relaxing get-togethers with great friends. I want to accomplish some home projects I just can’t seem to complete during the school year and read lots & lots of good books. CAN’T WAIT!!:)
    (If I win this give-away I will give the nest to a very special momma bird I know who has seven eggs in her nest…I want to see how you fit all of them in such a tiny picture!!)

  17. 19


    We are in the middle of planning a trip to Quebec City. My three girls are in french immersion and the hubs speaks it too. The flights are booked and we are really excited. French pastries anyone?

  18. 20

    Chase Pennell says

    I will be spending the summer with my 6 year old in various Vacation Bible schools, art classes, Karate and of course the pool! :) All this while I do contract work for DSS :) The summer will surely fly by :)))))

  19. 21


    I plan on enjoying my 2 boys- ages 9 and 8 months– having a first birthday party, many trips to farmers markets, trips to baseball games, and a mini trip to Atlanta and some trips home to Chattanooga!

  20. 22

    Angie B says

    No “big” plans but I think we will finally get to do something this summer as a family–it’s been three years, I am SO ready! I’ve been looking at condos at Myrtle Beach the last couple of days. I’d better hurry though, they’re getting booked up! (I hope to win one of these before your feeble eyes give out…lol)

  21. 23

    Tammy says

    We’re going on our 2nd Annual (don’t you love new traditions?) family outing to our favorite high mountain lake in Oregon! Lot’s of fun, fishing, eating, swimming, s’mores etc. with our sons, their wives and the grandkids!!!

    ~Mountain Grandma

  22. 24


    Love, love, love your nests. So delicate looking.

    The beach, of course. We’re also planning on taking in a Braves game. I’m pulling for a Stone Mountain trip, too.

    And there will be a new grandbaby around these parts. So I’m planning on snuggling with a sweet little girl most of the summer. Ah.

  23. 26


    Saving money for a dream trip to Italy next spring, so we will be having “adventures” in and around our home state of New Mexico and maybe one trip to Illinois to see family.

  24. 27

    50centlove says

    Not much other than work and take a day off here and there to maybe go to the lake.

  25. 28


    Hmm…haven’t thought too much about it. Hopefully, enjoying some quiet weekends on my soon to be new back porch with my husband, cat, and our two sweet dogs.

  26. 29

    Monica says

    We plan on bouncing between the beautiful NC mountains and the Peaceful NC beaches. How many times each? Well, that’s the fun part..We don’t plan our trips, they just happen! Family time is what it is ALLLL about!

  27. 30

    Becky Murray says

    We aren’t really making any summer plans because we have our first grandchild due to arrive right smack in the middle of the summer, so we will be staying close to home & waiting for the baby!!!

  28. 31

    Christy Rose says

    We are not sure yet, but hopefully our summer will include something awesome! Our daughters will be in summer camp some, but I am planning to take some time off from work to spend doing fun girly stuff

  29. 32

    Lori H says

    We are taking our yearly trip with my parents to Atlantic Beach, NC. Hopefully my mom’s impending hip replacement will not prevent them from coming! And at the end of summer, we will take our daughter to college for her freshman year….sniff sniff. sigh.

  30. 35

    Julie K. says

    I’m planning a trip to MD to get my daughter settled into her internship in College Park.

  31. 36

    Emily G. says

    I’m still in the “dreaming” stages of summer plans. Nothing concrete yet. But a couple of long weekends at the beach are a must!

  32. 37

    cbp says

    This summer our “baby” turns TWENTY-ONE and we are planning a special get away to the beach. Our girls were born ten years and one day apart in June and the beach is the perfect place to celebrate! I’ll be looking at an EMPTY NEST soon :(

  33. 39

    Cheryl says

    We usually take our vacation in the winter. I work for a golf professional and summers are our busiest time!

  34. 40

    Laura says

    I see the Big Canoe mountains, yet again, in my future…gotta keep the tradition alive, huh? :) And of course, the pool, the pool, the pool…

  35. 41

    Tibi says

    We are spending the summer in our backyard. We have Big Projects–building a new patio, tiling over the old, planting over 160 privet shrubs to form a living fence, building a pergola, jack-hammering up the old front porch and then rebuilding it, and reworking all the plants around the foundation, up to and including ripping out 50 year old azaleas. Pray for me.. or more to the point, for my back.

  36. 42

    ashley says

    no particularly big summer plans — visiting friends in Mississippi in June and possibly a cruise in July but I think we’re gonna save up for a bigger trip this Fall (Canada maybe?)

  37. 43

    DeeDee says

    I want to enjoy my back yard. And spend plenty of time with my family without overdoing it and not liking them…just kidding. Oh and I want a puppy.

  38. 44

    Patrice says

    Everyone’s plans look so interesing. We run a farm and can’t go away during the busy season. Even the not so busy season presents a problem because it’s hard to get someone who can watch the animals. Excuse me, could you watch my 500 animals so I can go lounge on the beach. Nope. Won’t work. I did those things before I fell head over heels for a farmer!I work as a private duty chef, so I need to be there for my employer as well. So, I guess you could say that I’ll be right here in my nest this summer.

  39. 45

    Dina says

    We’ll be using our Carowinds season pass. The hubby and I will go somewhere in the fall. Not sure where yet. I think I’ll take suggestions from these comments!

  40. 46


    Well, mission trip to Dominican Republic in June. Helping with a conference hosted by the Rabbit Room in Nashville sometime after that.

  41. 47 says

    Exhausting my toddler twins as much as I can by exposing them to everything. Creeks, Lakes, Oceans, Mountains, Strawberries, Blueberries you name it we will be doing it. I will do anything for a nap. Theirs not mine :)

  42. 48

    Emily says

    We are planning a trip to Myrtle Beach! I’ve never been to South Carolina and am looking forward to it. I need a beach vacation this year and Hawaii is not in the cards this year.

  43. 49

    Leslie says

    I will be heading to Wisconsin with my knitting buddy for Meg Swanson’s Knitting Camp I over the Fourth of July. I am incredibly excited and still find it hard to believe I got in. It is a dream come true for me.

  44. 50

    Teressa H says

    So far no big plans, maybe just spend some time at the lake. Would love to go to the beach, but I don’t see that happening.

  45. 51

    Aurora D says

    Our family is planning a month long trip to backpack for a week at Philmont, the Boy Scout Ranch in NM, and visit national parks along the way!

  46. 52

    Kim says

    Since I teach, we plan to sleep in later thatn 5, then go on our morning walks through the woods. Weekends are spent at the lake, that is within an hour of our house. Last summer, was not restful as this will be, we built our own custom home. This summer will be spent enjoying our hard work, and awaiting the arrival of our latest bundle of joy.

  47. 53


    AHHHHHH SUMMER. Just saying the name gives me butterflies. I will be trying to drink in each and every delicious moment of sunshine, bare-feet in the grass, longer days, swimming pool bliss, sleeping in, grilling out and catching fireflies. And In between those moments of glory, I will be working on posts for my new blog, letting the dog in and out a gazillion times and hoping that my two daughters will not whine or argue or “be bored.” I love your site and cannot believe that you’re giving away this darling nest. My blog launched recently and in tandem, unknowingly, with a wren building a nest in my garage. Serendipitous thing is, my blog had birds in the design and I ADORE birds and nests and eggs…anyway, thank you for (also unknowingly) completing the circle.

  48. 54

    Becky VanDyke says

    We’re staying close to home this year but we’re not complaining. For 11 months out of the past year, my husband was part of that unemployment percentage making the news. He’s working now! Thanks be to God! We are looking forward to working a full week and then grilling out on weekends, taking in a movie here and there and buying an ice-cream cone at Brusters – the simple things that we won’t likely take for granted anytime soon; nor will our kids. :)

    Just discovered your website today and am enjoying the recipe section. I’m looking forward to checking out the rest of it soon. Great website!

  49. 55

    Laura says

    I am hopefully going up to the mountains with family for a week or so. Hopefully it will be lovely weather so we can eat lots of icecream!

  50. 56

    thunja says

    I plan to re-group,last summer was just aweful, my Father passed away and everything that goes with that was all consuming. Now I am prepared to get it together and have a real summer with my family. that includes lots of beach days, lots of cooking, gardening and best of all? napping.

  51. 57


    Well, it’s funny you ask, because I was just reading your post about travel, and I was just thinking the other day how we need to plan some sort of little family getaway this summer. I don’t know where… We can’t afford much. But just something. Other than that idea, we really don’t have any plans yet.

  52. 58

    gb says

    Colorado! Flying into Denver and driving to Dillon. Going with my husb and best friends. We plan to hike, eat, enjoy the views, eat, explore, eat, kayak, eat, bike, eat. Did I mention we would eat? There is an open air market in the park every Friday during the summer. The last time I was there we bought wild salmon, fresh veggies, and fruit. Everything was delicious. I can hardly wait!

  53. 59

    michelle says

    Well, we haven’t finalized our plans, but its either a few weeks visiting in-laws in Seattle or a week vacation in Cape May, NJ.

  54. 60

    Witty says

    I am 55 years old and am going back to work for the first time in 20 years. No big summer vacation plans… just a new direction.

  55. 61


    I teach school….so I am planning on enjoying some time away from the crazies…oh, I mean..sweet precious angels~~~!


  56. 62

    Jennifer says

    Heading to the mountains of Colorado–we love to hike! It also just happens that my sister (who is expecting her first baby) lives in Denver. So we’ll get to pay a visit to my first nephew as well!

  57. 63

    Robyn says

    Well, we are planning a camping trip with our friends from Florida who have NEVER been camping. They are so excited, and so are we. The kids are going to camp in VA so I will be spending that week up there with them and my Mom and Sister. Then just swimming, popsicles, the ice cream truck and sleeping in!!

    Love your nest drawings!!!

  58. 64

    Grace says

    Summer with help in the garden, roasting marshmallows on campfires, counting cows, walks along the creek…. all this to enjoy with my spouse now that he is going to be retired! It’ll be wonderful!

  59. 65

    Wendy says

    We’re planning a 3 week cross country road trip to #1 attend my niece’s wedding, #2 see family we haven’t seen in 10 years, and #3 show my kiddos some of this amazing country. It’ll be a blast! Giant ball of string anyone?

  60. 66

    Jackie says

    It has been a difficult year so far so I’m afraid the vacation is out. However we are blessed to live in an area that offers so many fun & free things to do. We are just going to stay-cation.

  61. 67

    Patty says

    We will escape the AZ heat by camping in our little RV. I would love to go to the ocean, but not sure it’s going to happen this year.

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