It’s a mystery…

As I’ve mentioned before, we have many a plant in our yard that have been given to us. Free I tell ya! They’ve either needed dividing or outgrew the space. Regardless of the reason, we’re happy to give them a new home, but that leaves us with a myriad of plants and varieties.

I’m not complaining, oh no, by no means. It’s just that sometimes it poses a problem, like if we don’t know what the plant is or what it needs, etcetera.

Take this beauty, for example.

Miss Beth, an avid gardener and the source of this and many other lovelies we’ve been blessed with, probably knows what this is but we can’t remember at all. (Uh, since originally posting, I’ve talked to Miss Beth and she told me it’s a Deutzia, but please continue reading if you like.) It seems like I should know. I’m hoping I can get her to stop by here to let us know. Maybe you know? If so, do tell, please?

Thankfully, even though we don’t know what it is and it’s requirements, it’s growing like a weed. It’s very happy. The blooms cover the shrub (or tree?) but they don’t have any fragrance that I can detect.

The buds begin as a lilac color and then bloom to a paper white, like a little pom pom.

It’s pretty tall, about 8, even though we just planted it a year or so ago at only a few feet high.

(You do not see weeds on the ground. You do not see weeds on the ground.)

I have to think that it must be an old fashioned variety of some sort or at least it looks like it. Can’t wait to see how it fills out over the years.

Again, if you know what it may be, please let me know. I’m going to call Miss Beth now.

***Post Update: Miss Beth called and told me that’s this is a Deutzia. Thanks Miss Beth!***

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  1. 3

    bednarluck says

    I have googled every imaginable description for it and I can’t find a thing. It sucks because I am def a google queen. I emailed your link to a master gardener friend and will let you know if she replies.

  2. 5

    bednarluck says

    After you emailed me I looked further and I think it’s deutzia scabra “candidissima”

  3. 6

    Betty says

    What it is “Is Beautiful”.
    Plants shared with others always means a lot to me. We have a garden that has many different plants from friends at church and since the first plants planted in it came from a friend named Kitty I refer to it as Kitty’s Garden. I’d much rather someone share plants from their own garden than go out and buy a new plant for us. It’s nice to walk around the yard and think of who and where the plants came from. It not only reminds me of their friendship but reminds me to keep them in my prayers.

  4. 7


    Hi! I just ready your post on Robyn’s site, and I wanted to say thanks for the great idea! My little lady is very young now, but I appreciate the great idea of what to do with her when she gets older. The best part is that it isn’t messy! You can’t say that about too many art projects :)

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