Homemade Cheese Crackers


Homemade Cheese Crackers

Last week I had the best time playing in the kitchen with these little cheese crackers. The recipe was submitted over at Tasty Kitchen and so I thought I’d put aside my apprehensions about making homemade cheese crackers and give it a try.


How to make Homemade Cheese Crackers Easy Homemade Cheese Crackers


You can use your own homemade mini cookie cutters, or use store bought ones as well.


Simple Homemade Cheese Crackers


The cracker dough was easy peasy, and would make for a fun rainy day project for kids. Check out the full recipe photo tutorial over at Tasty Kitchen and see how easy it really is.

Have fun! And happy cooking!



  1. 5


    We featured these in one of the first issues of YUM and I’ve been wanting to try them ever since. So cute!

    • 8

      Lana Schanzenbach says

      I made these just a few days ago with my gluten free mix and it worked really well. The kids both loved them and well, so did I. Today I am trying them again with a different mix. Try it it never hurts. You only learn!

  2. 9

    Bev Weidner says

    Seriously, I am making these! And then I’ll proceed to pop them in my face like candy. And it’s perfect because I don’t even eat candy! THIS will be my candy.
    I’ll shut up.

  3. 15


    Love these! I have no apprehensions whatsoever about making cheese crackers. Matter of fact, I’m putting this on my to-do list for Sunday. Let’s just hope it rains so I have an added reason to stay inside! So pretty.

  4. 18


    These have got to be the CUTEST things EVER. My kids will love them. We might even do something revolutionary like try other shapes! :)

  5. 23


    I have wanted to try making homemade cheese crackers that resembled a little fish but I didn’t want to buy a cookie cutter for them. Thank you. I will be making my own mini cookie cutters now. What a great idea!

  6. 24


    Adore your little crackers! The little fish are inspired! I have already emailed my daughter your post. I know she will be making these soon, I just to convince her to share with me!

  7. 26


    Oh my goodness these are too cute Amy! The fact that you made Pac-Man eating the fish simply made these even more fantastic :) I can’t wait to make these with the boys.

  8. 27


    I’m obsessed with the idea of making my own cookie cutters now… because I have a new obsession with home repair stores and want excuses to be handy and crafty. There are so many possibilities though!

  9. 28


    As a vegan I sure do miss things like cheesy crackers. You may have inspired me to try making a vegan version of this recipe. Now, how in the world do I get those cute little fishy cookie cutters. Adorable!

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