Guitar Wall

Instrument Wall

Howdy! Just wanted to follow up on the Guitar Wall project I shared with you a while back from an idea I found on Pinterest. It’s pretty much finished. I chose a dark warm grey for the wall color. Boy do I love a good neutral. Randy, the master hanger, hung the hooks. We still have room for at least one more hook. We’ll add that soon. (FYI, these are the kind of hooks we used.) Not only has it been a fun accent wall, it’s been very functional as well. It’s fantastically FUN-ctional! (ahem.)

Guitar Wall

Before the handy Guitar Wall, instruments were scattered about the house, in various stands or cases. Now most of our stringed instruments are neatly in site and ready to play when inspiration hits. We’ve all been playing much more frequently than before, and hopefully it will invite guests to grab one and get strumming too. There’s something to be said about the old saying “out of sight, out of mind.” In sight is alright. Once again, I found the idea on Pinterest, along with thousands of other creative things. If you’ve never visited Pinterest, check it out, but make sure you have a block of free time because it can be pretty addicting. Have a wonderful day! :)

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  1. 5

    aliceeyyy says

    I liked your idea of home decoration I would like to share it with my buddies.

  2. 7


    i think i need to come visit for a jam session :) i’ll bring my banjo! and then we can dance around to the Avetts. we’re music twins – i love it!

  3. 11

    Nicole says

    What a great finished product! The colors on the guitars really pop against that neutral wall color. I bet it keeps them from gathering dust too! which is what many of our instruments do. I just might have to create my own wall and see if it provides the inspiration to play more often. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. 14

    Wenderly says

    Looks just fabulous Amy!!! You all have the best guitar collection evah! :)

    • 17


      Hello Kindra,

      They get played often enough that dusting is not a problem for us. Rusting hasn’t been an issue either. My husband leads music at our church and regularly practices with different instruments, and both of our children play, in addition to guests that will grab a guitar and start playing, so the instruments are pretty active. It’s a functional wall for us more than it is decorative.


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