A tale of flour, lasagna, hunky cowboys and a giveaway!

A few weeks back, in early November, my friend Jennifer and I made a huge mess in my kitchen. Flour was everywhere as we embarked on a cinnamon roll escapade of sorts with The Pioneer Woman Cooks as our guide.


Our plan was to make a bunch to freeze for Christmas parties and such. Four batches later, and a light dusting of flour on every surface in a four mile radius, we completed the task.


And now that the Christmas season is upon us, the cinnamon rolls have come in mighty handy. And yum? Oh yes. Yum indeed. The Pioneer Woman knows a thing or two about cinnamon rolls. Not to mention some other tasty grub.


That book is somethin’ else.

cinnrolls12 And The Pioneer Woman Cooks is not just a cookbook. No sirree!


It’s got purty pictures of all sorts of animals and people, and stories all throughout to keep ya laughin’ and smilin’ for sure. It’s a real page turner.


Where else can you find a recipe for lasagna…


And cute hunky cowboy pictures too?


Ree, The Pioneer Woman, is nearing the end of her book signing tour for The Pioneer Woman Cooks, which has topped several bestseller lists. So in celebration of her successful book tour, (and ’cause she’s so sweet and generous), 10 copies (that’s 10, T-E-N) of The Pioneer Woman Cooks will be up for grabs.


(That would be ten separate winners.)

All you have to do to enter is answer a question.

In honor of the pioneer way and horses and horse poop and other horse things, here’s the question…

If you had a horse what would you name it and if you could ride it anywhere – anywhere on earth – where would that be?

Answer the question (only one entry per person) and you’ll be entered to win. You have until Wednesday, December 16 at Midnight PST. Winners will be announced Thursday, December 17 sometime after I get back from riding my nonexistent horse. Be sure to check back to see if you’ve won and if you did to claim your prize.

Merry Christmas everybody!

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  1. 1

    Jess says

    I would name the horse black beauty, since that was one of my favorite books as a kid, and I would ride it along the pacific ocean!

  2. 2


    I’d go back to the name that I always wanted to give my horse (if I had one) way back when I was in Elementary school….Cinnamon! And there’s no better place to ride than right here where I live, in the prairies!

  3. 3


    What am I doing up so late except waiting for you to post a giveaway? Thanks, now I can go to bed :-).

    If I had a horse I think her name would be Belle; I would ride her at a full trot through a field of daises in Texas that stretches for miles and miles. Then I would need an air conditioned four wheel drive vehicle to come pick me up because I’ve never ridden a horse and I’m sure I would be too sore to ride Belle back to the barn. Somebody else would have to take the saddle back to the stall. ~Martha

    p.s., what would you name your horse and where would you ride her?

  4. 4


    I’d name him Billy after an old gray quarter horse we kids had while growing up. As to where??? Why, off into the sunset, of course!

  5. 6


    Funny, just yesterday I was just thinking of what I’d name my dog if I got one… So if I had a horse, I’d name it Vanilla if it were black, chocolate if it were brown and sugar if it were white. Gosh I feel like such a dork now. And where would I ride it? Dreamy French countryside… Aaah! You just made my dream while wide awake.

  6. 7


    If you had a horse what would you name it and if you could ride it anywhere – anywhere on earth – where would that be?

    I would name it Constitution and I would ride it to Washington DC so he could poop on Congress. You know, kind of return the favor.

  7. 8


    I hope to have a horse one day! I already have a name picked out – Willoughby. I’m not sure why I picked it, it just seems like a good horse name, even though Willoughby in Sense and Sensibility was a bit of a cad.

    I’d ride him everywhere!

  8. 9


    I think mt horse’s name would depend a lot on its coloring and personality, but I like the name Biscuit :) I’d ride it right where I live, the Arizonan desert (almost spelled dessert ;)).

  9. 10

    kamran siddiqi says

    Great giveaway! I’d name the horse Mr.Ed. Too bad horses can’t really talk… I definitely would ride the horse on the beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic.

  10. 11

    Anne B. says

    We always named our horses based on their personalities and color…..always wished that we had one that the name Pumpkin would have fit! My favorite place to ride has always been my great-grandparents ranch in Texas….where the sky and land goes on forever!

  11. 12

    Xai says

    i was just reading up on this cookbook, i would love to win this.

    as for my answer, i would name the horse Pikestar and we would go to all the places Diane Lane’s character in the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun” went to. I am actually excited just thinking about it :)

  12. 13

    Caroline says

    I always liked watching Mr. Ed so I will name my horse that and ride him on the beach, in Hawaii.

  13. 14


    Aren’t those cinnamon rolls to die for? I don’t know why I put them in the freezer. They only stay there three days max.

    I would name my horse Smokey after a horse my uncle had when I was little. I was always petrified of that horse. I would learn to love him this time. Where would be a tough question. I have three places that I’d love to visit: The Grand Canyon, Italy or any beach on a tropical island.


  14. 15

    ThisFineLife says

    Great Giveaway.

    Horses ^_^

    My horse would be a dark chocolate color named Chestnut. & I would ride it along the Atlantic Ocean along the Northeast.

  15. 16

    Denise says

    My horse would be dark brown with a white patch on his forehead. His name would be Solomon and we would ride the trails along Grand Teton National Park or in Yellowstone National Park.

  16. 17


    My horse would be sweet caramel color with a dark brown mane. His name would be Soul and I would ride him everyday on the warm beaches of South Carolina. Specifically Folly and Edisto Beaches. Ahhh…

  17. 18

    Angie B. says

    My horse would be named Winchester, but I would affectionately call him “Whinny” as I stroked his nose and fed him apples and carrots from my hand. I would ride him all over South Carolina because we’ve got beaches but also mountain trails to explore.

  18. 19


    Hmmm, never thought about a horse name before. I had a plastic horse when I was young that I adored. It’s name was Cochise. Not sure of the spelling, but you get the idea. I would definitely ride my horse on miles and miles of ocean beachscape. That’s on my bucket list if you must know. Someday, it’ll happen.

  19. 20


    I would name him Big Brown Horse. And would ride him through the woods and down the beach and on Pioneer Woman’s ranch.

  20. 21

    Norma Bedell says

    I do have a horse and her name is Zip Me Up Darlin, but I call her Pebbles. I would love to ride her in Wyoming or Montana on a cattle roundup.

  21. 23

    Annie says

    I always wanted a horse and, when I was little, I picked out the name Pegasus. We would ride the Argentinian pampas where we could look up, see nothing but sky and feel like we were flying.

  22. 25

    Bill says

    I would name my horse Flash, and hope that it was fast. I would ride it through the outback of Australia

  23. 26


    In honor of my favorite cookie, and possibly food, I would name my horse Snickerdoodle and would want to ride her/him in as many state and national parks as possible; I hear the horseback riders get the best views.

  24. 28

    Chase says

    I need a new cookbook :) My old ones are a liitle stained and used. The old cookbooks would welcome a newbie to the group 😉

    I would name my horse “Tried and True” This is what the Lord says about that name in 2 Timothy 2:15: “Do your best to present yourself to God as a
    tried-and-true worker who isn’t ashamed to teach the word of truth correctly.”
    I would ride my horse to whatever destination or situation that the Lord led me to. Kinda like life, right? : )

  25. 29

    Miss Wisabus says

    I would name her Penelope and I’d ride her across that plain area from A Wrinkle in Time.

  26. 30

    Michelle (What's Cooking) says

    This brings back memories! I had a horse for almost 10 years – from before I was married to when my kids were little. He was a very handsome Arabian named Raja. The woman who owned him before had to give him up – they were both being mistreated by her horrible boyfriend. And so began the long road of rehabilitating my scared horse. I am really proud to say that after our many years together, he was offered a job as a therapy horse in a program for disabled children. Boy did he come a long way to be included in their program! I am so proud of him – he now gives rides and confidence to people whose lives he can change forever. (And now I need a tissue. I miss him!)

  27. 31

    Mary says

    I would name it Mr. Ed (just because I think it would be funny) and ride it to school. I live in Texas, so that would fit the stereotype that everyone has :)

  28. 32

    cbp says

    If I had a horse I would name it HELP LET ME OFF and I would ride it Nowhere! Seriously… I’ve only been on a horse once and that was on a field trip in the 3rd grade. My best friend and I wanted to ride next to each other on the trail and our teacher so kindly worked it out for us. The only problem? Our horses HATED each other and we were smack dab in the middle of the long line of classmates on a winding trail. SCARED me half to death and I’ve never been on a horse since. My daughter on the other hand absolutely adores horses and still dreams of owning one.

  29. 33


    If I had a horse, I would name him Stormy, after the horse my daughter fell off of. And my daughter and I would ride together, anywhere he would take us! It’s our dream to have land and horses.

    LOVE PW’s cookbook! I bought it for my sister for Christmas, but I’ve been using it like crazy! Hope it won’t be too stained when I give it to her :)

    Made the cinnamon rolls yesterday, and they are AMAZING!!!!!! There are no words to describe the goodness in your mouth when you taste these!

  30. 35

    Lynne A says

    I’d name it King (or Queen, if it’s a filly) of the Wind (always loved that book!)
    I’d like to ride in New Zealand. Ever since The Lord of the Rings series was filmed, I’ve thought it’d be cool to visit there — such GORGEOUS scenery!

  31. 36


    I would name her freedom, and I would ride her through the prairies from back in the day before cars, credit cards, and nuclear weapons. the simple life… ( yes I am time traveling too, since we are in make believe world I deem it okay )

  32. 37

    Debbie says

    If I had a horse, I would name it Misty because Misty of Chincoteague was one of my favorite books when I was a child. I wanted a horse so badly after reading that book. So of course, if I had one I would ride it on the beach in Chincoteague VA.

  33. 39

    Julie E. says

    If a had a horse, I’d name her Pansy and ride her into town to get some bubblegum.

  34. 40


    If I had a horse, I would name my horse Charlie. Owning a horse would mean I lived somewhere with a large yard larger than my teeny, tiny yard.

  35. 41


    I have truly never pondered this question, so I applaud you for your original idea. :) I’m going to go with Penelope, riding on the beach in California somewhere.

  36. 42

    Daniela says

    Growing up I was a big fan of Hugo Simon and his horse E.T. So I think I would call my horse E.T. and we would ride home to Austria to surprise my mom for christmas

  37. 43

    Dani McGarry says

    I always dreamed of having a horse growing up. I would name my horse Cinder and ride through the trails of beautiful central Oregon.

  38. 44

    Lana Brindley says

    When I was a kid I rode a fat little Welsh Mountain Pony cross called Sugar, who would stop for a mouthful of grass every third step. He never went faster than a slow trot, but I loved him to bits. So, for old times’ sake, I would call my horse Sugar, and I would take him for a very slow ride in a field of lush green grass so he could nibble at his leisure.


  39. 45


    I would name my horse Peppermint and I would ride her around in the Sierra Nevada Mountains…so beautiful.

  40. 46

    Val says

    I would name my horse Sunset, and ride her along the beach, up against the most beautiful of sunsets.

  41. 47


    I think I would ride a horse names Destiny over white sandy beaches….

    er something like that. 😉


  42. 48


    I would name my horse Sierra and would like to ride along ocean shorelines without any other people, quiet and tranquil in the warm sun, unlike here, snowy, noisy and cold!

  43. 49

    Shannon says

    I would name him Hoyt, I would ride him up where I grew up. Northern Colorado/Southern Wyoming…lots of manly, sweet, sweaty Marlboro Men clones up there.

    The Rocky Mountains looming up in the West where i was growin up it was pastureland and crops as far as I could see…peace….quiet…stars at night…fresh coffee all day…wind ALL DAY EVERY DAY! :)

  44. 50

    Sharon says

    I would name my horse, Max. I would ride it in Australia and New Zealand. Not sure why, that’s just some place I would like to go

  45. 51

    SAS says

    What a great question for me, sis. I’ve asked for a horse every Christmas since I was 6 and santa hasn’t delivered yet. Oh well, a girl can dream. I’d name my horse, Bess. That’s the name of the horse in the movie The Man From Snowy River. I would go to Australia to that place in that movie where all the other horses and riders stop and Jim and Bess jump over the side of the mountain. Don’t you remember leaning back in your seats on that part? Love it, love it!

  46. 52

    Lizzie says

    If I had a horse, I would name it Copper. We would go to the biggest, grassiest field in the world and run!

  47. 53

    Ellen Garrard says

    I would name my horse Dragonfly. The dragonfly symbolized new beginnings…and each time I got on her/him to ride, it would be like a new beginning of adventure. I’d like to ride in the country so as to enjoy nature and God’s wondrous creation.

  48. 54

    Liz Howell says

    If I had a horse I would name it Otis. I grew up on 100 acres in Prosperity, SC with my parents and 2 brothers and my grandparents lived on top of the hill. We had cows that grazed in the fields and sometimes pigs that would be butchered. My grandfather always wanted to get us horses but he had his hands full with the cows and his huge 1 acre garden. I have amazing memories of my time with my grandfather(Otis), helping him feed the cows and work in the garden. So that leads me to where I would ride my horse Otis. My grandmother is still alive and we still have the 100 acres in the family but my grandfather died in 95. So, I would ride Otis on the 100 acres I grew up on in honor of my grandfather and the special memories I shared with him.

  49. 55


    Love PW!!!

    If I had a horse, I’d name it Tina because that was my mom’s horse’s name. If I could ride it anywhere, it’d be on the farm we live on. The land is just beautiful and would make for a great ride.

  50. 56

    Lauren S. says

    I would name a horse Sherman because that’s the name of the horse I learned to ride on when I was little. He was a nice guy kind of horse, unlike the bucking bronco type my older brother preferred. I would like to ride in Montana or Wyoming, somewhere out west where the vistas are truly incredible. We are going out there this summer for a family vacation and I can’t wait. National Parks here we come! Sherman, I’ll always remember how you stood in the creek and splashed me until I was soaked!

  51. 57

    Tina Sneed says

    i would call it epi….it would be short for epi-pen. i would only admire it from a distance while my daughter groomed and rode. she loves horses; i am deathly allergic to them.

  52. 58

    Jennifer says

    I would name my horse Blaze. I would love to go riding in some snow covered mountains or on a sandy beach.

  53. 59

    My Two Seasons says

    I’d name my horse Buttercup. I’ve always like that name for a pet! I’d take her into the mountains by where I live. It is so pretty and I’ve always wanted to take a horse ride up there.


  54. 60

    Mireille says

    I think I would call my horse Eagle, it sounds like a fun name for a fast horse. And I would love to ride through a hilly open country in the spring or fall sun :)

  55. 61

    Cat says

    What a lovely thing to think upon. If I had a horse, I would name her Cinnamon. I would love to ride Cinnamon where my grandparents used to live, on a large farm outside Atlanta. I’d pack a book, a blanket, and a picnic lunch (with an extra apple for her, of course), and we’d ride out to the lake on a sunny spring day.

  56. 62

    Gracie says

    I would name my horse Peanut Butter. I would ride him in Texas or Oklahoma where there is lots of open land.

  57. 64

    Laura says

    I would name my thoroughbred or Morgan horse Cinnamon (if light brown) or Chestnut (if dark brown) or Ebony (if black) or possibly Justice (being a lawyer). In the Magic Kingdom For Sale series, the king names his horse Jurisdiction, so he’d always have it, and the pun so amused me that I might have to name it that. I would ride it to Tuscany in Italy (because really I’ll take any way to get to Italy I can find), but for everyday, I’d ride at my mom’s cabin in the VA Blue Ridge mountains.

  58. 66


    OMG! OMG! OMG! Another chance to win the cookbook of my dreams! Can you tell I’m giddy?

    If I had a horse, of course.
    Of course I would name her Siobhan.
    Siobhan and I would ride from Derry to Kilarney.
    Galloping throughout the counties of Ireland.

  59. 68

    Michelle says

    If I had a horse I would name it Grace and we would ride out west on the plains where we could run in the fields where the wheat was knee high and the sun was delightful!

  60. 69

    Katherine says

    If I had a horse I would name her Chella. Tonight we would ride to Charleston to be with my husband who is there on business. Other days I would want to ride alone in a giant field bordered by tall trees. Solitude surrounded by nature, fresh air and the gentle warming sun on my back – my perfect day.

  61. 70


    My horse’s name would be Batman: The Horse and we would ride up and down the beaches of Edisto all the time.

  62. 71


    If I had a horse, I’d name her Wind and I would ride her through the prairies of Kansas. The prairie changes with the seasons and is hard to see from the road.

  63. 72

    Pamela says

    Well now, I never quite expected a question like that, but okay. Did pioneer women actually get to ride horses? Hmmm….just trying to imagine their place. I would even wonder if they were the ones priviledge to NAME horses. I am thinking I think too much.

    Well, in honor of what their limitations were given their responsibilities, I’d say if I had a horse, I’d name her Mercy. Horses in Scripture are used by John to express the with drama a number of end time events. I’d say, since I’m kind of the melodramatic type myself when it comes to our Lord, I’d have to name my horse something that expresses the daily events of my life and how God is continually fundamentally involved. That would, knowing my lack of capacity and our complete human lack, be Mercy. Yes, I’d like a horse named Mercy who had an brillant uncanny sense of direction no matter the conditions, and I’d place a little label on her that says “pray”, so that each time I was on her back, I’d tune into my Father.

    As I contemplate the story behind such a name, I image a scene played out to express a “regular day” and I imagine me struggling before sunrise to get out of my bed and as my head positions it self upright on the top of my head, all the things I didn’t get done, the mistakes I made, and what I need to do today IMMEDIATLY fill my head. I get up ready to “try harder” forgetting again that it is HE who will DO and it all starts with Him. I dash around to get the fire stocked (not really being familiar with pioneer ways completely, I think that is what I’d do first), I ransack the little place in deliberate attempts to control my world and conquer the threats to my families survival. (In many way I have lived this story.) I get my kids up and they get to straight to chores. There is not time for prayers or Bible reading. We place our energy in our power to DO THINGS to MAKE IT. This goes on a little while when I notice a little one trailing behind not quite keeping up as usual. Her face is flush and her eyes red and I see the draught look of illness. As I feel her she is so hot, it burns my skin. She would not speak her condition as the need for survival usurps it in her little mind. I am shocked by the situation and my intent and realize the snow is so impeding we can never get through to the old doctor in town who can tend her and bring some Hope of Chance. I wonder out loud finally letting the Lord enter my thoughts on this day and say, “HOW can I DO THIS?! How can I overcome this impossible situation and provide survival for my child. To enter that snow on foot is certain death” Soon from below as small voice says it, “Mercy will carry you.” She has no idea the answers in the remark she has made. So Mercy carries us and just as John’s horses is a symbol far beyond her pasture.

    I’ve kind of got a story like that. How cool to top it off with a horse like that!

    This is a silly story, but it is what I think of when I am asked this question…because I am silly.

  64. 73

    Kristi says

    If I had a horse I’d name it SNEEZE. Because I’m a wee allergic. And then I’d probably ride it all the way to an “allergy healer” so we could still be friends.

  65. 74

    Christine says

    If I had a horse, his name would be Joy and I would ride him from Albuquerque down Belen in New Mexico – such sweet memories of a place close to my heart!

  66. 75

    Michele says

    If I had a horse I would ride it to my friend Christy’s house and let her name it. She is such an inspirational friend, Christy Sequin. She bought her own horse at age 9, he was 16 months old. His name was Bits Misty Bee. They grew up together. When she was in college she was competing in Las Vegas for the Miss Rodeo America. During her practice the arena was muddy and Bee slipped in the mud and fell on top of Christy, all 1300 pounds. Bee waited for Christy’s father to run across the arena and grab his bridle. Bee rolled up on his knees and Christy was able to crawl out from under him. Bee took his head and began rubbing Christy’s shoulder like he was apologizing. Nothing was broken, just bruised really bad. She got back on and finished the practice. She ended up having lots of problems from that accident but she never looked at Bee differently. he was her loyal friend for 27 years. Bee died in 2006. She says it was like losing a member of her family. She loved Bee with a passion and still does. If I had a horse I would do that for my friend.

  67. 76

    Julie says

    If I had a horse I would name it Molly because that was the name of teh pony I rode and won many ribbons on as a child when I competed in horse shows. I would ride it along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. What better way to see that beautiful part of the world which God blessed us with??

  68. 77

    katie tudini says

    I would name my horse Jude and ride him all over the Ethiopian countryside building wells and teaching sustainable farming. random i know but i have Ethiopia on the brain these days!

    Thanks for the contest!

  69. 78

    Eileen McAllister says

    I would name my horse Rex and I would ride him in the highlands of Scotland where my husband was born!!

  70. 79

    Kimberly Beth says

    If I had a horse I would name it Midnight cauz when I was little that was what I always wanted. A horse named midnight, pretty simple. I would ride it to Moscow. My daughter called last night and missed her flight out of New York to India. So now she is routed through Moscow and will be there for 12 hours. I’d love to show up at the Moscow airport on Midnight, Ah…. what a memory that would be!!!

  71. 80

    Gina says

    Let’s see, I’d name my horse Cowgirl and we’d ride around Montana since it’s a secret dream of mine to have a ranch there someday. And not much would make my little girl happier than having ponies to ride whenever she wanted to!

  72. 82

    Deborah R. says

    If I had a horse, I would probably name it Beauty. I’ve never ridden a horse so I probably would stay in my yard because I bet it would be a very short first ride.

  73. 83

    Celia says

    I’ve always wanted a white horse. I would name the horse Dream, and ride Dream back to the time when my mother and father were still alive.

  74. 84

    TallieAnn says

    I would name my horse Starlite after Rainbow Brite’s horse and I would ride it (on a rainbow of course) to Italy to eat pizza and pasta and tiramisu and then to Ireland to catch a leprechaun and get his pot o’ gold. Ok, I think I may have have had WAY too much caffeine today….

  75. 85

    Melinda says

    My horse would be an old nag and hence the name Lumpy and I would ride it on the beach right next to my beach cottage that exists only in my head!

  76. 86

    JessicaO says

    I’d name my horse Afterglow, and we’d ride wherever she took me. Maybe we’d start somewhere in California and go East from there…

  77. 88


    I would name my horse June and I’d take her (if I had a trailer) to CO to ride to the top of the mountians.

    I actually did this at a Dude ranch in CO. But it would be more fun to have your own horse! :)

    That’s what I’d do.

    Thanks for the give-a-way!

    So hoping to win!

  78. 89

    Alli says

    You have A LOT of reading to do. Whoaaaaaaaaa lots of comments! Go you! “It’s your birthday, it’s your birthday….”

    I’ll keep this simple since you have a lot to read:

    I’d name her Shelby because I loooove that name. I think it’s the quintessential southern name. Since my husband won’t let me name a daughter this name, the name will be given to my horse that has a blonde mane and light brown fur with a few white patches to give it character. I would ride Shelby all around my parent’s property in Pauline, SC. I would have my family take turns riding on her with me so I can soak up that one on one time with each of them…. making a memory I could keep with me always.

  79. 90


    I love PW and miss having horses! If I had a horse now, I would name him Harley and we would ge riding everywhere…all over the gravel roads clsoe to home here.

  80. 91

    Amy L says

    I would name my horse Smiley. I think a horse always has a smile on its face. I would ride it somewhere soft to help me when I fall. I guess that would be on the soft, white sand near clear, blue water. Nice comments!

  81. 93

    Scorpio Woman says

    I’m not really good at giving names but I think it would be Boomette in honor of my cat who passed away in 2007. I would ride my horse probably at the summer camp I go each summer.

  82. 95

    DebY says

    Well, I’ve never really wanted a horse, but I DO want a copy of PW COOKS, so…
    I would name a horse Mocha (of course it would have to be a brown one) and I would ride it on the beach OR across the prairie!

  83. 96


    Well, I have a horse, but if I had a better horse (a nice gentle & non-spitefu,short to to ground horse) I would ride it anywhere with my hubby (who is a farmer/rancher & oilfield consultant) and boys…probably to check cows…which is a great thing to do…I believe that T.Roosevelt said “The best thing for the inside of a man is the outside of a horse”…he was right. Thanks…mary

  84. 97

    Jess :) says

    If I had a horse, I would name it…well, that’s actually a tough question because I would want to see it before finalizing a name! However, if I must decide now…I’ll say Bailey or Latte! Can you guess why I’d choose the 2nd name?!?!? 😉

    I would love to ride her through the pineapple fields on Maui! I wonder if that would ever be possible?!?!? 😉 Ha, who knows!

  85. 98

    Mandy J says

    If I ever had a horse, and that’s a pretty big if, I would name her Sunshine and we would ride together on the beaches of Oregon.

  86. 100

    Becky says

    If I had a horse, I would have a palomino. I would name him Aureus or if it was a girl, I’d name her Havilah. I would take him into the redwood forests. It seems like a place to ride a horse.

  87. 101

    Sharon says

    I would name my horse Cowboy. It would be a beautiful Paint…and I would love riding on a sandy beach with the warmth of the sun upon us.

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