Our church began a new tradition last year, a friendly gingerbread competition. Tonight is this years night for the event. Last year since my daughter was teaming up with her Sunday school class, my son and I teamed up with one of his friends and his mom. This year we bailed and have no entry.

I’m a little bummed and feel like a slacker. As I was looking through the pictures of our entry from last year I reminisced about our sugary fun and thought I’d share our entry with you as well. (Forgive me for the quality of the pictures. It was dark and I didn’t take the time to use my tripod.)


We kinda procrastinated and tackled ours in one long sticky afternoon. Our base was rice cereal treats molded to form the perfect sledding hill, which atop sat our snow house made of sugar cubes glued together with icing.


The only rules were that it had to be edible, so the only gingerbread we used was the roof of the house and that was covered with gum shingles. Gum shingles withstand a lot of snow in elf land. The house is still in one piece in my friends china cabinet. Trees were made from ice cream cones covered in icing and turned upside down. The bushes were marshmallows covered in the same green icing.

These little elves were made from a homemade gum paste concoction.


The sled is made from a fruit roll-up.


Look a snow angel!


We had a blast that day playing with sugar and all things sweet. Tonight I’ll certainly enjoy seeing the creations of other busy hands. Maybe next year well have a go at it again.

Did you make a gingerbread display this year? Or have you made a memorable one in the past?

Merry Christmas!