Just recently I discovered a new therapy. It’s free. You don’t need any special equipment. You don’t have to fit it into a schedule.

It’s “Edelweiss.” You know, the song, “Edelweiss,” from The Sound of Music.

A few weeks ago it popped in my head and I couldn’t shake it. But soon I realized that it was relaxing.

See, you can’t sing “Edelweiss,” the right way of course, with the correct voice, and be stressed.

You can’t sing “Edelweiss” and be sad.

You can’t sing “Edelweiss” and want to bite the tail end off of a wompass cat.

You can’t sing “Edelweiss” and have road rage.

You can’t sing “Edelweiss” and not breathe.

You just can’t. Try it. Go ahead. Test my theory. I have. I’ve been singing it regularly now whenever I get tense and my head starts spinning. It works like a charm.

To top it all off, for your listening pleasure, meet Henrietta, along with Slocum. Henrietta is Slocum’s, the singing shadow dog, special friend. Feel free to sing along. You’ll be glad you did.

If you haven’t already, be sure to meet and check out Slocum’s other performances.

Hope you have a “Edelweiss” kind of day! Are there any other songs you sing when the going gets rough?

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  1. 1


    Henrietta and Slocum have beautiful voices! I love the Sound of Music. Such a great film- I’ll have to try your Edelweiss technique. Does it work if you can’t sing?

  2. 2

    Tickled Red says

    Henrietta and Slocum can serenade me anytime :) The Sound of Music always makes me smile but I have been a musical junkie since I was introduced to SOM as a child. Thanks for the lullaby tonight.

  3. 4


    Love that song. In my last post I thanked my elementary music teacher for instilling a love of Broadway music in me. We performed The Sound of Music in 5th grade. I was Mother Abbess – “Climb Every Mountain”. Anywho. For some reason, especially this week, I’ve been singing “Popular” from Wicked in my head all the time. It’s rather annoying actually. I need to switch to “Edelweiss”.

  4. 5

    Miss Wisabus says

    From the same film, “I Have Confidence.” It helps me every time.

    On another note, while this movie is my favorite of all time and I watched it every day during the summer of 1992, watching a documentary about the actors and finding that The Captain (Christopher Plummer) and Liesl (Charmian Carr) were “carrying on” during filming really kinda killed some of that magic for me :/

  5. 6

    Jennifer Kreh says

    I love Henrietta and Slocum. I also have very fond memories of this song. My mom used to sing ir to us when we went to bed every night. I guess it was relaxing!

  6. 8


    i get happy just saying the word, much less singing the song. heck, all i really need to do is think about the awesomeness that is the sound of music and i become giddy. :)

  7. 9


    Is that YOU? and your Randy?

    Love it!

    A few years ago Abby and her friends dressed up as nuns for the Talent Show and they sung the “Maria” song. I accompanied them on the piano and it was a BLAST! :)

  8. 10

    Georgia Pellegrini says

    I like this theory a whole lot. I’m going to try it immediately.

  9. 11

    Denise says

    I have very soothing memories of this song…my daddy used to sing it (and “Do – a deer”) to us. You, Henrietta & Slocum have inspired me to teach it to my children!
    Lovely harmony :)

  10. 12

    Angie B says

    Rachel and I enjoyed this very much! Although, she thinks Slocum is a dragon.

  11. 13

    Alecia says

    Amen! I’ve been singing that song since I was a little girl..and now my little boy requests it for a nighttime singing!

  12. 14

    Betty says

    Henrietta has a beautiful voice. Where has she been hiding. She and Slocum need to sing more.

    I sing “This is the Day That the Lord Has Made” sometimes. It helps me start the day off on the right foot, even if I can’t carry a tune. Let’s call my singing a joyful NOISE.

    Amy, you definitely did not get your singing talent from your mom. But Hope got a double dose of it from you and Randy. Her voice is absolutely wonderful. Please share some of her songs with us, maybe from the recent play she was in. (Sorry if I sound like a proud Grandma, but I can’t help it. Her performance was FANTASTIC!!!) Love to all.

  13. 15

    thunja says

    get this- my UFC loving rough and tumble surfer of a husband LOVES this song and weeps each and every time we watch the film. It’s a Thanksgiving tradition ’round here. Just like watching It’s a Wonderful Life @ Christmas.

  14. 16

    kittenz says

    “Oklahoma!” “Surrey with the fringe on the top” “Jesus loves me this I know”

  15. 18

    Tricia says

    So funny but so very true. I’ll keep this in mind when I’m serving the toddlers lunch.

  16. 22

    SMITH BITES says

    yep – you cannot stay in a grumpy mood and even say the word ‘edelweiss’ . . . especially when slocum and henrietta are leading the charge . . .

  17. 23


    This was my grandfather’s favorite song (he even looked a little like Christopher Plummer) and he regularly requested for me to play it on my flute. I happily obliged. It seemed fitting to play it at his funeral when he died and I think he would have been very happy. Thank you for this lovely reminder of a man who was very dear to me.

  18. 24


    Yes! Such a beautiful (and sad) song. Well, sad because in the movie, they knew they were leaving their homeland. But! It’s a lovely song, just the same!

  19. 25

    Amy says

    My daughter’s name is Edelweiss <3 She loves "her song" as do we all. Watching and listening to our sons sing 'Edelweiss' to their sister when she was newborn is a memory I will treasure always. It is a lovely song and timeless film!

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