Dole Banana Dippers

This post is sponsored by Dole. Dole Banana Dippers

With our busy schedules summer always affords a bit of time to catch up with girlfriends, and what better way than a Girl’s Night In? Everyone can come as they are, ready to relax and catch up. Of course a few sweet treats are always a nice addition—a requirement really, right?

Next week I’ll be having a few ladies over to hang out, visit, and try some new sweet treats from Dole: Dole Banana Dippers. These new frozen treats combine the goodness of Dole bananas with rich dark chocolate, but without the guilt. With 4 dipped slices per pack at 120 calories or less per pack, Dole Banana Dippers are the perfect lighter option for a snack or dessert.

Dole Banana Dippers Dole Banana Dippers Dole Banana Dippers (Just so you know I didn’t eat all of those. I had help.)

I can’t wait to share these with my girlfriends next week. I think they’re going to like them. Like I said, Dole Banana Dippers are new, so keep an eye out for them in the frozen fruit aisle at local grocers nationwide for less than $4.00 per box. They’re available with or without almonds. YUM!

During the Girl’s Night In next week I’ll be sharing a few pictures through social media, so even though you can’t be here in person, you can join in on the fun virtually. Maybe you could even get a box of new Dole Banana Dippers (or four!) and plan your own Girl’s Night In for the same time? How cool would that be?

Have a great week, and check back for a followup on our Girl’s Night In!


(This post is sponsored by Dole. All opinions are my own.)


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    Sallie says

    After our fun girls’ night, I have been searching for the Dole Banana Dippers! They were delicious! Well, I found them at our local WalMart, near frozen fruit! Enjoy!
    Thanks, Amy, for a great evening!

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