Cherry-Oh Cherries from Harry and David

Cherry-Oh! Cherries from Harry and David

What a treat! Recently a bunch of cheerful cherries were delivered fresh from Harry and David, right to my door.

Cherries always put a smile on my face. They’re so happy looking and make me think of all kinds of goodness they can be used to create in the kitchen. Cherries are perfect for so many baked treats, but I found these Cherry-Oh! Cherries from Harry and David are just perfect for popping as a snack. Plus, they’re part of the Fruit of the Month Club over at Harry and David.

Now that’s the kind of club I want to be a member of. Don’t you?


Cherry-Oh Cherries


Several of these quickly disappeared before they made it into the recipe that I can’t wait to share with you later this week. These cherries are some of the best I’ve had. Ever. So many times, cherries are too tart or not very sweet at all, but these Cherry-Oh! Cherries … they’re just right. Perfect for snacking or adding to a light dessert.

Don’t miss this special treat: Right now at Harry and David you can receive free shipping when you order Cherry-Oh! Cherries to be delivered to brighten someone’s day with a cherry gift, or maybe for a healthy snack for yourself. This offer ends on July 21, so be sure to check it out soon. (Offer will be applied at checkout.)

I like to hear from you too.
What’s your favorite recipe that features cherries? Do share.


 (This post is sponsored by Harry and David, but as always, opinions are my very own.)

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  1. 1


    I could take care of the rest of that bowl of cherries for you and rather quickly, too. I love, love, love cherries and can’t wait to see what you made! Cherry pie, cherry ice cream, cherry tart, cherry smoothie, or just eating them in their pure, natural, un-messed-with state is perfect for me!

  2. 2


    We buy these at the grocery and perhaps they are not so perfectly luscious at those you received from Harry and David. Nevertheless, when chilled in the fridge they are the most fantastic snack!

  3. 5

    Sommer@ASpicyPerspective says

    Amy that IS a treat. I love to make cherry ice cream in the summer!

  4. 6


    oh man, with fresh cherries the best way to eat them (other than straight out of the bag) is in a pie or cobbler…the perfect summertime dessert!

  5. 7


    Gorgeous cherries!! I can see how a few magically disappeared {lol}. Right now I am loving cherries in my drinks or granitas. Cool and refreshing.

  6. 9

    Wenderly says

    Oh they are just gorgeous!!! Nothing makes me happy like a bowl of cherries! And your bowl looks divine. Save some for me!!!

  7. 10

    Katrina @ In Katrina's Kitchen says

    You just tell Harry and David about your friend Katrina, okay? 😉 Oh these look stellar!

  8. 11

    Marly says

    We actually have a sour cherry tree in our yard so I end up making chocolate cherry cake or cherry muffins, you name it. I love cherries. Thanks for sharing this story….can’t wait to see the recipe you come up with!

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