Cheers! Wine Gift Tag Printable

A free pdf printable for the holidays.

Cheers! Free Wine Gift Tag Printable

Cheers! The holiday season is full of so many celebrations and parties with family, friends, and associates from now through New Year’s Eve. For those celebrations which you’d like to take a little thank you for your host/hostess, here’s a simple wine gift tag available in two color combinations that will make that bottle of wine or maybe champagne for the New Year celebrations a little extra special.

Cheers! Wine Gift Tag Printable

Click the blue download bar below and follow instructions to download the free pdf printable in 2 color combinations.

Please note, colors may vary depending on printer and paper used.

 Cheers! Wine Gift Tag Printable


Cheers! Wine Gift Tag Printable Cheers! Wine Gift Tag Printable

Happy and safe celebrating to you and yours!


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