Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina has to be one of our most favorite trips we’ve taken! The city has such a great vibe – it’s deep rooted history is prevalent in the architecture and wrought iron scrollwork, while you’ll find musicians performing on the streets. And if you love food like we do, then Charleston is the place for you!

We savored all this great city had to offer – we took a cooking class, enjoyed BBQ Shrimp & Grits for the first time in our lives, and tasted some of the best gelato I’ve had since being in Italy. We even had time to enjoy a slice or two (or three . . .) of authentic wood fired pizza; good thing the city is designed for walking, ‘cuz walk we did! Museums, the ever so lovely College of Charleston is smack-dab in the middle of downtown as is one of the oldest cemeteries in the country which is also known for a bit of folklore.

One of the highlights for me was visiting ‘Baked‘ which had been on my radar for more than a year; this little gem, specializing in quintessential retro desserts, did not disappoint. We got our sugar fix on granola, coffeecake, lemon scones, a cheesecake bar and a brownie over than span of seven days; four-layer cakes, assorted cookies, marshmallows, pies and tarts and of course, their books are also available. The lines can be long but customers wait patiently and the waitstaff does a great job of keeping everyone moving – all with a friendly smile.

Our week just wasn’t long enough and we are already making plans for a return trip. Head over to Smith Bites and see what else we ‘savored’ in Charleston!


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    Angie says

    We’re planning on going when Wilmington has the azalea festival this year. We wanted to stop by this month, but ran out of time while up there. I can’t wait to go and thanks so much for telling us about the cool places to eat!

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    I’ve been to Charleston once when I was dating my husband, who lived in Columbia at the time. I instantly fell in love with the area and the architecture. I definitely need to go back to try Baked and other food areas.

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    We adore Charleston as well! It’s such a charming city full of history, beauty & intrigue! Now after reading this, I just can’t wait to go back! And you’d better believe that we will be waiting in line at ‘Baked’…YUM!

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    It’s been a few years since I was last in Charleston. We have family in Columbia, so the last time we were down there we took a little road trip and walked around a bit. It was such a beautiful city. Wish I could have spent more time there.

    Lovely pictures!

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    I can map out a Go Savor to Charleston in a flash :)

    So many of my friends work in the restaurant industry that I know the places to skip versus the little gems to attend.

    For example: please skip Baked (they are actually not operated by the people in NYC anymore but left the name as is) and go to Wild Flour or Sugar Bakeshop instead. Don’t got to Starbucks for your coffee but Hope & Union. Don’t go to Subway for a good sandwich bit Closed For Business….
    Don’t queue at Hymans seafood but go to Lana’s, skip brunch at Jestines and heat out to Hominy Grill instead….Go where the locals go :)
    Skip a night cap at Club Habana and go to Bin 152…

    Yes, I am completely biased. It’s my town and I love it!

    We have the best, most community orientated folks out here

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    I just wanted to say that I just went to Charleston for the first time and loved it just as much as you did. And I enjoyed the oldest cemetery and Baked-great minds think alike!

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    I have been to Charleston twice. It is one of the most charming and historic cities I’ve visited. I feel at home when I visit Charleston, and I’ve lived in the Finger Lakes region of NYS all my life.

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