Babycakes Cupcake Maker and Cookbook Giveaway


Cupcakes and small sized treats are all the rage right now. And it’s no wonder, the flavor combinations and creative decorating I’ve seen all around are amazing and they’re perfect portion of sweetness, not too much, not too little, just right. Plus, cupcakes and other individual sized treats are always convenient for parties.

So when I was contacted about trying out the Babycakes Cupcake Maker I was tickled to see what it was all about.



The Babycakes Cupcake Maker is a small appliance that bakes evenly, from top and bottom (like a waffle press), 8 cupcakes at a time, and very quickly too, in 5-8 minutes on average. Not only can you create cupcakes or muffins, but savory treats of all kinds too, like tortilla cups, and pizza bites.

In no time I had a small batch of muffins warm and ready for an afternoon snack.



They also sent me a copy of 175 Best Babycakes Cupcake Maker Recipes cookbook which is chock full of sweet and savory selections. The ladies who put this cookbook together, Kathy Moore and Roxanne Wys, sure are a creative team, the cookbook is a really good mix and a jumping off place for coming up with your own combos. There are even sections for after-school snacks and gluten-free options. The Chocolate Buttermilk Cupcakes and Coconut Cream Cupcakes have me drooling…



What a fun gift huh? Both the Babycakes Cupcake Maker and cookbook can be found at the Babycakes Shop, Amazon, Kohl’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, as well as other retailers.


And guess what?

There’s a giveaway! Woo hoo!

Giveaway details: This giveaway has ended and a winner has been chosen – see below.
One random winner will be chosen to receive a Babycakes Cupcake Maker and a copy of 175 Best Babycakes Cupcake Maker Recipes cookbook.There are 2 ways to enter:

  1. Leave a comment below with your favorite cupcake flavor.
  2. Like Roxanne and Kathy’s Facebook page, Plugged Into Cooking, and leave a separate comment letting me know you did so.

Giveaway will end on November 22, 2011 at Midnight PST. Winner will be announced sometime on November 23, 2011.
No purchase necessary. US residents only. Must be over 18. One winner with a valid entry will be selected randomly. Congratulations to #56 Sara!!! Yay Sara. Can’t wait to hear about what you cook up with your new Babycakes Cupcake Maker!A big thanks to everyone for stopping by. xoxoxo


Happy Baking and good luck!

Select Brands and the cookbook authors were nice enough to send me a Babycakes Cupcake Maker and a 175 Best Babycakes Cupcake Maker Recipes cookbook to try out. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. 1

    Marly says

    I can’t get over my obsession with all things coconut…so coconut cupcakes would have to be my favorite. Love this post!

  2. 11

    Brandy Allred says

    I love cupcakes and I’m really getting into the whole baking thing. Right now my favorite cupcake would have to be the s’mores cupcake!

  3. 22

    Karyn says

    Straight up, old school, Chocolate on Chocolate! Maybe some mint thrown in for fun :)

  4. 24

    RachaelD says

    That is hard to narrow down as I love cupcakes! Probably lemon with coconut on top. Or mocha cupcakes. :)

  5. 31

    Juli says

    I did it… I’ve gotten “plugged” into cooking 😉 Chance #2 for a Babycake!

  6. 32


    I have heard about these, but I have never used one. I would love love LOVE to have one! As to my favorite flavor. Well, I never met a cupcake I didn’t like. But I love red velvet. Then again, I love just plain white. Who am I kidding . . . I LOVE THEM ALL! Thanks so much for the giveaway :0!

  7. 33

    Tara @ Chip Chip Hooray says

    My favorite cupcake flavor is a classic–yellow cake with a sweet chocolate buttercream!

  8. 36

    Sarah says

    I love all kinds of cupcakes, but my go to favorite has to be good old fashioned white cake and white icing. Loving the concept of that babycakes maker!

  9. 38

    erin says

    i am a huge fan of cupcakes. we had tiramisu, red velvet and margarita at our wedding reception. i think my favorite is red velvet!

  10. 47

    Sarah says

    Favorite cupcake – definately red velvet or german chocolate. My husband would love this thing. He is always looking for quick sweey fix and this would be perfect.

  11. 51

    Amy says

    This is so cute and girly and perfect for making gluten-free chocolate cupcake bites for my whole family (some GF and some not) to enjoy!

  12. 58

    Kim Clark says

    My favorite cupcake flavor is with ice cream, lol. I made cupcakes once that I filled with cream cheese those were pretty awesome. I love to bake with my 2 kids this would just be so fun to do with them on any day!

  13. 60

    Sandy Kelly says

    My favorite cupcake flavor is with chocolate. I love chocolate so I have to put chocolate into all my cupcakes.
    I have grandchildren who love to help, especially the two year old.
    This would be such fun to do with them, I hope I get the chance.

  14. 61

    Sandy Kelly says

    I commented and liked Plugged into Cooking FB page.
    Also asked if there are any good cupcake recipes for sugar free. My hubby is a diabetic but loves desserts.

  15. 63

    Steph says

    Gah! I have to pick just one!?! I’d say it’s probably mocha, chocolate chip muffins. Yum!

  16. 64

    Steph says

    Liked plugged into cooking and left a comment on their page. Thanks for the link, looks like some great new goodies are going to be baking up at my house! :)

  17. 84

    Kimberly Holman says

    I haven’t met a cupcake I didn’t like, but my favorite would definitely be red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Sooooo delicious!

  18. 85

    Kel says

    I would have to say chocolate on chocolate! Those cupcakes look like just the right size.

  19. 88

    Lynda@Me and My Pink Mixer says

    I love cupcakes! Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting is my favorite.

  20. 90

    Valerie E. says

    Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting cannot be beat in my opinion:)

  21. 92

    Karie says

    I think chocolate cupcakes are my favorite, but you really just can’t go wrong with any cupcake :)

  22. 99

    Wenderly says

    Would *all kinds* count? Just kidding. Kinda. Seriously, I’d have to say, vanilla.

  23. 100

    becky says

    The Huckleberry Apron in Anderson, SC makes the best Margarita Cupcakes in the world. That was a new flavor for me ( in cake form!) so now I am a fan.

  24. 101

    GG says

    I have recently joined this web site and boy am I glad!
    Each day after a long day at work I enjoy catching up on
    a new recipe, or unique style! It is like my calgon for the evening!

  25. 108

    Monica Sweeper says

    I love red velvet cupcakes with sour cream frosting and silver sprinkles! Yummy!

  26. 116

    Nina says

    I am obsessed with Red Velvet cupcakes! Yum! The Babycakes maker would be perfect for getting my cupcake fix without eating a regular size cupcake.

  27. 121

    Latisha Hopkind says

    Ummm it’s hard to say but I’d have to go with carrot with cream cheese frosting. Yum!

  28. 125

    Donna F. says

    My fave cupcake is vanilla with vanilla buttercream frosting…simple yet delicious!

  29. 130

    Harrison says

    my most favorite flavor would be mango with a jam in the middle with papaya frosting 😀

  30. 132


    I found your blog from the Plugged Into Cooking FB! You are too cute, I’m excited to explore your blog! Oh and my favorite is red velvet, hands down!

  31. 137

    Karen Lynch says

    I liked Plugged into Baking on Face Book. My teen daughter would love this, she loves cupcakes.

    Thanks for the contest.

  32. 140

    Cindy says

    I’m am dying to try this cupcake maker out! Perfect size for kids. I have to say, my new favorite flavor is salted carmel cupcakes – yummy!

  33. 141

    Tracy Nevins says

    Favorite flav of cupcake… A hummingbird cake with a rich, creme cheese frosting…mmmmmm… Hummingbird is like carrot, with mashed bannanas, crushed pineapple, pecans and coconut… Oohhhhh… Sooooo good!!!

  34. 150

    Mary Levee says

    My current favorite is lemon with lemon curd filling and lemon curd buttercream…I also tried to ‘like’ on their fb page, but Ipreviously had “liked’ it…so I ‘liked’ the comments under your link :)

  35. 156

    Justina Thatcher says

    I liked on fb! My favorate cupcake has to be carrot with cream cheese frosting

  36. 157

    Kelsey says

    My favorite cupcake flavor is chocolate! I will forever and always be a chocoholic. 😉

  37. 159

    Marilyn says

    Hmmm… favorite cupcake flavor has to be chocolate… the darker and richer the better! And top it off with some German chocolate coconut frosting and you have a WINNER!

    • 163

      Sue says

      Chocolate… no wait, vanilla… or maybe carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! Yum! Awww heck I can’t pick! I love them all!

  38. 166

    Jen Kim says

    My favorite cupcake flavor is chocolate~ You can never go wrong with chocolate~ =P

  39. 169

    Marilyn says

    I adore basically any flavor of cupcake but I’ve got to go with a classic, red velvet. I could inhale a billion mini red velvet cupcakes 😉

  40. 170

    Pam @ Antique or Not says

    My favorite cupcake flavor is red velvet with cream cheese icing. What’s not to like?

  41. 171

    Pam @ Antique or Not says

    I am already a “Liker” of Plugged Into Cooking’s Facebook page.
    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway…too sweet!

  42. 176

    Patti Schwartz says

    I have always loved to cook…baking is the best. Big or small…cakes, cookies or pies…I love them all. I make mini muffins a lot and take them to church to munch on with our coffee.

  43. 177

    Krystal says

    I love chocolate, but honestly, I would love some mini blueberry muffins! 😀

  44. 181

    Cassie Tucker says

    My favorite cupcake flavor is red velvet with buttercream frosting instead of cream cheese.

  45. 186

    keilah says

    pumpkin or chocolate with cream cheese frosting…heck, anything with cream cheese frosting!

  46. 187

    April says

    Aloha from Maui,
    seriuosly, who can pick just one flavor? Ok, ok…let’s go with Chocolate with chocolage peppermint ganche inside withchocolate swiss butter cream and crushed peppermint candy sprinkles! It’s the season.


  47. 191

    Cristina says

    My favorite cupcake flavor is vanilla, with frosting! But I am also a chocolate lover! Its really hard to choose just one flavor but I do love classic butter/ vanilla mmmmmm….

  48. 193

    Elizabeth says

    Chocolate. Always chocolate. You can switch up frosting/fillings whatever, as long as there is chocolate. 😀

  49. 201


    My favorite cupcake is chocolate. I’m really interested in winning it to make them for my grandchildren. My grandson has to have everything gluten free. I wonder if they have a gluten free recipe. Otherwise, I will figure it out – if I win :) Thank you for the opportunity.

  50. 208

    Julia Blazejewski says

    I love all flavors but since I have to pick a favorite it would be keylime with a hot cup of tea:)

  51. 212

    Robbin Snow says

    You had me at cupcake! If I have to narrow it down ..
    Strawberry has got to be on the top of my list !

  52. 217

    Jessie says

    My favorite cupcakes are yellow cake with chocolate icing. My grandmother used to make them for my special days. Oh, I miss that!

  53. 219

    Kelly says

    Love, Love cupcakes! Especially mini ones! ( you can eat more). Me and my 6 year old daughter LOVE chocolate!

  54. 224

    Maureen G says

    I love love love this peanut butter cupcake batter my best friend makes! SO delicious with chocolate frosting! :)

  55. 227

    Georgia Pellegrini says

    How fun! I can imagine many enjoyable cupcake “experiments” with a that gadget.

  56. 228

    Denise O says

    My favorite cupcake is whatever is in the oven…or (hopefully) Babycakes Cupcake Maker!?!? I would have to say my favorite cupcake is probably vanilla….a blank canvas to adorn any way I choose!

  57. 234

    Carrie Whitlock says

    Pumpkin Spice is my favorite flavor. Red velvet being a close second.

  58. 246

    Jessica B says

    My favorite cupcake flavor is chocolate fudge with fluffernutter frosting! Deeeelishhhh!! And with this Babycakes maker (since they’re smaller) I wouldn’t feel so guilty eating them! :)

  59. 248

    Kris Schmidt says

    Banana Cupcakes are my favorite (odd, since I don’t like many things banana-flavored). Would love one of these little gems!!!

  60. 256

    Misty Lynn says

    *Liked* Plugged into Cooking on FB. My daughter would love a babycake maker!

  61. 257


    Hi there, just wanted to say THANK YOU! I’m super excited about the mini cupcake maker…it will be super fun! :)

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