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Seems like this time of the year always brings a case of the blahs, the post-holiday blues, the winter doldrums. Whatever you want to call it, it’s here. I wrote about it last year around the same time too. This year I’m trying to head it off before it gets me down.

A change of scenery works well, but that isn’t always practical. Today I decided to change my perspective right where I was. So I did what any normal, sane person would do, I laid down on the floor.

Yes. Yes I did.

I took my camera along with me, and decided to check things out from a different perspective. The first picture above is called Red Dishcloth. I’m real creative with naming things. But I quite enjoyed my red dishcloth as I lay beneath it on the floor. I’d never noticed how nice and bright and red my dishcloth was before.

This one is called Flower On a Chair.

It’s a flower, carved on a chair. So there.

I ventured outside too. My dog was more than confused as to why I was laying on the ground midwinter. Can’t wait to show you what I found outside. It’s amazing what’s right under your nose when you change your perspective. But for now I’m just sharing these photos with ya.

Stayed tuned for more from A Different Perspective.

How do you battle the winter blues, blahs, and those long gray overcast days? Do share. I love it when you share.

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  1. 1


    Red Dishcloth is beautiful! Winter blues are so hard to combat, but I find that the more active I am, the easier it is to deal with. Group Exercise classes at the YMCA or yoga classes help me feel so much better.

  2. 4


    My cure is peeking in on other people’s blogs. That is one way to see life from a different perspective. I LOVE that you laid down on the floor to take pictures. That was a great idea. Ya gotta think outside the box. :)

  3. 5

    Blog is the New Black says

    The winter blues are a stranger to no one! I hear you! Especially with this snow getting dumped on us- enough already. I try to stay active and involved so that I don’t have time to be “bla!” 😉

  4. 6


    Funny – I’ve been thinking the same thing… I know what always happens at this time of year. The weather is yucky (a meteorolgical term, I’m sure), the skies are GRAY, and I can feel my mood going…. I wanted to head it off this year as well, so I’ve been careful…. about my attitude…about being a downer just because it’s gray outside. Yesterday, I was at the grocery store & found some insanely beautiful blue-dyed daisies. I couldn’t resist. Did I mention that they had a $2 off coupon on them? That clinched the deal! =) And they are on my kitchen counter, providing a little cheer. For me, it is very much a conscious decision to choose where I let my mood go. I know I don’t want to “go gray” like the skies!!

    Love you idea of changing your perspective too! I may lay down on the floor today, and take a picture of my (yellow) dishcloth. Just sayin’

    Happy Friday!

  5. 8

    SMITH BITES says

    am totally doing this Amy – today in fact, because at the moment the windchill outside is MINUS 14 DEGREES . . . where are those beach pictures???

  6. 9

    Jennifer (Savor) says

    Get crafty with the kids, call friends, plan more outings even though I do not want to go out into the cold.

  7. 10

    Heather Davis says

    Winter blues! I hear ya. Was so close to writing about that myself. Thing is as soon as I tried putting something down it sounded all wrong. I like the way you have taken it and turned it into something fresh & different. A new perspective as you say. I keep thinking I need to go out and walk around so might try your idea.

  8. 11

    Barbara @ Modern Comfort Food says

    I’m taking my own little mini-break from winter blahs tomorrow by heading down the coast to Sanibel Island, just me and five books. Your approach sounds much more creative – cheaper too! – and I wish I’d thought of it. Can’t wait for your next installment.

  9. 13


    Nice pictures of ordinary things. I think that is the only thing that really helps me fight the blahs! I try to notice the little things in my life that are extraordinary. Like the fact it snowed here and the roads have been horrific to drive, so instead I focus on all the beautiful trees and ponds that are covered in the soft white powder.

  10. 14


    Your photos are beautiful!!

    I have been suffering from the winter blues as well…..perhaps I will try eating cupcakes while laying on the floor…ya never know, it might work!!

  11. 16


    I love this! Very creative :)

    hmm…I’m not sure how I battle the winter blues. I’m more into the traditional things I guess – a fun movie (probably one I’ve seen 20 times already), hot chocolate, and my knitting. No, I’m not 70 years old, why do you ask?

  12. 17


    Oh, I love these photos! Sometimes a change of perspective (in photography, as well as life in general) can be the very best thing… Especially when you have the winter blues. These are fun and inspiring photos… They definitely gave me the inspiration I needed to actually grab the camera and take a few more pictures today.

  13. 21

    Sally - My Custard Pie says

    This was brilliant timing. I started a photography course last week to get to know my new camera. Living in the Middle East there is sunshine all year round. I couldn’t wait to get out and do my homework. Except that this week has been overcast….all week…..and today it rained. Usually I revel in this cooler weather but it has done nothing for the tones of everything – the usually dramatic lighting just looks flat. I will try to look at this from a different perspective. Lovely pictures, great inspiration.

  14. 23

    Wenderly says

    Great post Amy! We all need a different perspective every now and then, that’s FERR SHERR! I think I may just need to go stand on my head in order to shake out all of my winter blahs…

  15. 24


    Love both those photos..especially Flower on a Chair. I also just love the actual chair…and me in shopping mode for the new dining room suite …hmmm

  16. 25


    I really needed to see this post – perhaps that is how my little kids see things. The simplicity of this post really makes me think. Thanks for that.

  17. 27


    What a fun idea, just perfect for getting out of a funk. I imagine it’s rather hard to take life too seriously from that perspective! I’m glad I found your blog, I’ll be back to see what else you captured while on the floor :-)

  18. 30

    Delishhh says

    Love this idea. . i try to always take a step back but not always easy. . .But to combat winter blues we usually go on a vacation, that will solve it for me.

  19. 31

    chinese grandma says

    just discovered your blog…love it! funny, i also had the post-holiday winter blahs and wrote about it in a post. thank goodness march is around the corner. some sunshine will do us all good.

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