15 Graduation Gift Ideas

A list of 15 Graduation Gift Ideas to help with shopping for the new graduate.

15 Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation is coming up. Do you have a graduate to shop for? I always get to this time of the year and am a loss of what to get for the graduate. Thankfully this year, I asked my daughter (who will be graduating soon too) for some ideas. She compiled a list and I added a few too. I hope you find this list of 15 Graduation Gift Ideas helpful.

And please do add any ideas you may have in the comments below.

1) Oh, The Places You’ll Go!: This Dr. Seuss classic is a must for any graduate. A personalized note written in the front makes a cherished gift to encourage them onto their new adventure.

2) Organizational Accessories: Whether moving into a tight dorm, or an apartment getting organized is the key to success.

3) Mini Refrigerator/Freezer: A college kid has gotta eat, or at least have a stash for snacks. A mini fridge is a cool gift.

4) 36 Hours: 150 Weekends in the USA and Canada: This book is a great companion for weekend travel across the U.S. and Canada for the new adventurer.

5) ENO: We’ve shared about Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammocks once before, but we’re sharing it again, ENO’s are pretty darn cool. I’ve seen more than one student hang one beneath a lofted bed for extra, swingy seating that is easily removed, or under a shade tree to get some important napping reading done.

6) Throw Blanket: Most dorm rooms aren’t really known as the most temperature controlled spaces, so nice cozy blankets are a must.

7) Digital Reader: A reader is the perfect gift for the graduate that enjoys reading and plans on traveling. They’re small and light making it easy to tuck in a backpack.

8) Personal Vault: A small safe to keep valuable documents and other priceless things is a great gift that many don’t think about buying for themselves.

9) School Apparel: If the graduate is heading on to college, they need to be outfitted with the best collegiate gear. The college-bound graduate will love (and soon be hoarding) all kinds of their school’s accessories and clothes, sweatshirts and t -shirts are a must have and tend to be the daily uniform for college kids

10) Shower Speaker: If you think your graduate’s singing in the shower could use a little accompaniment (or drowning out) get them a cool music player/bluetooth thingy that’s waterproof. This one syncs with mobile devices for playing music and also answers phone calls.

11) Mini Speakers: We love this mini speaker for loud and clear sound. It’s the perfect size for small spaces, and highly portable too!

12) Portable Charger: Phones and laptops and readers, oh my! When the going gets tough and the charging outlets get gone, this mobile device charging accessory goes a long way.

13) Insulated Tumbler or Water Bottle: Sturdy (and cute) portable water bottles are great for staying hydrated while running around campus or while traveling to faraway lands.

14) Water Filtering Pitcher: All graduates need to be drinking their daily amount of clean fresh water to keep hydrated. This one is a smaller scale for tiny spaces.

15) Coffee Maker: College and coffee go together like … well I don’t know what, but college kids usually need caffeine. A mini version, like this Keurig, is always nice for small spaces.

Do you have any great ideas for graduate gifts? Do share!

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  1. 1


    We are at the age where most of our graduation announcements come from college grads. I have four of those and one high school. And I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out exactly what to get each one. Thanks for the ideas!

    One of my favorite go-to gifts for the female high school graduates is a monogrammed beach bag. They love it! Sometimes I stick a beach towel in there for good measure. 😉

  2. 3


    These are great ideas and a good range of prices, too. I was trying to think of something for both my baby sister and my cousin who are graduating high school in just a few days, and I think you just filled both of those.

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