I’d like for you to meet my skinny-ass sister (SAS for short), Carole.

(She might be long and lean but I can take her. I can take her in a skinny minute and she knows it.)

She’s smart, kind, beautiful, but best of all, she’s my sister. I love her and I know you will too. Right now she’s going to share a suggestion for the next time you’re out galavantin’ around. Take it away Carole…


This past spring we took off to the big city of Atlanta. In comparison to our small town of two stop lights, just driving around the city was a thrill for our three children. Our final destination, however, was the Georgia Aquarium. We’ve been eager to check it out since it opened a few years ago.

Georgia Aquarium

The aquarium is divided into five “galleries”: Ocean Voyager, Cold Water Quest, River Scout, Tropical Diver, and Georgia Explorer. Our first stop was Ocean Voyager, which by far was our favorite. Large tanks that rise from floor to ceiling make you feel like you’re in the ocean.

Georgia Aquarium

My daughter’s mouth literally dropped open as she gasped at the first sight of the enormous tank. Just her reaction made the trip worth the while. You should’ve seen our six year old we call him our “wee one.” He had his face smashed up to the first window, when a huge fish came around the corner and startled him. He jumped! I think for a moment he forgot he wasn’t in the fish tank and thought he was fish bait for sure! Our oldest son, age 12, was especially impressed with the four enormous whale sharks and the huge manta ray there in the Ocean Voyager gallery. I think it’s the largest in captivity in this hemisphere.

whale at the Georgia Aquarium

Other highlights were the beluga whales in the Cold Water Quest. They were breath-taking. And, if you’re not careful, you might just walk right by the garden eels in the Tropical Diver gallery, but don’t. They were my favorite.

This guy was cleaning the tank. What a cool job!

diver at whale at the Georgia Aquarium

For more information and a few hints for making the most of your trip, visit The Georgia Aquarium website. It’s a good idea to order your tickets ahead of time. You have to pick a time of arrival when you purchase tickets. I would suggest going with 9:00 a.m. – the earliest arrival time. That first hour before the crowds pick up is fantastic – plenty of room for the kids to smash their noses to the glass. We purchased the Premium Day Pass which includes general admission and Deepo’s Undersea 3D Wondershow. The kids enjoyed the show so it was worth the extra dollars. Not sure exactly how long the show lasted, but it seemed about 20 minutes or so.

Overall the aquarium doesn’t take a long time to go through, so take your time if you want to make a day of it. You can’t bring food in and you can’t leave for lunch and return. A cafeteria is available but I would recommend eating a big breakfast or be prepared for a late lunch after leaving the aquarium.

We had a fantastic time being under water explorers for the day and we didn’t even get wet! It was a great get-away. Fun and educational for all!

Safe travels!

– The SAS, Carole