A collection of sun and fun summer must-have accessories for the beach or pool.

Sun and Fun Summer Accessories

Yay for warmer weather! Yay for beach days, pool days, or maybe just sitting in the backyard and chilling days. To get you ready for sun and fun here’s a list of some perfect summer must-haves. Enjoy!

Portable Speakers – when you’re chilling (roasting?) on the beach, what could be better than being able to listen to your tunes via bluetooth! shown: Bose Soundlink Mini

Beach Towel – We love fun, cushy beach towels. The bigger the better! shown: Striped Beach Towel.

Sunscreen – We all know how important it is to protect your skin. There are many non-greasy formulas, great for protecting your skin. shown: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen

SPF Lip Balm – Protecting your skin is so important. Don’t forget your lips! Burnt lips are not a good thing. shown: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula SPF Lip Moisturizer

Big Sun Hat – Mysterious and smart. Mysterious because you can pretend to be someone famous or a spy, smart because it’s extra skin protection! Here’s a cute one: Straw Beach Hat

Cute Bathing Suit Cover Up – Because there’s probably a boardwalk … with ice cream and hot dogs and funnel cake and onion rings.

Insulated Cup or Water Bottle – One of the best ways to stay healthy, cool and lean in the sun all day is to be super hydrated! shown: Tervis Tumbler 16 oz. with Bohemian Flowers pattern

Sunglasses – Again, you could be a celebrity or a spy, but you should probably protect your eyes too. shown: Ray-Ban Original Aviators

Beach Bag – I like to tell myself that I’m not the only over-packer, so for the others out there, a super roomy tote bag, for every snack, sunscreen, or towel that anyone on the beach would ever need. Hat Attack Canvas Straw Tote (shown), Roxy Confetti Shoulder Bag, Roxy Mystic Beach Tote

Picnic/Cooler Bag – If you’re baking under the heat, your chilled drinks probably don’t stay chilled for long, so a fun and bright soft cooler is the perfect practical accessory to keep them chilling. shown: Picnic Plus Collapsible Cooler Tote (multiple patterns available)

Flip Flops – Hot sand. Asphalt sidewalks. Beach bathrooms. Enough said. shown: O’Neill Movement Flip-Flops (available in multiple colors)

Digital Reader – I love a hardcopy as much as the next guy, but the wind, water, sand and sun doesn’t. shown: Kindle Paperwhite

I hope this list of suggestions helps get you geared up for some sun and fun. Stay cool. And don’t forget the sunscreen!

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