Please welcome my daughter, Hope, again today as she shares about her latest discoveries in caring for fingernails. A few simple tips are always helpful. The simpler the better in my book. Take it away, Hope!

Let’s be honest, hardly anyone (if any) has perfect healthy nails. And I will wave my unmanicured hand in the air and state that mine are, well, pretty bad. My cuticles get very dry and when I’m anxious (prepping for college anyone?) I pick at my fingers which means, hello hangnails, splitting and those icky bleedy skin things. One of the only things I’ve found that helps is the combination of a fingernail polish made for strengthening nails, and a little obsessive moisturizing.

Simple Tips for Healthy Nails

I absolutely love this Sally Hanson Diamond Strength Nail Treatment. One, because it works. And two, because it’s not exactly a polish. after a few hours it soaks into your nail for sciency hardening purposes making it all smooth and shiny, but because it’s not sitting on the surface it feels more natural and you can’t peel it off. My biggest problem with other polishes, strengthening or otherwise, is that after a day, the tiniest chip will appear and unless every digit is somehow securely handcuffed, ALL the polish is gonna be picked, peeled or scraped off. This ends up doing more damage to the nails than in the first place. A little counter-productive isn’t it?

Part two of my healthy nail routine may seem a little weird but I would swear by it. Last winter my nails got even worse than usual because it was so dang cold and dry. I was desperate for a fix and every morning I woke up my nails seemed a little worse. So one night I smeared obscene amounts of hand cream on my fingers and slipped on a pair of super soft cotton gloves (I think they’re even infused with aloe) that I had received as a gift for Christmas. I slept all night with them on (it was actually pretty comfy) and come morning my cuticles looked much better, my nails had not split, plus my whole hand was much softer. This moisturizing glove thing became a regular part of my nighttime routine and I have continued it consistently for months now.

Separately, these two powerhouse techniques can really help your nails, but together they can transform your hands from scratchy and irritating to hand model levels of natural awesomeness. I hope you find these tips as helpful as I have.

Wishing you healthy and happy nails!

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