Thank you for visiting. This series has ended.

Hello everyone! It’s time for the linking up your shots for the 6th Share the Shot, orange. At the very end of this post is the linkup for you to share your html link to your results from this orange assignment. Can’t wait to see what you’ve seen orange.

This linkup will be left open for two (2) weeks this time around. You’ll have until have until late Monday night, April 9, 2012 to link up your orange photos. Things have been crazy busy around here. Spring is springing, man!

One note: Check to make sure your link works after linking up below. We all want to be able to see everyone’s creations.

Before you link up your orange, the following will be …

The 6th assignment is…


Create your interpretation, usage, or pink inspirations.

Remember to have fun with it. And NO STRESS ALLOWED.

Again, there will be a new, separate post with a new linkup for the pink theme that begins Tuesday, April 10, 2012. But THIS week the linkup below is for the orange assignment, and will be live until the new pink linkup begins in 2 weeks. Make sense?

Thanks for sharing! If you have any questions about how Share the Shot works the details are below, but if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to leave a question in the comments below.

Here’s how Share the Shot works:

  • Periodically a new photo theme will be posted. A specified amount of time will be given for making photos before the new assignment link goes live for anyone who wants to participate, from the beginner to the experienced, to link to their photo(s). It can be one single photo, a series of photos, or photo album.
  • You don’t have to have a website to participate. You can link from another html, maybe a site where you store your photos, like Flickr. Really, any way you can share an html link (as long as it’s proper for all audiences) should work. Be sure to make sure your link works and links to your photo(s) so we can all view them.
  • You don’t have to be a professional with a fancy camera either. I’m hoping some younger, brand spanking new photographers may join in too. I know I’ll be encouraging my son and daughter to participate. And I’m looking forward to seeing some phone photography too, or whatever you call that.
  • If you can’t participate each time, that’s fine too. Join in when you can. It’s not intended to be a stressor, but a fun activity to help get you motivated to make new pictures.

Now for your orange inspired photos. Please linkup below.