I could use your help.

We’ve been in our home for over 5 years now, and everywhere I look, I see projects yet done. One being this inexpensive side board and china cabinet set that I picked up at a furniture consignment store for about $200-300 dollars. The pieces are nothing fancy. They really need some help, but I liked the details and traditional lines.

***Please note: After reading a few comments below, I thought I’d add that I when we originally cleaned up the furniture we lightly sanded it using a very fine steel wool, followed with a couple of applications of one of our favorite furniture refinishing products, Restor-A-Finish. In addition we had to glue some veneer back in places. It helped somewhat, but the veneer is pretty past it’s prime. You can see how the veneer is buckled and raised on the drawer fronts on the sideboard piece, which is just one of the areas. To properly refinish it would require a lot of work, and more than likely an experienced professional. The pieces are just not worth that much (both purchased for around $300 total … for both).***



I cleaned them up a bit and planned on refinishing them once we were settled.

I think we may be settled now.

There are no more excuses except for the fact that I can’t decide what to do with them. The wood is cheap veneer. I’ve concluded that painting seems to be the best solution, but do you think I can decide on a color? I walk in the room, stare, then walk away avoiding a decision. Avoidance. That’s what it is.

At least I’ve started a Pinterest board of things that have caught my eye. Pinterest sure does come in handy when working on projects, doesn’t it?

Anyway, I was hoping to get your input. I can’t decide. So, would ya help me? Could ya? Purty please?

The low down:

  • Our dining room is pretty neutral: dark wood floors and dining table, natural linen covered parsons chairs, pale blue/grey walls, white trim. Pretty basic.
  • The pieces need to be spiffed up, and I’d like to add some interest with the finish. But I’m thinking I can’t go crazy with color. I always play it safe and choose neutral grey, black, or dark browns. Would a red or other strong color be too much on two fairly large pieces like these in the same room? I like the red. But the red is … red.
  • Here’s the Pinterest board I just started of some ideas that I am drawn to. You’ll see I’m leaning towards the neutrals/greys. I always migrate to the neutrals. Help.

Do you have any ideas and/or pictures to share? Please do.

Thank you in advance for any input. I do appreciate it very much.


Love ya bunches! xoxoxo