Millions and millions of people have visited the Golden Gate Bridge. Tons of people drive over it every day as part of their daily routine. So a few weeks ago when we saw it for the first time in real life I wasn’t expecting too much.

It’s a bridge. A big bridge. A big bridge painted a pretty color in a hip city.

But boy was I surprised.

If you’re never seen it in person before, it’s huge. Huge. After growing up always seeing the Golden Gate Bridge in pictures and movies (anyone remember the intro to “Full House”?), I wasn’t quite prepared for the scale. Pictures don’t convey the size well. It’s a big booger.

I know all of y’all out there that have seen it in person are just cracking up at me, but for real, it’s an amazing engineering feat. A marvel indeed.

If this gives you any idea…look here’s a delivery truck.

And here on the ridge of this hill are people. People, people.

Speaking of walking, one of my good friends, Denise, says her great, great grandmother Carrie Elisabeth Sayre Adkins, was the first woman to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. That would’ve been cool huh?

What really impressed upon was the fact that it was built long before modern technology. I mean there are certainly bigger bridges now – more elaborate ones today. But this one was built without all the help of innovative machines, computers, etc. that we have today. Sure machines and tools were used but nothing like what is used in industry these days.

Can you just imagine the hundreds of thousands of calculations that had to be done in the planning stages alone?

(Sorry for the photo quality. These were taken through a car window, so ick.)

The Golden Gate is an incredible accomplishment. With all of the special effects we’re exposed to daily, and space age technology that most of us use, I think we’ve become so desensitized by truly remarkable things. This bridge was built with ingenuity, braun and determination.

For me our visit to the Golden Gate was a great reminder to me that we’re created to create – to create and to work. The Golden Gate inspired me to look beyond what I think my limits are. It’s a great example of what can be achieved with thought, study, discipline, hard work and a lot of creativity.

Yes, I was impressed.

Have you seen anything marvelous lately? Anything that tickled your fancy? Something that impressed you to bits? I can’t wait to hear about it.