I’m not a big make-up girl. And the good Lord only knows the last time I had a manicure. But when it comes to my hair, I’m a little freaky. After a color and cut mishap many years ago, I leave all color and cutting to my hair stylist Jennifer G. at To Dye For. She rocks, man. She’s the one who helped my hair recover, and since, I’ve never let another soul touch it. Jennifer, I hope we never have to part. Please don’t ever leave me. Please? Ever.

That said, with exception to a few splurges every now and then, I can pretty much find all of my cosmetic needs at Target or any drugstore. I’m a one stop shopping kind of girl. But a few months back while getting my hair done, Jennifer whipped out a bottle of some new stuff to do her magic. Some good smelling new stuff. Don’t put anything that smells like food on my hair, but fresh, clean, subtle fragrances make me happy.

Immediately I asked about the product. It was a hair care product line called Alterna that they just started carrying. I was sold right away on purchasing some Life Solutions Volumizing Gel Spray as I was out and needed some anyway. Who knew you could buy life’s solutions in a bottle? Who knew.

This volumizing spray is not only fresh smelling, but light and not sticky. And my hair needs as much volumizing as it can get. I already have a large cranium and a giant face, so anything else to balance the bottom half of my body is good with me. It’s all about proportions people.

While checking out that day I purchased the volumizing spray and was handed a scratch and win card for a promotion that was running. I hit the jackpot. With the scratch and win card I won Alterna’s Caviar Anti-Aging Styling Tonic. Life solutions and anti-aging all in the same day? And when I left the house that morning I was just expecting a good hair cut and some pretty highlights.

Actually, from what I understand, the Caviar Anti-Aging line is not just for those advancing in years, but for hair that “has been damaged by life’s daily stresses, environmental factors, chemical services and premature aging.” All that in one bottle and it smells wonderful too.

A few weeks later, my husband and I were in line at Panera for lunch. I heard a sniffing sound nearby. Someone really had an allergy problem. There it is was again. It was my husband. He was standing rather close smelling my hair. And not in a subtle way. Next thing I knew he had his face in the back of my hair and we were in public! In the daytime!

“What is wrong with you?” I said.

“Your hair, it smells so good,” he replied in between sniffs.

“You goofball. We’re in a restaurant and that woman over there is staring,” I retorted.

“But gee, your hair smells terrific,” he snickered.

It smells that good.

Now, while I adore the fragrance, this stuff works too. It’s light and doesn’t make my hair feel like I’ve got a bunch of stuff in it. And according to the bottle, and Alterna’s website, it’s splendiferous for your hair. (That means great.)

It’s not what I consider cheap (over $20 a bottle), but I’ve been using this every day since mid October and still have over half remaining. You do the math. Usually after using a product for a while I’m ready to try something different, but the only new thing I’ll be trying is maybe another one of their products.

Check ’em out here. Your hair will be happy you did. And if you’re in the Greenville, SC area and need a good cut or color, give Jennifer G. at To Dye For a call. She knows her stuff.

Have you discovered any new products you’d like to share? Tell us all about it – I need all the help I can get.