I’ve had this apple cutter slicer thingy for a few years. They’re pretty common. I’m sure most of you own one. This one was picked up a couple of years ago at IKEA for a few bucks and has been resting in the back of a drawer, unused ever since…until yesterday.


A few days ago I finally found some honey crisp apples at a local grocer. They’re my favorite and hard to find in this neck of the woods so I snagged some up. They’re crunchy and juicy and oh so sweet.


While digging through a kitchen drawer for something else, I spied the apple cutter thingy, which I had totally forgotten I purchased. I don’t know why I’ve never used it. I like my knives. I’ve tried many other choppers, and cutting gadgets over the years, but other than my food processor, I tend to fall back on my favorite knives. It’s just quicker and easier for me.

Except for this thing. This thing works. Even my inexpensive one from IKEA. It’s amazing.

Now I have no excuse for not eating more apples. Suppose I better head out to hunt down some more honey crisp.

So what’s your favorite type of apple? And do you have a favorite kitchen gadget to tell us all about?