lazy chicken recipeEver have one of those nights when you’re too pooped to mess with an elaborate dinner? Or maybe it’s been one of those days and you forgot (again, if you’re like me) to take meat out to thaw in time? Been there. Done that.

Well here’s one solution. I just tried an easy chicken recipe that I found at Tasty Kitchen. It’s called Lazy Chicken, and uses frozen chicken pieces and some seasonings to make dinner stress free. I wrote all about Lazy Chicken over at Tasty Kitchen, where you’ll find a full tutorial on prepping the recipe.

This is easy stuff friends. Definitely one to have in your back pocket. And it’s simple enough for the kids to prepare. For real.

So stop by Tasty Kitchen and check it out. And while you’re at it, you might find some other tasty grub. Tasty Kitchen is a treasure trove of recipes from all kinds of folk. You can even join in on the fun and submit your own recipes too! You know you’ve got a few yummy ones to share. And Tasty Kitchen is free with no crazy hoops to jump through.

Hope to see you over at Tasty Kitchen!