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We’ve all seen the horrific pictures. The pictures of sadness, sorrow, and loss.

The pictures that make us sit and stare, wondering what in the world that must be like for all those found homeless in a matter of moments.

The pictures that are difficult to square with your mind that it isn’t a movie. It’s real.

Very real.

As we all continue to pray for Japan and all of those affected by the earthquake, and following tsunami, we can help. There are organizations all over taking donations in to send relief and help of all kinds to Japan.

One, called For Japan With Love, started by bloggers Ever Ours and Utterly Engaged, donates Shelter Boxes to those in need. Shelter Box is an organization that provides, boxes containing a tent, water, cooking supplies, a basic tool kit, a kids activity pack and other vital items.

Donations are accepted here. Please help spread the word too.