Sharing some of my Favorite Wardrobe Essentials for Fall and Winter.fall wardrobe

Currently I’m in the middle of updating my wardrobe for fall and winter. There are just a few items I’m trying to hunt down to freshen things up a bit. I always think it’s a good idea to have a basic wardrobe of classic, timeless pieces (like jeans) and then be able to change things up with just a few new pieces each season.

Pinterest has been a great place to find inspiration as well as Polyvore. It’s so handy to find great outfits on Pinterest or create your own fashion boards on Polyvore (where I created the set above) that can be easily referenced while out shopping, because most of the time, when I enter a store my mind goes blank. Totally blank. Just like that. Distracted by the bright lights and people and all of the sparkly things, I totally forget what I’m there to find. I usually end up buying something black and then leaving, but Pinterest and Polyvore have helped push me beyond the black hole of what has been my wardrobe.

Of course I can’t forget StitchFix either. I just received my first “fix” this past week. If you’ve never heard of StitchFix, it’s basically like having a personal shopper. You fill out a personal style profile, schedule when you’d like a fix, and if there is anything specific you’re in need of, and then wait for the package to arrive. You can send back anything you don’t want, only paying for what you keep. It’s a pretty nifty idea, if you ask me. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as it’s always been difficult to find things that fit correctly, so I totally expected to have to return everything. But I was surprised! Everything fit, and I ended up keeping 2 out of the 5 items, and scheduled another “fix” for November. It sure beats dealing with all the bright lights and people and stuff … plus the gas and parking … I think it’s really going to be handy online service for me. Check it out and see for yourself.

One of the items I did keep from StitchFix was a black wrap dress, which I think is a current basic essential for any woman’s wardrobe. It’s such great shape for most women, and can be dressed up or down making it a flexible wardrobe piece. In addition to a basic black wrap dress, I wanted to share some of my Favorite Wardrobe Basics for Fall and Winter that I think are must-haves. Some of these I’ve been gradually adding over the past few years, others are new this year, and still others I’m still trying to find.

Favorite Wardrobe Essentials for Fall and Winter List (in no particular order):
(To reference exact items in image above go to the set I created in Polyvore, or check out the links below for similar items found on

checked or gingham button down
white button down
simple t-shirts or lightweight sweaters for layering in red, grey, black, and a bright color, like royal blue
black or navy lightweight cardigan
black or navy vest
black or navy blazer
black trousers
great fitting jeans
classic trench
black wrap dress
aviator sunglasses
gold hoops earrings
leather band watch
plaid scarf
red or bright happy colored scarf
brown leather bag
black or dark brown wedge booties
black pumps
black casual (and comfy!) wedges
brown or caramel wedges
leopard flats
tan/brown driving moccasins or loafers
and of course, a comfy pair of tennis shoes (gotta have those!)


Happy shopping, y’all!

fall wardrobe basics

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