Instead of a normal evening of firefly rustling, frog gigging, or sitting around eating bonbons, we headed out one night last week for some English Country Dancing. Our church gym was the place to be last Tuesday night, let me tell ya. A local dance group graciously offered to come teach a night of this old form of folk dancing.

All ages showed up for a fun filled time.

If you’ve never heard of English Country Dancing, or Contra Dancing, you may have seen it in movies like Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, or Emma.

It’s fun stuff y’all, otherwise people would’ve stopped doing it a long time ago. Documented as early as the late 16th century people have been meeting for English Country Dancing as a social outlet. I can just imagine someone sitting around saying “Earl there seem to be no more frogs left to gig, so shall we dance?”

It’s very much like square dancing without all of the hee-hawing around.

Everyone had a blast.

There was spinning.

And clapping.

And more clapping.

And some more spinning.

And a lot of smiling and laughing going on.

And look at these guys.

Not sure if you can tell, but they’re airborne! It’s like a sport, only with cool music.

Nothing like a night of good clean fun with friends and family.

English Country Dancing or Contra Dancing organizations are popping up all around. There could be a group in your area saving a spot just for you. So, maybe next time you’re all out of things to do and the bonbons are all gone, look for a local dance group and get to dancing.

Here are a few links I found with listing by state of English Country/Contra Dancing groups.

English Country Dancing around the U.S.

Contra Dance in the U.S., Canada and the World

Happy dancing y’all!