Eleuthera Bahamas is an island destination perfect for a quiet vacation with family or friends.

Eleuthera Bahamas

I have a secret.


Actually, I hesitate. On one hand I want to shout if from the rooftops. On the other hand, I don’t want to tell a soul. It’s our favorite vacation spot, Eleuthera Bahamas.

Eleuthera is one of the out islands of The Bahamas. Even though it’s the next island over east of Nassau, Eleuthera is worlds apart from the bustling, loud, touristy, cruise ship pit stop neighbor to the west.

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Quiet and laid back, you’ll find no amusement parks, mini golf and little to no nightlife on Eleuthera. Eleuthera is all about being in and around beautiful, crystal blue water teeming with colorful sea life and warming your feet in pink sand.

Eleuthera Bahamas Vacation

Our children were amazed watching starfish in their habitat. Starfish, sea turtles and other creatures can be discovered all over the island.

Eleuthera Bahamas snorkeling

The word “Eleuthera” is Greek and means freedom, which is certainly what you feel when you visit the island.

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We rent a car for our stay and drive all over the island exploring different beaches. We like to call it “beach hopping.”

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For a small island with no night life, Eleuthera offers quite a variety of things to see.

eleuthera island

Gorgeous coral and rock formations can be found on the windward side of the island to explore.

Eleuthera Bahamas Family Travel

A few minutes away by car is the calm leeward side with wonderful spots to snorkel right off the shore.

Eleuthera Bahamas Beach

You will find everything from soft pink sand bottoms, to grass flats, to pretty rock formations.

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The people of Eleuthera are wonderful too. They’re friendly and eager to help find the perfect fishing or snorkeling spot.

Eleuthera Bahamas

These precious girls were so friendly. Love those colorful uniforms. They match the sea!

One of the most important things we like about Eleuthera is that there is very little crime. The island has a real small town feel.

Eleuthera Bahamas Vacation

It’s always surprising that for such a lovely place, there are very few tourists. Visit one of the island’s most popular beaches, and if you see more than 10 people on a 1/2 mile stretch of pink sand, it’s a busy day.

Eleuthera Bahamas Vacation

Eleuthera is surprisingly affordable. We’ve found it to be less expensive or comparable to many vacation destinations in the U.S. And if you can redeem some of those airline miles like we did, all the better.

Eleuthera Bahamas Travel

We’ve enjoyed three vacations on Eleuthera so far and hope to visit again. Our children are just as fond of the island and always look forward to returning. It’s holds a bit of our hearts.

For more information about Eleuthera, here’s the official Bahamas tourism link:

Eleuthera, Bahamas: The Official Site of the Bahamas

Do you have any favorite vacations destinations you can share? Do aqua blue waters call your name? Do you like fluffy snow capped mountains? Or maybe the bustling city full of life is your thing?

Originally posted February 17, 2010. Updated May 7, 2015.