We have company coming into town tomorrow, so we’re sprucing up things here and there. As I was staring at my dining room table a moment ago trying to decide what I could throw together as a last minute centerpiece, I turned around to enjoy what is now one of my favorite Christmas decorations. The tree that holds the vintage Christmas ornaments that my mother-in-law passed on to me from her mother. They are precious and I hope one day to pass them on to my grandchildren.

I posted about these last year when I first began displaying them on a make shift tree (Read below and you’ll see what I mean.), and thought I’d re-post as a last minute idea for decorating if you’ve got a bare spot you wanna do something with before company arrives. You could do the same thing for a New Year’s Eve Party, using paper cut snowflakes or party horns instead of ornaments. Let me know if you do and send a picture if you take one. I’d love to see it.

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

While many of our boxes of Christmas decorations headed back to the attic unopened this year, these vintage ornaments were one of the first things I snagged.

Old glass ornaments are a favorite of mine. Over the years we’ve been privileged to inherit many from family members. Last year I was excited to receive a box of ornaments from my husbands grandmother that had recently passed away. Each ornament shows a different mini scene.

I just adore them. Lovely patina. So whimsical.

A little glitter and old pipe cleaners add that special touch.

I can just imagine my mother-in-law and her brother sitting around their family tree as little ones watching the glimmer from these ornaments.

So I decided to display them in a special way. A branch from a tree, spray painted ever so slightly with white paint is now the perfect home to showcase these family treasures. (For those interested in trying this at home, the branch is stuck in styrofoam that is secured in a planter. The styrofoam is concealed with other small Christmas ornaments, but moss or fabric would work great too.)

It’s always fun to add something new to the regular Christmas decor.

So what have you done differently this year with your decorations? Any fun new ideas you can share with the rest of us?