When it comes to Christmas traditions in the kitchen, they don’t have to be complicated or fussy. It’s more about spending time with family and friends while creating memories and making some tasty treats, and what’s better than making Christmas Cookies?


This Christmas cookie decorating idea is a tradition that my good friend, Denise, shared with me last weekend. She and her daughter, Carrie, came over to show me how they decorate sugar cookies every year with special paint. This simple and fun cookie decorating technique has become a family tradition that Denise’s mother started many years ago. This tradition is truly simple and sweet.

You’ll need a basic sugar cookie dough (we used the Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix and it worked just great, just don’t tell anyone and they’ll never know), egg yolks, food coloring, sugar sprinkles (optional), cookie cutters and small paint brushes.


Begin by preparing the paints. The paints are just an egg yolk and a few drops of food coloring. So easy. In a small bowl (one for each color) place one egg yolk and a few drops of food coloring of choice. Mix well. Repeat for each color. Set aside.


Next roll out the sugar cookie dough and begin cutting out shapes. Carrie was all ready to go.


Here we go!


Carrie was all business cuttin’ out cookies.

carriescookies4All about the cookie cutting. She was a cookie cutting machine. Cookie cuttin’ Carrie.


Hey Carrie! All work and no play make for a dull cookie. Let’s chat.

So…Carrie…what d’ya think about those reindeer kissing on your shirt?


Don’t wanna talk about kissing and yucky stuff like that?

K…then what’s your favorite cookie cutter shape?


A stocking. Good choice. Wonder what you’ll get in your stocking?


Yeah, I see your wheels turning Carrie.

Now back to work!

Wow, Carrie. That’s a lot of cookies. You could work for the big man himself.


Now for the fun part. The painting.


Be sure to use a separate brush for each color or you may end up with a lot of brown cookies. I like brown. Brown is good. But if you’re wanting your angel to be majestic, I think yellow or red would be a better choice. But that’s just my opinion. If you want a brown angel, go for it. Let the Picasso inside flow. Want a blue Christmas tree? That’s fine too. Rebel.


You can also add sprinkles for a little sparkle. You like sparkle, don’t ya Carrie? I can just tell. You sparkly girl you.


Whoa! You rock Carrie. If anyone out there is needing a cookie-cutter-outer and a cookie decorator, I’ll hook ya up.


When finished painting all of your cookies, bake according to recipe directions.

Aren’t they cute. And tasty too!


And don’t forget easy. Easy peasy. Try it yourself. It’s good sweet fun.


So what traditions in the kitchen can you share with us this Christmas?