Create your own camera bag with this handy Camera Bag Insert.

Convert a Tote into a Camera Bag

I don’t know about you, but I have this thing with bags. I can never seem to find the perfect one for the perfect function. Especially when traveling. And most especially when traveling with my camera equipment. Even though there are so many fashionable camera bags available these days, I can’t justify spending a little bundle for yet another specialty bag when I know how fickle my bag preferences can be from one outing to the next.

But I’ve found a solution for that.

It’s this camera bag insert thingy.

Convert a Tote into a Camera BagConvert a Tote into a Camera BagConvert a Tote into a Camera BagConvert a Tote into a Camera Bag

At around $30, it’s inexpensive and can turn any purse or tote bag (that’s large enough to hold it) into a camera bag. I’ve been able to use it with many of the shoulder bags that I already owned. And it’s fun to shop in the clearance aisle for fun colored bags now that I can use as a camera bag and not worry about investing a bunch in something that I may only use a few times.

The insert just slips right down into a bag. It has padded sections that are adjustable. I’ve been able to fit my DSLR, along with a honking big lens, a spare lens, and battery charger in this one just fine. This insert comes in tan (it says olive, but it’s really tan) and couple of other colors. I’ve also seen other inserts similar to this one that are available in other colors and sizes too. I’m thinking about getting another one sized to fit in my smaller purses.

It’s handy dandy, is what it is. It sure is.

Here’s a link for the one I own: DSLR Camera Insert

And another link for a similar one: Jill-E E-GO Camera Insert Bag

Happy shopping!  And happy shooting too!

Convert a Tote into a Camera Bag