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Asian Peppercorn TenderloinSchool is back in session. And after a week of getting back into routines, running around for last minute supplies and school meetings, by the time supper rolls around, something quick and easy is certainly welcomed.

Recently I received some recipes from Hormel® along with coupons to try their Always Tender® pork tenderloins. Pork tenderloin is a regular menu item in our home. They’re simple to prepare, and lean too. Perfect for those nights when everyone (including me – especially me) is pooped, and just wants to eat supper and chill.

So when the recipes arrived I was interested to see what they had come up with, and was happy to find a wide variety of recipes to satisfy any taste bud. I scanned the recipes from Hormel® and decided to try the Spicy Asian Peppercorn Tenderloin. With a few simple ingredients and a tasty peppercorn flavored tenderloin, supper was on the table in no time.

I began with a mix of a few ingredients. This one, chili pepper garlic sauce, has a spicy kick that’s just fine with me.

Good stuff.

Just whisk all the ingredients together.

The Hormel® recipe instructed to coat the tenderloin with the spicy mixture, and then use it to baste the tenderloin during baking. I didn’t want to mess with basting (I like to break the rules like that), so I just coated the pork tenderloin in the spicy mixture, put in on the baking sheet, and poured a little more of the mixture over the tenderloin before baking.

Asian Peppercorn TenderloinThat’s it. Nothing complicated. Nothing time consuming.

Served alongside rice and some sugar snap peas, the pork tenderloin was a no fuss meal perfect for a tasty end to a busy day.

Asian Peppercorn Tenderloin

Check out this recipe and many more at Hormel®‘s recipe site where you’ll find a wide variety to choose from.

How would you like to try Hormel® Always Tender pork tenderloins?

Just leave a comment telling about your favorite pork tenderloin recipe, or choose one from Hormel’s recipe files. One person will be chosen to receive $20 worth of Hormel® Always Tender® or Natural Choice® product coupons to create their own deliciousness at home. Winner will be chosen and announced Monday, August 23, 2010 from comments received before 12 midnight PST, Sunday, August 22, 2010.


We have a winner!

Eliana who said… “Hmmm – I am a huge pork lover especially when it’s seasoned in a way that will pack a big punch.  This one loks excellent.”

Congratulations Eliana. I’ll be contacting you about your prize.


(Hormel® sent me product coupons and recipes so I could try their Always Tender® pork tenderloins, as well as providing the product coupons for one lucky and hungry reader. No other compensation in any way was paid for this post.)