I know I’m not the only one who wants to move to every place she visits, Medford, Oregon is no exception. Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting the Medford area and the nice folks at Harry and David. After receiving a batch of Cherry Oh! Cherries some weeks back, I was excited to see where they originated before arriving at my door.

Left to right: Maria, Sandy, Rebecca, Kristen, Jenna, Rachel, Lori, Jessica, Heidi, Me, and Bridget
(Group picture courtesy of Sandy.)

I wasn’t alone. As part of a group of food writers, I toured Harry and David orchards, their chocolate factory, as well as friend’s of Harry and David, Rogue Creamery and Ledger David Cellars. We had a splendid time enjoying fantastic food in good company. Many laughs were had.

I had no idea that Harry and David grows and harvests much of the produce that is delivered to happy recipients and has for years, particularly their special Comice pear, the Royal Riviera. Matt Borman, Harry and David’s horticulturist, showed us their pear orchards, and told us about the tons of pears harvested each year. Gorgeous hills full of fruit.

How fun would it be to be there during harvest to watch and learn?

We were all excited to visit the main Harry and David headquarters. As with the pear orchards, I was surprised to find that Harry and David make many of the confections they offer. They even have their own chocolate factory. And they have their own Charlie. No joke. Charlie heads up the Harry and David chocolate factory. He’s been with Harry and David for over 30 years creating goodness that we’ve all enjoyed, like Harry and David’s fabulous Moose Munch.

Heidi, Lori, Charlie and Bridget watching Moose Munch mixing away.

Fresh popped corn, churning with butter and other goodness. We were all mesmerized by the Moose Munch process, watching over and over again batches being churned out. It was like a really good movie, with the best popcorn ever!

While at the Harry and David headquarters, we also tried our hand at chocolate egg decorating, as well as putting a Harry and David basket together to see how it’s done. I had a little too much fun. I think we all did. Many thanks to Harry and David for hosting us and treating us to such a lovely visit.

Also if you’re ever in the Medford, Oregon area, be sure to check for tours at Harry and David. Maybe you’ll even see Charlie! And don’t forget to consider a Harry and David gift basket or their special gift towers as a gift option for the upcoming holiday seasons. (Don’t tell, but I got a sneak peak at the new designs. You’ll be pleased with what they have to offer!)

(My trip to Oregon was sponsored and all costs covered by Harry and David, but as always, all opinions here are my own.)