You don’t always have to go on an expensive trip to have fun. Here’s an idea…

My parents live on a tidal creek in the low country. While there for a visit we decided to pull out our metal detector and go on a little adventure, hunting for treasure. Sharecroppers used to farm the land they now live on and we took a stroll through the woods to see what we might find.


(That’s my son and Nana over there in the woods.)

Our search turned up a lot of what some may consider trash but it was fun for us to see all the different kitchen ware, pieces of old kitchen stoves, farming implements and other unknown metal parts among a plethora of bottles. (They be some drinkin’ goin’ on up next to that there crik.) We had fun conjuring up what our mystery findings might be and it was neat to think of the people who lived there long ago and what it must have been like. I’m sure we’ll trek back to that spot and others close by on our next trip.


Metal detecting has been around for a long time. We’ve all seen the hard core treasure hunters (you may even be one yourself!) who find incredible riches. We’ve found all of about $1.75 in coins and mostly pennies, but for us it’s not about ultimate riches. It’s about the search and spending time together. Of course, there’s always the hope that we’ll find some long lost artifact that the Smithsonian would love to acquire.


If you’re thinking about a metal detecting outing, there are many sites online for tips and pointers. For example, did you know that detectors detect better and deeper when the ground is wet? Also, be sure to get permission from property owners before hunting on their land.


Another fun idea if you have kids (or if your spouse is really bored) is to hide your own treasure of sorts on your own property, giving clues or even a map to help discover the treasure. Can you imagine how long a handful of quarters would keep ’em busy and away from the TV? What a great birthday party idea.

Happy hunting! Let me know if you find anything exciting.