As summer slips away and fall inches it’s way in, I’ve noticed several plants really thriving, just blooming away. So I decided to take a walk about the yard with camera in tow to catch the last blooms of the year.

I like taking pictures of flowers. They always smile and stand perfectly still, usually.


Here’s a Purple Coneflower (Echinacea purpurea – Asteraceae) our first bloom of the year.


We started these from seed so I’m guessing that’s why they’re a little slow in blooming but I’m grateful for any length of bloom time – they’re beautiful. Next year they should prove to be a show stopper for sure.


Look at this little cutie. This is a Golden Guardian Marigold (Tagetes patula Golden Guardian) that has thrived beyond belief. I’m not a big marigold fan. They’re usually hard and stiff lipped looking for me but these look more like a friendly petite daisy. A friend shared some of these seeds with me to help keep the bugs out of my garden. I’m so glad she did because not only did they combat the bugs, with the heat and lack of rain they’ve grown just beautifully. And their color is a perfect welcome for fall.


These will last into early-mid fall but since they’re an annual I will be sad to see them fade. But… I have pictures! And I will plant these again next year. They were easy and hearty and happy.


Now this, this is a strange one. It’s called an Angel’s Trumpet Ballerina Purple (Datura metel Ballerina Purple). An exotic, tropical looking plant that my son wanted to try to grow from seed. Well it grew – about 5′ tall! And is still covered with new buds and these interesting looking fruits (not for eating!) that can be used in fresh or dried flower arrangements.


Aren’t they just the coolest? Look at the dark purple stalk… so dramatic.


This is one of my most favoritist-of-all-time flowers, the hydrangea. We planted these about a year and a half ago, so they’re just getting going. We have four different varieties of hydrangea in our yard (did I tell you that it’s my favorite?) but these are Endless Summer.


The blue is so vibrant. I can hardly stand not to go ahead and cut them for an arrangement… maybe I’ll wait one more day.

So what did you grow this year that worked? Or didn’t? What are you planning to try next growing season?

Happy End of Summer! Hooray for fall!

*First day of fall is September 22.*