The Angel Oak, located on Johns Island near Charleston, South Carolina is a lovely place to visit with family.

Down a sandy road, outside of Charleston, SC, on John’s Island lives a majestic tree, the Angel Oak tree. It’s a huge tree. Thought to be one of the oldest things, if not the oldest – living or man made – east of the Rockies, the tree boasts nearly 25 feet around in girth, and is said to be possibly over 1500 years old.

angel oak tree

Earlier this week we stopped by on our way out of town to see the old lady. I haven’t been for a visit under her welcoming arms since a child, and this was my children’s first visit.

largest oak tree oak tree

It might be called Angel Oak, but I think it looks more like a wild sea creature that has crawled out of the Charleston Harbor to take a rest.

angel oak charleston sc

The long arms wind in and out, some even going into the ground to rise again. Below my mother is telling the children to try to see the wild shapes and faces in the trunk of the tree. They sure are trying hard enough.

family travel

The Angel Oak is a little crippled in places, being helped along like an old woman might be at the ripe old age of 1500, but she’s still beautiful nonetheless.

old oak in sc

I wonder what stories she might tell. What storms she’s weathered. What droughts she’s thirsted through. She’s a tough old thing.

angel oak tree

If you’re ever in the Charleston, SC area, plan a trip out to say hello (or “hey!” as we say in the South) to the old gal. There is no admission, but, because she is a protected treasure, as she should be, there are hours of operation.

For more information on this majestic old tree, visit The Angel Oak website.