Woo hoo! It’s Super Bowl week and we’re gearing up for a get together to cheer on our favorite teams, and, of course, to watch the fun, new commercials. We’re preparing with a healthier Super Bowl Menu.

Last week I  mentioned planning a healthier game-time menu. Thanks for your many tips and suggestions! As I also mentioned, Pepperidge Farm® sent me their new Baked Naturals® Cracker Chips to include in our party menu. I was happy to find they have 50% less fat per serving than the leading potato chip. That’s pretty good. They’re missing a bunch of the fat, but not taste, so naturally they fit right in with our game-time spread. They’re crispy, and crunchy and perfect for healthier dips and spreads. Two which I included below.

We usually have a few friends over, mostly kids, so I’m planning a finger food, kid-friendly menu, but adult-pleasing with healthier options for all of us to enjoy the party without concern that we’re eating a bunch of junk. Here, let me share our menu, plus some simple tips for creating a healthier spread for game night.

Our Super Bowl menu:

Baked/Roasted Chicken Wings We enjoy these chicken wings so much, and no frying is involved. They’re easy to prep and pop in the oven hours before the game begins, so you can focus on getting other things ready.

White Bean Garlic Spread and/or Black Bean Dip served with Pepperidge Farms® Baked Naturals® Simply Multi-Grain Cracker Chips and chopped veggies. Both have a healthy base of beans and are packed with flavor. Make the day ahead and refrigerate.

Roasted Nuts Almonds, Pecans Pistachios are a few favorites. Nuts are filling and, when enjoyed in moderation, full of good nutrients. Purchase your favorite roasted nuts at your local grocery or toast your own. My friend Robyn, from Add a Pinch has a great recipe for Roasted Pecans that you can use with many other nut varieties.

Fruit Smoothies We’re stocked up on frozen fruit, so making batches of smoothies to order will be easy. I’ll set up a smoothie bar with a variety of fruits, and nuts to choose from. How about creating a Giants Blueberry Bomb, or a Patriots Strawberry Spiral for fun? Here are two basic smoothie recipes I like to use: Blueberry Coconut Smoothie and a Rhubarb Strawberry Smoothie. Easily substitute your favorite fruits in the same amounts

A few healthy game-night tips:

  • For portion control, use small cups with crackers and nuts already portioned out on a platter to avoid grazing.
  • Opt for water flavored with fresh fruit and fun straws instead of sugary drinks.
  • Prepare dishes that you can make ahead to not only help minimize the rushing around, but also avoid resorting to grabbing a bunch of junk food at the last minute.

Now I’m getting excited for the big game. Are you? I hope so, and I hope, whoever you may be rooting for, that you and yours have a wonderful night!

And if you have any recipes or tips to share, please do so in the comments below.

Go team!

I am being compensated by Pepperidge Farm® for my time and materials used in the Pepperidge Farm® Baked Naturals® Cracker Chips menu challenge.