If you we’re to walk in my bathroom right now, you’d find this lipstick smiley face on my mirror,  probably along with a pile of dirty clothes too. I’m a scatter brain a lot of the time. Always have been. Lately it seems to be more frequent. If you haven’t read this yet, here’s proof. Let’s hope it’s just a phase that will pass on by, and quick!

This little lipstick smiley face is a friendly reminder for me to take my vitamins.

I can’t remember for the life of me to take them, but this little trick is right there smiling back at me every time I brush my teeth. It’s simple. Another form of a sticky I suppose.

When my kids were young, my daughter had trouble learning the letter “K.” We tried every song, book, exercise to help her learn. But they just didn’t work. Finally I decided that repetion of recognition would help. So I grabbed some cheap lipstick and drew a large “K” on a couple of our bathroom mirrors. While she brushed her teeth, or washed her hands, or fixed her hair, the pink “K” was there staring her back in the face. It worked like a charm. She can now spell all kinds of words with “K.”


This lipstick trick can be used for all sorts of things: memorization of poems or verses, daily reminders, words of encouragement, learning letters or numbers, mini lessons for many things. Can you think of some?

Just make sure to use cheap lipstick or an old tube you’re planning on tossing or that could be an expensive reminder.

Do you have any helpful tips for remembering things around the house or your work place?

Do tell.