See this cup?


This isn’t just any old cup…


We call it…


The Ugly Cup. But it’s actually pretty cute, isn’t it?


I just have to wonder what someone was thinking… “Hey, let’s put Grandma’s face on a cup so we can remember her every morning when we drink our coffee.”

And what is she looking at anyway? She looks sneaky.


Well, there’s more to this cup than just a pretty face. This cup belonged to my Great Aunt Mildred. She passed away 8 years ago and this cup has remained in the family.

Last Christmas my mom began a tradition with the women in our family that involves this cup. All of our names were put in a bag and one blessed soul was picked to be the “Guardian of the Cup” for the following year. Instructions were attached. Here’s a portion of what they stated…


“… While in your possession the cup is to ward off wrinkles, sags and any case of “the uglies” that may try to appear. It is to be kept in a safe place and rubbed at least once a month, or whenever you feel “the uglies” coming on. …”


My name was the first one picked. The cup must have known I needed some help.


I think that this is a tradition that will carry on for many years to come. Traditions don’t always have to be serious or ancient practices. It’s never too late to start something new with family or friends, and it sure does add to the fun.

Maybe you can begin a new tradition with family or friends this coming holiday season. Or why wait until the holidays? Start one today. Any day can be made special by a small, even silly, tradition.


I’ve yet to rub the cup and I can’t bring myself to drink from it, but I did give her a cute little hat.


Because we all know a cute little hat can cover up a month of uglies.


I think she likes it.


Happy memory making!