A selection of 12 Grilling Essentials to make the next cookout easier.

12 Grilling Essentials

Temperatures are rising, the leaves are busting out, and grills all over the land are cooking up goodness a little more regularly. We enjoy grilling several times a week, and have found that having the right tools can make all the difference in the world between a frustrating grilling experience or a smooth sailing one.

I’ve gathered some of our favorites for you to check out, and, as always, I’d love to hear about any you may recommend too.

1) Chimney Charcoal Starter We grilled for years without using one of these. What a difference a charcoal starter makes for quicker prepping of coals. Chimney Charcoal Starter from JC Penney

2) Grill Surface Thermometer Charcoal fire temperatures can be very inconsistent. A good thermometer will help you cook it right every time: Taylor Grill Surface Thermometer

3) Grill Cleaning Brush A clean grill makes for happy and healthy grilling. A basic grill cleaning brush is a definite need: Wired Grill Brush

4) Basting Brush Add that extra flavor and do it from a safe distance by using a tool that’s designed for the purpose: Sur La Table Basting Mop

5) Tong/Turner Combination Nothing An extension of your hands is an absolute when grilling. Look for a multi-tasking tong/turner or spatula version. Check this one out from West Elm or this one from Amazon.

6) Aluminum Foil From making hobo packs to improvising by balling it up to use as a scrubber for the grill grate, aluminum foil is must-have grill essential: Heavy Duty Reynolds Wrap

7) Pizza Stone If you haven’t tried grilled pizza yet, you’re missing out on some fantastics eats. A pizza stone can also be used to bake cookies in a grill or other tasty treats: Emile Henry Pizza Stone

8) High Temperature Grill Gloves Grill Gloves will protect those paws from being singed. Get you some: High Temperature Grill Gloves from Target

9) Probe Thermometer Proper meat temperatures are critical when grilling. A dependable grill meat thermometer is a necessary tool: KitchenAid Digital Probe Thermometer from JC Penney

10) Grilling Basket Grill veggies, shrimp and other smaller foods easier with a grilling basket: Steel Grill Roaster Basket from Williams Sonoma

11) Skewers Skewers are necessary for making kabobs of all kinds. If using wooden skewers, make sure to soak them in water for a bit before grilling to avoid scorching: Bamboo Skewers

12) Charcoal Grill Of course a grill is needed. A Weber charcoal grill has been a dependable grill through the years. I can’t tell you how many chicken leg quarters have been cooked up pleasing happy recipients each time: Weber Charcoal Grill

Happy grilling! And be sure to share any tools that make grilling a more enjoyable experience.

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