The Pioneer Woman Cooks, again.



Ree Drummonds’s new cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier is out. And, just like her first cookbook, it’s chock-full of scrumptious recipes with wonderful step-by-step photography for all of those that are visual people (like me) out there. Not to mention the cheery photos peppered throughout giving glimpses of life on a ranch. I need to ride a horse. I need to.

No horseback riding today though. Today, I’m tickled to be part of a blog roundup with a few of my friends as we share some of our favorite finds in Ree’s new book.

I didn’t make it past the first recipe, Perfect Iced Coffee.


How could I have forgotten that recipe? I’ve been meaning to make a batch ever since she posted it last summer. And man, did I need it. That ding dang dong time change … how a one hour difference can make you feel like you’re missing five is beyond me.

Anyway, I made a batch, and it was everything she claimed it to be. It’s smooth, man. It just doesn’t seem as acidic as regular brewed coffee. Did I mention it’s smooth?

It is.

Smooth. Man.

Ree gives a few suggestions for ways to jazz up the iced coffee, but I was out of condensed milk, so I decided to get wild and crazy, and add some chocolate syrup, then some vanilla creamer.



And then the brew. I could’ve stopped there and it would’ve been a mighty fine grande (or perhaps venti?) iced coffee, but I was on a mission. I threw it all in the blender, added some more ice and cranked it up.



Ahhh … my own blended iced coffee beverage. And I didn’t even have to leave the house. Splendid!



For the recipe, and of course, the full recipe photo tutorial, check out Ree’s post for The Perfect Iced Coffee. Her new book, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier, has this recipe, as well as many more goodies to go along with your iced coffee.

But even more better, EVEN MORE BETTER … win one yourself. That’s right, Ree is graciously providing three (3) winners with a personalized copy of her book. How cool is that? Almost cooler than that iced coffee. No, it IS cooler than that iced coffee. Which is saying a lot because that iced coffee is pretty darn cool. And smooth.


Winners have been chosen – see below.
To enter to win one of 3 personalized copies Ree’s new cookbook:


Leave a comment below telling me what you’d put in your Perfect Iced Coffee. And if you don’t drink coffee, make something up. Pretend.


Entries will be accepted today through Friday, March 16, 2012, Midnight PST.
(3) winners will be announced sometime on Saturday,
March 17, 2012 and contacted via email.
The giveaway is only open to U.S. residents.
Be sure a valid email address is included with your comment(s).

 Congratulations to the 3 winners:

#159 Stephanie who said… “Cream and Vanilla”
#1740 Erica who said… “I would put my Dark Chocolate Almond milk in it. It’s sweet. It’s chocolate. Once you add coffee, it’s PERFECT!”
#2207 Tara who said… “Don’t drink coffee, but if I did something almond and that sweetened condensed milk sounds pretty fabulous.”

I’ll be contacting you about your prize. YAY!

But that’s not all! No sirree bobtail. Remember I mentioned that I’m participating in this roundup with my buddies? They’re also giving away 3 copies on each one of their sites too! So that gives you a total of 8 chances to enter. Plus they have some super tasty offerings. Go see what I mean …


Go see what recipes my friends are highlighting today:

Two Peas and Their Pod – Restaurant Style Salsa
Picky Palate – Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies
What’s Gaby Cooking – Knock you Naked Brownies
Kevin and Amanda – Pasta with Pesto Cream Sauce
I am Baker – Coffee Cream Cake
Bev Cooks – Chicken Tortilla Soup
Food For My Family – Restaurant Style Salsa

YUMMY stuff y’all!




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  1. 1


    Wow, I want a glass of the Iced Coffee now…and the cookbook! 😛 My Perfect Iced Coffee consists of ice, coffee, and vanilla ice cream!!!! Yum. Thanks for a chance to win this wonderful cookbook.

  2. 4

    Melissa says

    My perfect iced coffee is the ice, coffee, and flavored creamer (any flavor) to make it a milky brown coffee….which is funny, becuase I drink my daily hot coffee black!

  3. 8


    Mmmmmmm – sounds delish. I think I’d try a little peppermint extract too. Love that peppermint-mocha flavor! Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. 11

    Shannon P says

    I’d add a little chocolate syrup or part of a hot chocolate packet to make it an iced mocha!

  5. 12

    Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar says

    Love this! I would put some Bailey’s in my perfect iced coffee!

  6. 14

    Cassie says

    My perfect iced coffee is just that – black iced coffee. I’m not a fan of cream and sugar. There is a local coffee shop that calls it an iced toddy and it’s my favorite!

  7. 16

    lori p says

    I would add in a double shot of espresso….affagoto style and watch it swirl through the creaminess of the iced coffee! This is a fave recipe of hers on my list!

  8. 19

    Katie says

    Ooh – -that iced coffee looks delish! I love iced coffee with some good vanilla syrup. But reading some of these comments shows me all of the other options I’ve been missing… ice cream? chocolate syrup? Bailey’s coffee creamer? Looks like I need to make a big batch of iced coffee and try all of these things!

  9. 21


    My perfect iced coffee would include ice, coffee, cream and chocolate…the one you made looks pretty darn good :)

  10. 24

    Pinky says

    Ice coffee is my fav from pioneer womens site as well and i always always add chocolate to it.

  11. 29

    Wenderly says

    What a fun roundup! Not entering the giveaway, just wanted to stop by to say *good morning* and what a fabulous cookbook!!

  12. 30

    Jane Pilanski says

    I would love a vanilla iced coffee now; dark roast coffee, vanilla, milk, and some sugar. Or a thai iced coffee – I believe that has sweetened condensed milk – so good.

  13. 32

    April Kegley says

    I love to put chocolate syrup in my iced coffee which makes it more like a mocha! I would Love one of these cookbooks.

  14. 34

    Marci Kelly says

    BEST PART OF WAKING UP is COFFEE!!!!!! Iced Coffee is perfect for late afternoons!!! I love adding in almond extract and skim milk :) DELICIOUS!!! Thank you for the contest to win your amazing and creative cookbook :)

  15. 35

    KarenM says

    I would add a bit of chocolate syrup…..everything is better with chocolate :o)

  16. 37

    Valerie G says

    I do love the condensed milk version but usually a little vanilla syrup and milk is what I add to mine.

  17. 43

    Nancy says

    The only thing I would put would be bourbon, Makers Mark! I am watching Pioneer Woman on the Today show.

  18. 50

    Karie Weiss says

    I just love the Pioneer Woman! And my perfect iced coffee would involve caramel & vanilla syrup! :)

  19. 52

    Andrea says

    I have iced coffee every morning with one packet of sweetner and a little non fat half and half. I panick if I run out.

  20. 54

    Kelly says

    I think I’d like to add some chocolate and a sprig of mint to my iced coffee. Ice cream would not astray in this concoction either! Yay for a chance to win Ree’s book.

  21. 55

    Misty Lynn says

    Gosh, I’d probably just make the iced coffee as Ree posted and not change a thing. Thanks for the links…I look forward to checking them out and hope to win a copy of the cookbook.

  22. 56

    Leslie Swintz says

    I have to admit that even though I don’t drink coffee, this looks delish! Of course anything that PW makes is fantastic!!!! So I’ll pretend… If I drank Iced Coffee, I’d have to add some vanilla or caramel.

  23. 57

    Monica says

    For an added kick….some espresso liquor from my local distillery! Yum! And homemade chocolate syrup!

  24. 60

    Celeste B. says

    I don’t like iced coffee, but if you whip it up with some ice, sugar and caramel and call it a frappuccino I’ll drink it.

  25. 65

    Ashley Wright says

    I’m sort of boring and unadventurous when it comes to my coffee, so the ultimate add-in for me would be a splash of vanilla. Don’t judge me. LOL!

  26. 66

    Jillian says

    There would have to be chocolate (obviously) and a little peppermint, to boot.

  27. 71

    Julie Haan says

    Not a real fan of coffee. So, my perfect glass of iced coffee would be loaded with flavored syrup to mask a lot of the coffee flavor :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. 72

    Stephanie says

    I am currently on a sea salt dark chocolate kick, so I would make my own chocolate syrup out of some of the Lindt Excellence Sea Salt Dark Chocolate bar to mix into the coffee base. Blend it up with ice like you did. I would also probably put some whipped cream on top because if I am going to have a treat, I am going to make it an over the top treat :)

  29. 78

    Jessica KW says

    I’m not a coffee drinker so for me to drink iced coffee, I’d want some chocolate in it!

  30. 79


    I would put vanilla syrup and whole milk.. oh man I could use one right now! (the coffee, oh and the cookbook). I went to her book signing in KC for the first cookbook and was there for hours. I ended up with her autograph, MM’s and the boys so it was well worth it!

  31. 80

    Allison C says

    I would put some booze in it…maybe something with caramel flavor. LOVE that beverage jar with the spigot. Where did you get it?

  32. 81

    Karen says

    A straw is all that’s necessary. I might try to make a peppermint mocha version.

  33. 84

    shannon says

    I would love to try some of the new Baihley’s coffee creamers in my iced coffee

  34. 86

    Denise Kozuch Harakal says

    My perfect iced coffee would have ice, coffee, cream, vanilla and a little Baileys in it. Top it off with some fresh whipped cream!

    Now I really want an iced coffee. Might have to go make some after I am done typing.

    Great giveaway! Thank you for hosting!

  35. 88

    Ladette says

    I love iced coffee. The first time I had it was when I visited my now-husband’s friends house. His mom made us iced coffee and it was delicious!! I would add Irish cream/creamer… yum!

  36. 90

    Tracy J. says

    I would LOVE to put some Irish Cream in her perfect iced coffee. But I have another 5 months to go before that would be acceptable. Maybe I’d just stick with chocolate syrup and vanilla creamer like you.

  37. 92

    Melissa says

    SO last night i was totally gonna make iced coffee, but then i got tired and forgot… YEah i might have need it……
    But i had the coffe out, and the caramel and chocolate syrup! heck yes!!!

  38. 94

    Jenn M says

    I love Iced Coffee. Even in the dead of winter I drink iced coffee! I’ll have to try this version by Ree! My perfect iced coffee will either have a splash of coconut cream or some caramel mixed in with it.

  39. 96

    Amy @ The Savvy Kitchen says

    I’d just have iced coffe, some milk and a little Splenda. Yum!!!

  40. 97

    Melanie says

    My perfect coffee would include some cocoa powder and stevia, plus a little cream.

  41. 98

    Shondra Brown says

    Caramel, Caramel, Caramel!!! I have been listing the Iced Coffee recipe as my favorite on the other blogs, I was soo happy to see it featured here!!

  42. 100

    CarolinaGirl says

    I’m not a coffe drinker, but I’m sure some Kahlua would be awesome thrown in!

  43. 104

    Camille Gerbyshak says

    Maybe a little cream, I tend to like my coffee black, so just a touch of cream!

  44. 110


    I’m mostly a tea drinker, but I do like a caramel macchiato from SB. So, I guess I’d put caramel in my iced coffee!

  45. 113

    Sharon H says

    I would make it exactly like you just did with chocolate syrup and vanilla creamer. I might just go get started now!

  46. 115

    Emily says

    I’m boring – I like my coffee black! In a pretend world I would add cream, sugar and nutmeg:)

  47. 116

    crystal c. says

    I would add chocolate syrup, caramel syrup and some cream. Hey I like things sweet! And to top it off why not add a dollop of marshmallow cream? :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  48. 120

    Krysten O. says

    I don’t like coffee, but I bet if I put enough chocolate (and maybe whipped cream) into it that I could suck it down!

  49. 122

    Susan K. says

    The only thing that goes into my iced coffee is is half-and-half and a dash of hazelnut syrup. But I might be tempted to try a bit of chocolate from time-to-time! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  50. 127


    If, and only IF I liked coffee (which sometimes I wish I did!) I would definitely add caramel to it! I love caramel flavor!

    Beautiful blog!

  51. 128

    Nina says

    I made this when she posted the step-by-step photos and I LOVED it! Our 2L bottle didn’t last long. Besides the sweetened condensed milk, I tried it with vanilla and then later with my flavored coffee creamers. DELICIOUS!

  52. 131

    Kim says

    I would add caramel drizzle!! I am still trying to perfect my iced coffee recipe since I usually drink it black–but I guzzle down an iced caramel machiotto in about 2 seconds. I can’t wait to try this out!

  53. 133

    Elizabeth says

    I love coffee, but I do need a little something added to it. Pumpkin Pie Syrup is yummy with milk and coffee.

  54. 136

    Mareen says

    I am in love with this iced coffee. I would have probably not made it through my last semester without it. I usually drink it plain or with just a splash of caramel sirup.

  55. 137


    Man, I forgot about that recipe as well and I could use a tall cool glass of iced coffee this morning. So over slept. Yep, time change ripple effect. xoxo

  56. 139

    Katie says

    My perfect iced coffee has lots of ice, french vanilla cream, and one sweet n low! Whipped cream never hurts either!

  57. 140

    Jan S. says

    Well, I love coffee, but I don’t drink it anymore. I still LOVE the taste of coffee though and once in a blue moon I might have a cup of decaf. Someone posted that they’d put peppermint in their iced coffee and that sounds good to me! :)

  58. 141

    Ashley says

    I LOVE COFFEE! Chocolate syrup sounded pretty yummy…….. And if we could find a way to make it an “adult” version that would suit me just fine also :)

  59. 154


    What a great recipe! This wold be wonderful for a fun, large brunch. or Easter Sunday! I can’t wait to dive into Ree’s new book! It looks so beautiful and scrumptious! I would put milk and chocolate syrup. Simple, yet delicious :)

  60. 156

    Judy says

    I think I’d add some vanilla syrup, half and half, and pour it over ice and slurp it down!

  61. 161

    Monica says

    Blended coffee….yummy! I made Ree’s perfect iced coffee last summer and the sweetened condensed milk is so good, I would definitely add that again.

  62. 165


    I’m trying NOT to develop any new highly caloric favorites to me repertoire, so I’d go with skim milk and some sort of calorie-free sweetener. Maybe some SF Torani syrup.

  63. 166

    Heather says

    Have to admit that I don’t drink coffee, though I guess if I did, I would sugar…and lots of it!

  64. 167

    tamera says

    I can’t wait for warm weather and iced coffee! Thanks for sharing the recipe and the new cookbook!

  65. 172

    Anne G. says

    Thank you for the chance to win! I would put caramel in my iced coffee and maybe a little vanilla. Yum.

  66. 175

    Beverly says

    Iced Coffee + Simple syrup (maybe with a touch of vanilla) + Half-and-Half = Summer morning bliss :)

  67. 176

    Amber Barnum says

    I LOVE Ree’s Iced Coffee! I mix it with whatever creamer I have on hand, and it is always devine!

  68. 177

    Magen says

    It would have to be an iced hot chocolate for me. And it would have caramel in it for sure!

  69. 178

    Julie F says

    I think I would put some flavored creamer in my iced coffe… probably Irish Cream for St. Patty’s Day!

  70. 181

    Amy in KY says

    I use sweetened condensed milk and half and half in it. I use a mocha coffee though, to give it a chocolatey flavor also!

  71. 184


    I don’t like my coffee with milk but I do love The Pioneer Woman. I would love, love, love to win the cookbook! Thanks for the opportunity.

  72. 186


    I would put chocolate and cream in my perfect iced coffee, and depending on when it is, maybe a little Kahlua or Starbucks liqueurj in it for a little treat :)

  73. 187

    Jeri M says

    I don’t really like anything in my coffee, so I would go with just coffee and ice!

  74. 188

    Jackie F says

    Chocolate syrup and maybe a little vanilla or hazelnut simple syrup…plus the milk of course!

  75. 193

    Theresa Sea says

    I don’t drink coffee, but if I did anything iced would NEED whipped cream on top! :)

  76. 194


    I love iced coffee, but drink it black most of the time. Gotta watch those calories! Which, for me, means saving all my calories for a cookie binge at the end of the day! :) But if I were making iced coffee, I think the best part would be topping it all off with a big ole dollop of whipped cream. Yummy!

  77. 197

    Megan says

    My husband made one last night. It was perfect. Chocolate chips, maple syrup, coffee, ice cream, ice. UH-mazin. So I’d do that. I’d put all of those things in it again. :)

  78. 201

    Elizabeth says

    I think I would add a little bit of chocolate to the perfect iced coffee. Can’t wait for my copy to arrive from Amazon! Would love an autographed copy for my mom though.

  79. 208

    Christina says

    In my perfect Iced Coffee I’d put caramel, chocolate and cinnamon! and top it with whip cream!

  80. 210

    Juli says

    My perfect Iced Coffee is a latte made with Bustello Expresso & a dash of evaporated milk mixed in with 2% milk, YUM! And oh how I’d love Pioneer Woman’s new book 😉

  81. 211

    Judy says

    I would use coconut cream instead of half and half.
    you may find it as cream of coconut.

  82. 220

    Cassie Erickson says

    I think I would make it just like she does except add a little mint flavoring

  83. 222

    Debra Schramm says

    Depending on what kind of mood I’m in I would either add half and half or condensed milk!

  84. 225

    Johanna says

    I’d get out my big ol bottle of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup and add a sprinkle of cinnamon, too.

  85. 226

    Lynsey says

    Ooh a chance to win a cookbook?!?! count me in. I love Ree!!! And coffee :) So this post was a win-win-win!

  86. 230

    Tara @ Chip Chip Hooray says

    Mmm, I’d definitely want some French vanilla creamer in there. And probably topped off with a healthy dose of whipped cream. Yum!

  87. 231


    I love her Corn and Cheese Chowder. I made it a couple weeks ago for the first time and then I’ve made it once a week since. It’s soooo easy and so comforting. It’s ‘knock your socks off’ good!

  88. 232

    Dawn Marie says

    Can’t wait to try this recipe and hopefully win your cookbook!!! To make it a dieters delight you can add fat free evaporated milk.

  89. 235

    JBecca says

    Mmmm. Looks so good. My perfect iced coffee has half and half plus cinnamon and sugar.

  90. 236

    Tara says

    I totally make this recipe from her website! Well, lately, I’ve been being lazy and using instant espresso, but this is a great recipe! I put in loads of milk & homemade vanilla syrup. YUM. I literally started drinking iced coffee daily after she posted this recipe. Saves me lots of money from when I was regularly buying it.

  91. 238

    MaryBeth says

    Since St Patrick’s Day is so close and I want to honor the holiday, I would add a shot (or two) of Irish whiskey. Thanks for the chance to win!

  92. 240

    Manda Valenti says

    Ice Coffee + Whole Milk + Chocolate Drizzle!!!

    Thank you!! I would love to own this cookbook!
    avalenti6936 at yahoo dot com

  93. 241

    Anne says

    Since I don’t like coffee (the horror, I know, people ask all the time how I’m this far through grad school and still don’t drink it) I’d put lots and lots of vanilla ice cream to try to make the coffee a subtle flavor with my ice cream 😛

  94. 242

    Alina says

    Can anyone say YUM!!!! Great giveaway. Ree is amazing! The perfect iced coffee would have ice cream, coffee and of course ice, silly.

  95. 243

    Winter says

    I don’t drink coffee, but I think it would need to be a shot of chocolate something or another!

  96. 245

    Sean says

    Perfect ice coffee would have ice, coffee and seeing as we’re celebrating the holiday soon, some irish whiskey my darlin’. I’d love to win Ree’s book, she’s simply fantastic.

  97. 249

    Sarah says

    I love her iced coffee! I like to put vanilla stevia in it, but for a special treat I put chocolate syrup in…YUM!

  98. 253

    Carrie says

    I’d put in some hazelnut syrup, half and half and some xantham gum for texture and to keep the drink blended.

  99. 260

    Laura in Texas says

    Hmm, something like hazelnut with a hint of chocolate decadence! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  100. 262


    I love my iced coffee with just a bit of sweetened condensed milk or half n half. I do not like too sweet of coffee.

  101. 264

    Kelli Williams says

    Strong brewed coffee, chocolate syrup, chocolate ice cream (Bluebell!) and ice. Blend and drink! YUMMMM

  102. 265

    Jen says

    I like my iced coffee with half & half with an added dose of Baily’s Irish Creme…….

  103. 267

    Jana says

    To be safe, I’d add skim milk, but on decadent days, I add whole milk (plus sugar)….love iced coffee!

  104. 269

    Erin @ Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts says

    I don’t like coffee, but if I had the perfect one it would have to have chocolate, caramel and whipped cream on top!

  105. 270

    Jennifer says

    A pack of Splenda and some half-and-half. A bit inconsistent, but that’s how I roll.

  106. 271

    Yvonne Cooley says

    I love Ice Coffee (OH who am I fooling, I just lOVE coffee, hot or cold). I like playing with the Coffee Mate creamers to find the right one for me. Right now I’m into the Coconut Creamer. Add to ice coffee and it just screams summer…♥

  107. 274

    Rachelle says

    I would definitely go the condensed milk route. I’ve been thinking about this recipe forevvvvvver! Your post might have just convinced me to do it even though I’m the only coffee drinker in my house.

  108. 276

    Rory W says

    I don’t drink coffee, but I’m thinking maybe some vanilla creamer and cinnamon. Who knows, might be good! One of these cookbooks would be excellent. Thanks for the chance to win!

  109. 278


    I enjoy my Iced Coffee with Eagle Brand Milk…but most of the time I make it with just half and half and Splenda!

  110. 283

    Jo says

    I hate coffee but I love Ree so I would put whatever in coffee to win a copy of her book.

  111. 285

    Rachel in PA says

    I do not drink coffee but I love the Pioneer Woman and would be thrilled to win!

  112. 287

    Melissa says

    I love chocolate, so chopped up and blended chunks of chocolate and topped with shaved chocolate! YUM

  113. 288

    Nee Nee says

    I love my Iced Coffee! I typically mix it half/half with milk/coffee and a splash of a flavored syrup…

  114. 289

    Stephanie S. says

    I don’t like coffee. I know – that’s probably blasphemy to some. But I do love a wonderfully perfect glass of iced tea! With lots of lemon!

  115. 290

    Veronica says

    Since my ingredient of choice, sweet and condensed milk, is already included in the recipe, I must say that adding Nutella would be genius. With that hazelnut flavor? Yes, I think so! Add Nutella to anything, and it’s a recipe for success…because I said so 😉

  116. 293

    Morgan says

    I loooove love love iced coffee, especially blended with ice and english toffee flavor :)

  117. 294

    GinaE says

    I’d just start with Caribou’s great coffee and lots of cream. I usually just use half and half, but for a special treat heavy cream is sooo lovely! Many thanks for the chance to win!

  118. 295

    Lauri B says

    I adore black and white iced coffee! That’s right – coffee with vanilla and chocolate syrup. The perfect mid-morning pick-me-up! Thanks for giving me a chance to win PW’s new cookbook!

  119. 299

    Sandy says

    lets see…maybe some strawberry ice cream and some milk…oh, and leave out the coffee! =o)

  120. 301

    Sara says

    My perfect iced coffee would definitely have chocolate involved. maybe mint as well. Ohh that sounds so good right now! :)

  121. 305

    Jamie Harrison says

    I don’t drink coffee at all but I’m guessing chocolate would be good…chocolate makes everything better, right? :)

  122. 310

    Pattypro says

    I’ve made this recipe and it was delicious. I’d grow it up and add some Kahlua!

  123. 315

    Carole Resnick says

    I put a tablespoon of heavy cream, a tablespoon of caramel sauce in the bottom of a glass and stir to blend. I fill the glass with ice and caramel flavored coffee (chilled) coffee. If I want to guild the lillie I top with a dollop of whipped cream and a drizzle of caramel sauce. Starbucks — eat your heart out.

  124. 317

    jolene says

    If I made an iced coffee, I would have to add some bailey’s Irish Cream, chocolate sauce, and of course top it off with some baileys irish cream whipped cream, garnish with some cocoa powder, yummmmmmmy! It would be called Leprechaun on Ice!

  125. 319

    Katie Jo says

    Half and half and some coconut syrup with whip cream and chocolate syrup drizzled on top when I want something fancy.

  126. 320

    Joanna @ Southern Daisy says

    I’m an Iced Mocha girl all the way, so my iced coffee would definitely have tons of chocolate in it!!

  127. 322

    Samantha says

    I love caramel in my coffee!! Yum!! Or a Butter Toffee coffee with half and half and sugar. Love Ree!

  128. 325

    Debi Bozanich says

    I don’t drink coffe but I may try tequila in it … Chocolate would be my other choice.

  129. 330

    Amanda W says

    In my perfect iced coffee…a little cream, a little sugar, and some CHOCOLATE! Yum!

  130. 346

    Jaton says

    Hmmm…depends, if it is evening mayb some Bailey’s, during the day maybe caramel syrup or cocunut milk…man, this has potential and it is endless!!! I am pretty sure it is going to be an eat and drink with Ree day!!!!

  131. 349

    Ada Spahija says

    I would add some chocolate syrup and hazelnut cream! Nutella iced coffee anyone? :)

  132. 353

    Carrie says

    I tried the coffee last summer after she posted it. I made it with (gasp! store-bought) almond joy creamer and it tasted pretty similar to a Starbuck’s coconut mocha, or whatever that flavor is called. YUMMY!

  133. 357

    Nikki says

    Coconut coffee creamer and chocolate syrup. It’s like a coffee flavored mounds bar. Mmmmmm!!!

  134. 358

    Claygirlsings says

    Peanut Butter or Nutella! I don’t drink coffee but you can’t really go wrong with either of those, right? OOOoohh, or what about Biscoff Spread? Yeah!!! Now I’m getting carried away.

  135. 362

    Susan Smith says

    Peanut butter cups blended with the ice would be awesome! Little flecks of peanut butter and chocolate in the cup would be so pretty.

  136. 364

    Mary says

    I love the chocolate idea but how about some Bailey’s Irish Cream, just a touch, for St. Paddy’s Day?

  137. 368

    Becca Dutill says

    chocolate….condensed milk…..white chocolate…..whipped cream…..chocolate…..chocolate…..chocolate…..chocolate…..chocolate…..etc…!

  138. 370

    Mary O. says

    I like to make it with freshly ground flavored coffee beans. HEB’s San Antonio flavor is my favorite. I made it all summer and there is nothing like iced coffee on the way to work.

  139. 376

    Fabs says

    I love to make myself an iced coffee on the weekends, but haven’t tried hers yet. Looks so good! I use coffee, instant espresso, truvia and milk. Pretty easy, but probably not as good as this. I think I’ll try the chocolate syrup though! Thanks for the giveaway!

  140. 377

    Ruthy says

    Love her blog, fb – everything. But Cinnamon Rolls are our favorite! And not so hard to make which is great!

  141. 379

    Megan - Newly Wife says

    I would probably add Bailey’s… if it were a weekend, of course! Thanks for the chance to win!

  142. 381

    Stephanie says

    I will pretend that the perfect glass of Iced Coffee would have lots of chocolate, because everything is better with chocolate. Thanks for the giveaway.

  143. 384

    Heather says

    I have always just had my iced coffee, black with ice. If I was feeling really rebellious I might add some sugar.

  144. 386

    Kacie L says

    I don’t like coffee. So I would put milk, chocolate and flavoring probably caramel.

  145. 390

    Laura K says

    Oh I drank this stuff all last summer. The condensed milk is to die for. You have to try it! Thank you for the chance to win such an awesome prize!

  146. 391


    I’d add a splash of kahlua – yum! And this does look perfect. As soon as the sun comes out in the NW, I’ll be trying this cold coffee recipe!

  147. 392

    Jackie Thompson says

    My favorite thing to add to this iced coffee would be tiny chocolate shavings, topped with whipped cream. The perfect kind of coffee. Would so love to win this book. Thank you for the chance.

  148. 394

    Julie Turner says

    I love Iced Coffee! I made PW’s Iced coffee concentrate over the summer and LOVED IT!
    I’ll take my iced coffee with a generous pour of half & half and 2 splenda! YUM!

  149. 395


    I would definitely put some caramel in it and top it with sweetened whipped cream. It can never be too sweet for me!

  150. 396

    Karen Peterson says

    Yikes, i’d put hot water in it; hardly ever gets hot enough here for iced coffee!

  151. 400

    Marcea says

    I dont drink coffee but if I did… I probably would have put in vanilla icecream and made milkshake out of it. ha!

  152. 401

    Anita says

    I have never had iced coffee. I’ve only had it hot.
    I guess I’d drink it black like I drink hot coffee.

  153. 402


    Ok, this sounds totally crazy, but I read online that Starbucks squeezes lemon or orange juice (not too much) into their iced coffee. We tried it one time and it really made the flavors sing. You don’t actually taste citrus, but the acidity brings out the bright acidic notes of the coffee.

    We tried it with a good brand of Starbucks coffee and it was great. I tried it with a cheaper (instant) coffee and it tasted off. High quality coffee is key!

    Get to squeezin’!! 😉

  154. 404

    Jeannette says

    Bailey’s!!! that stuff is to die for. even the non-alcoholic creamer! either that or top with whipped cream and caramel drizzle. perfection in a cup!!

  155. 405

    Danielle Beinke says

    I would definitely put sweetner (Stevia) and probably some skim milk……..then some flavored creamer to make it extra yummy!

  156. 410

    Patricia Pinkston says

    I think you version is great. Love coffee and chocolate! Would love to win the Pioneer Woman cookbook.

  157. 415

    Kim says

    my perfect iced coffee would contain Baileys!!!!! or Disaronno!! i love boozy iced coffees on the weekends!

  158. 421

    Kristin Janisch says

    Love the ice coffee recipe you posted from Ree. I add a shake of cinnamon for something different. After i read the post below about a gal’s Russian roots, I might be trying a splash of vodka….but after 5 PM. lol

  159. 424

    Jen says…Since mty pregnancy I am off coffee and it was not easy. Now that I dream of cold coffee drinks I would love a glass of it sprinkled with some spices. Saigon cinnamon, sprinkle of chocolate or a dash of chili. Excuse me, while I go and shed some tears :-)

  160. 426

    andrea says

    i’d think carmel or chocolate … maybe nutella or cocoa. cause nothing is better then coffee & chocolate. yum

  161. 428

    Jennifer S E says

    I love to add sweet cream for “every day” coffee but when I crave a little coffee after dinner on “date nights” with my hubby, I like to add Starbucks Coffee Liquor or Baileys mint cream liquor! Yummy!

  162. 430

    Bernadette B. says

    My perfect iced coffee is Hazelnut Coffee, with stevia and French Vanilla CoffeeMate. OMgoodness!!!!!

  163. 432

    judith says

    I would add vanilla syrup with cinnamon

    Vanilla syrup with cinnamon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  164. 435

    Pam says

    I love iced coffee! I would add a little chocolate to make it even more delicious!

  165. 437

    Emily says

    My iced coffee would just be sweetened up a bit with some simple syrup and maybe a dollop of whipped cream :)

  166. 440

    Kim says

    I would add a touch of chocolate syrup or caramel sauce! Sounds so good, I might have to make one right now!

  167. 441

    Martha Gibson says

    I WILL be trying this very soon, the time change has me moving too slow!! Condensed milk is the way I would definitely go in my wildest dreams, but for everyday, fat free half & half sounds just right….

  168. 444

    Kim says

    Chocolate and vanilla are my perfect additions to iced coffee. Thanks for the chance to win a great gift!

  169. 449

    Kerry Varner says

    I would choose, simple syrup, French Vanilla creamer, caramel and whipped cream on top. Yum!! Oh, and a drizzle of caramel on the whipped topping, too. Mmmm

  170. 451

    Julie says

    I recently gotten hooked on Ree’s Perfect Iced Coffee so it is strictly strong coffee, 1/2 & 1/2 and a little sugar. The absolute best.

  171. 454

    Shelby N. says

    Not a coffee fan, but I guess I’d just say lots of sweet stuff to cover up the coffee taste! Bring on the caramel and chocolate syrups! lol

  172. 455

    Debby says

    One of my favorite coffees I ever had was at The Slanted Door in SF. I believe they put condensed milk in it, its divine!! I bet Ree would love it to pieces too.

  173. 457

    yasee says

    Iced coffee sounds so good right now! Perfect weather for it here!!! I think the blended iced coffee with condensed milk and topped with caramel syrup and chocolate syrup sounds divine right now!

  174. 460

    Angie R. says

    I think I would like to make a vanilla syrup to try in the iced coffee. Yum!

  175. 462

    Kathy says

    Love Ree’s iced coffee. My daughter and I got hooked on it about a year ago. She adds an envelope of hot chocolate mix to hers and runs it through the blender. Me – I like mine straignt up with half n half.

  176. 463

    Kathy says

    I am not very imaginative! I would put in the condensed milk. That sounds soooo good. I happen to love it, and there aren’t that many opportunities to use it.

  177. 465

    Jolene Nelson says

    I would put in warmed nutella (it incorporates better when warm and drizzly), that hint of hazelnut and the richnes it adds to every day recipes is just wonderful!

  178. 474

    Bethany says

    If I were a coffee drinker, I think my perfect iced coffee would have to have chocolate in it!

  179. 475

    Tricia says

    The best iced coffee I’ve ever had was in Cambodia. They make it with sweetened condensed milk…sounds strange but it is soooo delicious!

  180. 482

    Sarah says

    I would add a lil coconut extract, a lil island feel to my perfect iced coffee!

  181. 483

    Kerri Coyne says

    I like to put 1 to 2 teaspoon or so of instant hot chocolate (right from the packet) Shake it up, it has a mild chocolate floavor…so yummy

  182. 490

    Kimberly Holman says

    I would add caramel and a splash of half & half……..oh who am I kidding…… would be ALOT of whipped cream!

  183. 498

    Sharon in Salt Lake City says

    I would put some cream and chocolate in my iced coffee. And maybe a hit of Bailey’s! It’s that time of year, you know.

  184. 499

    Melanie {adorkable} says

    that iced coffee looks DELISH! I think I might have to ask my husband to make one for me. 😉

  185. 508

    Lesley Fitts says

    My perfect iced coffee is one that does not taste like coffee because coffee flavored anything makes my head ache! LOL! So, how about just iced vanilla?

  186. 509

    Barb P. says

    I love iced coffee with light cream and simple syrup! Ree’s cookbook looks fantastic!

  187. 512

    Katie W. says

    I’d have to add lots of chocolate…since I’m not much of a coffee drinker! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  188. 513

    Sarah says

    I have these gourmet syrups that my boyfriend’s mom got me for Christmas — and they’re AHMAZING! French Vanilla and Peanut Butter Chocolate (FOR REAL). :)

  189. 514

    Elissa says

    Right now, it would be caffeine :p I’m 20 weeks pregnant w/ baby #2, and sometimes the first little guy just runs me ragged!

  190. 518

    Norah says

    I don’t drink coffee but if I did I would add a bit of Irish Cream to it 😉

  191. 519

    Brianna says

    I’d make some super yummy frozen hot chocolate instead of coffee, I can’t stand the stuff (and I’m from Seattle, gasp!)

  192. 524

    Kath says

    Hazelnut flavored coffee with whipped cream topped with nuts and drizzled with chocolate syrup (is it cheating if I said I would prefer a frappucinno, it’s cold isn’t it?)

  193. 525

    Diana says

    I had just been thinking I REALLY need to find a way to make my own. I live in the mountains so the only time I get something this good is when we go to see my daughter, once a month, in Wa and I hit Starbucks ALL weekend long. Even get TWO drinks on my way out of town! I NEED this book.

    • 526

      Diana says

      Oh yeah, was soooo excited I forgot, I would add caramel or raspberry to it. Maybe a mocha raspberry iced coffee?

  194. 529

    Linda Wolf says

    Everything is better with chocolate so it would be chocolate syrup for me! :)

  195. 535

    heather says

    Vanilla, vanilla and more vanilla. I might even go steal a shaker from the starbucks on the corner and shake it all up in my ice coffee.

  196. 536

    Amanda says

    I would add caramel and chocolate. It would be like a coffee brownie topped with caramel – my perfect dream!

  197. 537

    Liz S says

    I don’t drink a lot of iced coffee – like mine hot and black! But this does sound good – I’ll take it just the way that Bree makes it!

  198. 538

    Julie I. says

    I’d add chocolate and creamer for iced mocha! mmmm….
    and thanks for the opportunity to win Ree’s new cookbook!

  199. 544


    just what you did – that looks divine! i’ve never had coffee with sweetened condensed milk though so i would be game to try that as well!

  200. 545

    Teslaca says

    Can’t wait to see her newest cookbook. Thanks for the chance to win a copy. I like just half and half in my iced coffee but I bet a touch of cardamom would make me happy too.

  201. 548

    Sharon Poteet says

    I tried Ree’s recipe but that was such a mess but it was good…………
    I usually just buy International House Hazelnut Iced Coffee, add ice and milk, shake and drink, It is so much easier.and is good, but I think I will try some chocolate syrup in it and see how that taste.

    I would love to have Ree’s second book, I have her first one already.

    If anyone has an easier idea to make iced coffee rather than coffee grounds in a bowl of water for 12 hours, I would like to know.

  202. 549

    Lauren Anne says

    Before seeing this recipe I always thought making homemade iced coffee would be too difficult. When I saw this I was intrigued because i prefer iced coffee. This is a wonderful recipe and it sure has cut down on my starbucks bills.

  203. 552

    RG says

    Reaching into my bag of condiments reserved just for making it up occasions, I pull out… ah, yes, Amish Cinnamon Syrup. Just the thing. THanks for the giveaway!

  204. 555

    Beth says

    I like to add a sugar free flavoring such as Kahlua to take it over the top. Love it!!

  205. 556

    Katie says

    well I had a wonderful punch one time that included coffee and ice cream, so thats what I would have! how can it get any better?!

  206. 557

    Tammy G says

    I’m not a coffee drinker, but I make my own chocolate syrup. Might go have some over a big scoop of ice cream right now!

  207. 559

    Katy says

    Guess I’m on the “Make something up” list :-( And since i love caramel maybe some caramel sauce ???

  208. 560

    Kristen W. says

    I would definitely include a lot of chocolate syrup and a whole lotta whip topping! I love iced coffee!!

  209. 563

    Barb H says

    If it was a day where I didn’t have to work, I would add Amaretto (the real stuff) to the iced coffee. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  210. 566

    Chelle says

    I love Hazelnut so some Hazelnut creamer. I could live on iced coffee. The hubbs gets all mad when I use the just brewed coffee for this. Ooo I wish I had your awesome blender to make a creamy, frosty one. You should do a giveaway for one of those too 😉

  211. 568

    Maddie S says

    The best way to drink iced coffee for this girl equals plain and simple. But it’s so much more than that! Not many people enjoy the taste of black coffee..but when you have the right brand of coffee, the taste is phenomenal. Making it iced just brings a total different sense of depth to it. So refreshing!

  212. 572

    Chrissy says

    I would add pumpkin spice creamer, some splenda and a touch of caramel. Yummmmmm.

  213. 573

    Hilary G says

    I would put caramel, strong coffee and milk. With a sprinkle of sugar. Yum Yum!! Thanks for the giveaway. Good luck to all!!

  214. 574

    Lisa says

    I think I would add flavored coffee creamer…Im thinking the new York Mint Patty creamer! Yum

  215. 576

    Shirley M. says

    I would have to go with chocolate and caramel. Well, that’s my mood right now. That could change within the next 10 minutes, of course.

  216. 579

    Leslie H says

    Chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream- can’t lose with that combo! Oh, maybe a splash of coffee liqour for a special treat too…..

  217. 580

    Farmwife says

    Oh, I want to make this! I would put a little chocolate syrup,milk and a few coffee cubes, just to keep it cool and amazing:)

  218. 583

    Julia Reffner says

    My perfect iced coffee would have milk and a touch of Torano’s caramel syrup.

  219. 584

    Mary Lynch says

    I would add chocolate chips to the bottom. Yes, maam. I am that girl. Or ice-cream. Like for a coffee punch. Mmmmm, that sounds delicious right now!

  220. 585

    DeidreSH says

    I’m definitely going to make this…I love iced coffee. I would probably put some french vanilla or hazelnut creamer in it to spice it up. Maybe even a little cinnamon.

  221. 587

    Robin K. says

    As long as there is sugar and cream or milk, plus plenty of ice, I am all set!

  222. 597

    Liz says

    I’ve made this coffee (more than) several times after I found the recipe last Spring (doggone time change) and have added more than my share of stuff to it! It’s soooo delicious!! My favorite thing to add is cinnamon flavored creamer! You know what would be even better? Drinking this iced coffee with one of her cinnamon rolls. *drool*

  223. 599


    I don’t drink coffee but I do love the smell of it, so to make it smell even better, I might add some chocolate to it!

  224. 603

    Brenda says

    its all about chocolate, during the Thanksgiving holidays I like pumpkin…yum

  225. 605

    vicki says

    i do like good vanilla extract in my iced coffee….. and sometimes i’ll even sneak a little kaluha in : P

  226. 610

    Cassandra says

    CHOCOLATE! syrup, hot fudge, chips something lol! I love chocolate and coffee together!

  227. 611

    Daphne says

    I love mocha in my iced coffee with a little whipped cream and some chocolate shavings!

  228. 614

    Gidget says

    Yummy…. I like a little hazelnut creamer in my coffee and I think that would be wonderful in iced coffee!

  229. 618

    Sonya says

    I would use almond milk and some sort of tasty creamer, probably vanilla because that is about as exciting as I get.

  230. 621

    Janis Bornong says

    I love this woman…am so glad she met the “Marlboro Man” and he swept her off her feet and married her. She’s the perfect PIONEER WOMAN !

  231. 623

    Judy says

    My Mother loves iced coffee, but it’s just not my cup of tea…..Pun intended. I think I will start her out with the basic recipe and go from there.

  232. 626

    Linda says

    I’m not a coffee fan, so I guess I would add ice cream to it. Isn’t everything better topped with ice cream?

  233. 627

    Marci says

    Just 1/2 & 1/2……sounds delicious, think I need to make this sooner than later!

  234. 630

    Mariah says

    I like a good hot chocolate with a shot or two of espresso. So probably a good helping of chocolate milk. That looks good!

  235. 631

    Jenn Fox says

    I don’t drink coffee, so maybe if it was hot chocolate… I don’t know maybe whipping cream and cinnamon :)

  236. 632

    fabiola says

    I love a simple iced coffee. Just a little milk or cream and a bit of turbindo sugar super duper cold. That is it! Perfect for a hot afternoon summer day.

  237. 633

    Shellaine says

    I’d add Bailey’s…because I don’t drink coffee and I’d need something to make it worth my while :)

  238. 635

    Michelle says

    Not a coffee drinker myself, but I can imagine that chocolate would be a possibility for me!

  239. 636

    Susy Friesen says

    My perfect coffee is ice, strong coffee and a little sweetener. I love Ree’s recipe. I used it alot this past summer.

  240. 638

    Angie says

    I love the sweet cream flavored coffee creamer. I’d have to try when making iced coffee!

  241. 639

    Carrie W says

    I’ve been hooked on Ree’s iced coffee since this past summer. I use sweetened condensed milk.

  242. 643

    Alison Smith says

    I would put some caramel or vanilla creamer in mine. I like my coffee to taste a lot like dessert.

  243. 646

    Erin says

    I’d definitely be adding some caramel and chocolate. Absolutely nothing beats an iced/frappe caramel mocha. NOTHING.

  244. 649

    Jenny Vater says

    I made her coffee recipe all summer exactly the way she did. I needed to stop for a while since I have a baby in my oven and needed to watch my sugar intake. I will be back at this summer with decaf coffee! Thanks for sharing.

  245. 652

    billie huntley says

    that iced coffee sounds so good. I need that cookbook, I need it very very badly…… I can try all those recipes

  246. 658

    Suzanne says

    I have to have chocolate in my iced coffee! I almost think it is more important than the coffee itself.

  247. 669

    Sherri says

    If I drank coffee, I imagine I would love some ammoretto in it. I don’t even care if I spelled that right, because I know I love that stuff!

  248. 675

    Sara B. says

    chocolate, french vanilla soy creamer (or if I’m really being bad, just straight heavy cream), and Splenda

  249. 678

    Janelle H says

    I love your questions, because I’ve been obsessed with iced coffee since I saw this recipe and have been experimenting! So far my favorite is to add “a shot” of coffee creamer that’s caramel flavored :)

  250. 680

    Maggie says

    Plenty of ice — with a tablespoon of agave nectar to sweeten things up a bit!

  251. 682

    Michelle K says

    not a big coffee drinker, but I LOVE coffee cake! So, can I add a little cake to that coffee??

  252. 685

    Jill says

    I like my coffee black – no flavors – no sweeteners. So, I would like to have “ICE” in my iced coffee :)

  253. 688

    Jan J. says

    I’ve been meaning to try this coffee method too! I make mine with coconut sugar, which gives it a warm caramel flavor and add half-n-half and milk and a bit of vanilla extract – love my iced coffee every day!

  254. 689

    Laurel says

    I tried regular brewed coffee with sweetened condensed milk and it was HEAVEN!

  255. 697

    Cindy Schuster says

    Almond Joy Frappe – coffee, chocolate syrup, coconut creamer, crushed ice.. BLEND!! :)

  256. 699

    Ana (Confessions of a Designer) says

    Hmmmm… I’d definitely put in some dulce de leche!

  257. 701

    Staci Martinez says

    My perfect Iced Coffee would have to have Chocolate Syrup w/ coconut flavoring!

  258. 708

    Krissy says

    I like mocha and hazelnut, so I’d have to add decaf coffee, ice, chocolate syrup and some hazelnut creamer or hazelnut flavoring and some whipped cream on top. YUMMO! Thanks for a chance to win this awesome cookbook. :)

  259. 713

    Karen from SW KS says

    My perfect iced coffee would be like Ree makes hers but at some vanilla flavored syrup. Yummy!!!
    Thank you for the chance to win!!

  260. 717

    Jasara Hogan says

    hmmmm a little condensed milk, caramel and milk- like a cafe con dulce de leche?

  261. 718

    Dawn B says

    I love iced coffees. The mocha version especially. So I would have to put chocolate in mine!

  262. 719

    Kelly M says

    Unfornately I am lactose intollerant so I avoid milk, cream, etc. and to boot I’m sensitive to sugar…sigh. Coffee is plain ole expresso for me.

  263. 721

    Ginger L says

    Chocolate, definitely chocolate, lots of chocolate…gotta do something to kill the coffee taste.

  264. 722

    Christina V says

    Your version looks so delicious I can’t really think of anything to make it better! Perhaps a caramel version!

  265. 724

    Lori says

    I started making her iced coffee last year and it saves me so much money (especialy working in NY)…I just add some creamer and i’m ready to go!

  266. 727

    Gigi says

    Ree’s recipe is perfect the way it is. I would add some Bailey’s Irish Cream to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

  267. 736

    Terri d says

    I’d add a little white chocolate or some caramel and of course some whipped cream.

  268. 737

    Kelli says

    Chocolate and I’d have to figure out how to get some coconut flavor in there too.

  269. 738

    julie says

    I don’t do coffee so lets just do this Julie style – pop open a coke pour over ice and enjoy! Breakfast drink that makes every morning better.