The Best Cake ever.

best cake ever

Sometimes you run across things in life that you want to attempt to recreate. Other times you just want to sit back and take it all in, enjoying the talent behind it.

This cake is one of those things. It may quite honestly be the best cake ever that I’ve enjoyed in a restaurant.

best cake ever

It’s one of those things that you taste, and not just respond with a “Mmmm…that’s good,” but a “Dayaamn…that’s good,” accompanied by a faint tear in your eye out of pure appreciation for great beauty, for perfection, for the sharing of a true gift.

Yeah, I know, it’s just cake. But then again, why can’t cake be a masterpiece? I say it can. “The eye of the beholder” and all…

Let me tell you about this cake. It’s Highland Mocha Stout Cake from French Broad Chocolate Lounge in Asheville, North Carolina. And yes, I consider it an edible masterpiece. A masterpiece created with a local brew, rich chocolate, and (*tear of joy*) coffee buttercream, topped with dark chocolate curls.

One of the cool things about the folks at French Broad Chocolate Lounge is their desire to find the best local ingredients whenever they can. Read all about their “Manifesto” and see what I mean. Their commitment to high standards for ingredients comes together in perfect harmony in this cake. For me, a chocolate lover, it’s a bite of pure bliss.

Let me put it this way, if I were not already married, and were planning a wedding, this would be my wedding cake. I’d order 10 of them and arrange them in some fancy way as a gift to friends and family sharing our special day. Yep, that good. And again, that’s my opinion. But if you’re a chocolate fan, I think you’d agree.

best cake ever

Not too sweet, it’s a moist balanced cake. And that buttercream? Oh my… I haven’t even touched on the other treats you’ll find at French Broad Chocolate Lounge. They offer a full menu of chocolatey delights. Their Salted Honey Caramels are a whole other post altogether. So, if you’re in the Asheville, NC area or just passing through, take a break and head over to the best tasting lounge I’ve ever experienced, French Broad Chocolate Lounge.

Where have you found the best cakes? I’d love to hear all about them!


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    Oh my… That cake looks amazing! And coffee buttercream sounds just like heaven!
    Might save this article to favorites for when I need a sugar hit without the calories!

  2. 5


    Well it’s a toss up. My sister’s wedding cake recipe and my classic yellow cake with chocolate icing that all my children (6) enjoy for breakfast every morning of their birthday.

  3. 6


    Sachertorte … in New Orleans, LA. Can’t remember the restaurant but it was quite the “experience.” (Too many years ago.)

    Congrats on Go SAVOR!

  4. 7


    My favorite cake ever is…one my daughter and I made…is that allowed? But, with some irony…or actually something other than irony, how about delight, I’ve since gotten to know the original recipe developer whose cake was in Bon Appetit magazine, one Ms. Abby Dodge. Talk about small world, huh?

    We modified the frosting just a bit and it is one amazing combination of flavors.

    Espresso Chocolate Layer Cake with White Chocolate Mascarpone Frosting
    Bon Appetit Magazine, original recipe by Abby Dodge

  5. 11


    Chocolate cake
    Mama Maria’s
    Upper Luke Wright Street
    Dumaguete, Negros, Philippines

    I know right, plain old chocolate cake. I went on a trip to the Philippines and stopped in Dumaguete before traveling out to some water falls. Right off of their beach was a little spanish restaurant named, “Mama Maria’s”. I have never had a better piece of cake in my entire life. It was phenomenal how moist and perfect they made chocolate cake. I often joke about going to the Philippines again just for the cake at Mama Maria’s.

  6. 15


    Cake: Raspberry Blackout Cake (but really, I haven’t had a dessert from Flying Star that I didn’t like)
    Place: Flying Star Cafe
    Address: Located across New Mexico
    Link:, or a a pdf menu here (desserts not featured on menu as they regularly rotate)

    Perhaps I will have to snap a pic next time! We love the food at this diner and the dessert case is incredible! They cook everything in the restaurant from scratch and focus on local, organic, and natural foods.

    • 19

      Danielle says

      I love it there! How about the cheese cake?! Oh my I see a run to St.Paul soon…..

  7. 23


    Oh dear best cake ever? Vanilla bean Cheesecake at Jerry’s in Wrightsville Beach and Bourbon Sponge cake in Dublin.

    I absolutley adore your new site ladies!! {{hugs}}

  8. 27


    Thank you, thank you! {curtsy} i appreciate your kind words and beautiful photography! This is indeed one of our most favorite items at the Chocolate Lounge. And why yes I have made it into tiered wedding cakes! LOVE & gratitude! xoxo Jael

  9. 32


    I want this now!!! I may perish with out it.
    I’m going to find a recipe since cake is the embodiment of all that is good in this world.

  10. 34

    Charleen Garman says

    So love this cake!!! We had it the last time we were in Ashville, NC. We also bought a piece of Stout cake from the LAB in Ashville.. My husband like the LAB’s better, I loved the French Broad cake and we both love the Highland Beers from Ashville. We live in our motor home and both of these were the best cakes we have had.

  11. 35

    Lori says

    I drive to Asheville often from Charleston so i can get in some yummies I was at French Broad on Monday and enjoyed the quintessential chocolate cake. it is such a great place with delish treats

    • 37

      Kathy S says

      HA! I second this submission. YUM!’s Patti Cake is the BEST!
      In fact, I stumbled upon this thread because I was online trying to see if anyone has the recipe.

  12. 38


    There are no words for this cake! I would drive to Asheville just to sample it. I don’t have a favorite cake, so I will borrow this one for now.

  13. 40

    Maggie Williams says

    Thanks- because of this cake “sighting”, I visited my sister this week (I live in Washington state) and today I stopped by the french broad to sample your “best cake ever”. I am not sure if you are right about it being the best but it was totally amazing. Tomorrow I am going back for the other cake- the maple buttercream one looks fabooo and the other chocolate chocolate layered cake must be sumptuous. Do you live in Asheville? Great reccomendation I am so happy I read your blog and happened upon it!
    Thanks again- Blissfully happy in ASheville!

  14. 41

    Sue S. says

    I had the Highland Mocha Stout Cake this past weekend for the first time and it was simply amazing! So good it hurt!

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