Sugar Cupcakery, Milford Ohio

We had the privilege to meet Krista Tevar of Sugar Cupcakery and her team this past summer when we asked if she’d be willing to chat with us about the very sweet life in a cupcake shop . . . I say that somewhat tongue-in-cheek because I know how hard Krista and her team work but I also know how much she loves serving quality, organic cupcakes to the people of her community.  And if Krista seems a bit familiar, you may have seen her on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars – she and her sister Karla came in second but not to worry, they’re doing just fine!

Take a behind-the-scenes peek at Sugar Cupcakery in the short video below – oh, and for a list of some pretty fabulous cupcake recipes from around the web, head over to Smith Bites – you really don’t want to miss these!


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    How cool to see this today! That’s my home town! So much has changed since I’ve moved away but they’ve really revitalized the area with cute little eateries like this.

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