My latest favorite Hat-Head.

Last weekend, while in San Francisco, we headed to the Ferry Building and wharf area in search of a few sursies to take home to our kids. On the way we passed a remarkable talent, John F. King II.

This guy was rockin’ y’all. He’s got skills. Or is it skilz?

Anyway, John was turnin’ the beat around. He was movin’ and groovin’ – definitely to the beat of his own drums, much of which was junk, or what most would consider trash.

(Okay, is the droppin’ the “g” and addin’ an apostrophe botherin’ you yet?)

You have to wonder if the people who threw out some of this stuff out would be surprised at what joyful sounds come from it now? One man’s trash…

I was so enthralled with his energy and performance that I didn’t read his signs until I got home and viewed the pictures. Look he’s got a website.

You can watch videos, hear audio and read more about John here at He’s even got a mission statement – that’s more than I have. And if you have kids be sure to show them some of the videos. Fun stuff. You never know, it may inspire an impromptu jam session in your own kitchen.

If you’re ever in San Francisco during the weekend, look for John and his drums near the Ferry Building. And don’t forget to tell him you like his hat!

So, have you met or seen anyone that inspires you lately? Do share…

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    Lauren S. says

    I am so glad you asked…one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen in a long time happened just two days ago. My husband’s cousin has a 9 year old son that’s been battling neuroblastoma (a rare pediatric cancer)since he was 4.5 years old. They call him “The Amazing Super Ryan”. He’s beaten the odds time after time and the beast keeps coming back but they keep fighting back…anyhow, he just got home from treatments the other day and was cleaning out his piggy bank and counted out $85.89. He immediately told his mother he wanted to donate the money to Band of Parents, a group of parents raising funds for neuroblastoma research. His mother routinely sends out emails to family and friends and mentioned this in passing as a “Ryan moment”. A family friend immediately responded and also donated $85.89 to B of P and challenged others to do the same. Last I heard over 30+ families have met the challenge. There are some adults I really look up to, but wow, when a child leads by example, it’s just amazing! What a kid! To read more about Ryan Reardon, check out, his mother Norma is a beautiful writer.

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