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The hustle and bustle has finally settled down around here. And I don’t know about you, but a nice cozy chair, and a good book sounds like a pretty nice evening to me. Top it off with a cup of warm, comforting tea and it’s nearing perfection on the chillin’ meter right now for me.

I’m a big iced tea drinker, but a warm cup of tea, with a touch of honey hits the spot on a cold morning, or lazy evening too. So when the nice folks from Mighty Leaf Tea company asked if I’d like to try some tea and offer a giveaway to you I was mighty happy to oblige. Mighty Leaf Tea company sent a variety of whole leaf teas to try.

Mighty Leaf Tea is known for artisan-blended whole leaf teas, delivered in their signature hand-stitched, mesh tea pouches. Aren’t they lovely?

The mesh pouches are filled with fragrant blends of fruit, spices and other flavorful ingredients to create combinations like Ginger Twist. Yum!

I’ve tried both the Rainforest Maté blend and the Chocolate Mint Truffle. Both were tasty and soothing.

And I’m looking forward to trying some baking with this Matcha Tea.

I’ve seen a few recipes floating around for cookies and cakes made with this vibrant green tea powder that sound yummy. Isn’t the color amazing?

As I mentioned before you too can enjoy some Mighty Tea and maybe do some Matcha Tea baking yourself. One winner will receive a handsome handcrafted box of tree-free Abaca plant fibers and cogon grass, filled with 30 whole leaf biodegradable tea pouches.

To enter, just leave a comment telling me your favorite way to chill out after the maddening rush of the holidays. Do you listen to your favorite tunes? Or maybe curl up for an evening of knitting? Or possibly a game of parcheesi is your ideal way to kick into low gear?

Whatever it is that helps you take it easy, leave a comment here telling me all about and you’ll be entered to win.

Entries will be accepted beginning today, Tuesday, January 4, 2011, through Friday, January 7, 2011 Midnight PST. One entry per person please. Winner will be announced sometime on Saturday, January 8, 2011.


We have a winner! Congratulations to…

#24 Megan S who said…

“I love tea. Green tea is my most favorite of all. I love to sit in bed with a good movie and hopefully it puts me to sleep. Those nights are usually the ones when I get the best rest.”

Congratulations Megan! I’ll be contacting you about your prize.


Happy chillin’ y’all!

(Mighty Tea supplied me with samples of their tasty tea and will be providing the prize for this giveaway.)


  1. 2

    Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies says

    We’re huge tea drinkers around this house. I picked up the habit when we lived in England, and it’s almost an obsession now. Nothing relaxes me quicker than a good hot cup of tea, with milk and sugar, of course! That’s how we relaxed when the holidays got to be too much. Right now I’m kind of obsessed with Assam black tea.

  2. 3


    It’s hardly chillin’,.. but I love that feeling when all the decorations are away and you’ve hoovered the house and things look back to normal. It is only then that I can curl up on the sofa with a good book and a cup of tea! Bliss!

  3. 5

    Kelly Jo says

    This tea looks DELISH!

    i love to curl up with a good cup of tea and just visit with my husband- gets me all centered and ready to take on the list of things to do!

  4. 7

    Jessica Herring says

    Family night is how I like to calm down after a busy holiday or weekend. We rent a good movie, get take-out, and my 3yr and I get in the kitchen and make a yummy treat!

  5. 8

    Jessica says

    I like to curl about with a good book or do some knitting and snuggle under a blanket. I live in the frozen tundra known as Minnesota. :)

  6. 10

    the country cook @ Delightful Country Cookin says

    I love cross-stitching with a candle burning and a good movie. Add some tea or hot chocolate, and I’d call it a perfect evening. :-)

  7. 11

    Jules says

    My favorite way to relax is with The Good Book and a nice steamy cup of tea. Oh and I love listening to some Otis Redding. :)

  8. 12


    Not surprisingly, I relaxed with hot tea and a food magazine or cookbook or my new found addiction, Scrabble Flash! You will love baking with Matcha. I just made a cupcake with it and its fab!

  9. 14

    Jean says

    An evening with a really good movie playing on the DVD player suits me just fine.

  10. 16

    marcy says

    My fave way to relax is turn out all the lights but the christmas tgree and just think of the memories…

  11. 17

    Jennifer K says

    I do love to knit and watch TV whether it be a good movie or at my house a good football game. We also love to play dominos to chill out.

  12. 18

    Diana says

    Hi! I don’t know if I can enter this since I don’t live in the US but I love tea so much and I would at least like to thank you for writing about it. I went to their site and I might just order everything there! :))
    Anyway, in case I am up for this giveaway, my favorite chill out method is also tea. January is my tea-finding month. it is when I search for and try new teas. :)

    Thanks for this giveaway and for your wonderful blog (I especially love your pictures).

  13. 19

    Jennifer (Savor) says

    For me, I chill with a book while I rest on a heating pad – such an old lady right?

  14. 20

    Wenderly says

    Music always seems to wrap me up in its’ magic and whisk away the stress. When I pair my music with a hearty workout, I feel like I can set the world on fire!

  15. 22

    NanaBread says

    I’ve been a hot tea drinker my whole life. My mother always had an assortment of tea bags for us to choose from. My four sisters, my mother and I still like to heat up the kettle and laugh over a cup of tea when we get together. My favorite way to relax is in my favorite pajamas with fuzzy socks, wrapped in a fleece blanket, with a cup of Black Chai tea, in front of a nice fire. Good stuff!

  16. 23

    Miss Wisabus says

    After this holiday, I’ve been curling up in my big chair with a cup of hot tea, fresh from my Keurig (oh, how I love thee). Hot tea is one of my *favorite* things. Lately I’ve been enjoying a honey lemon ginger blend. Refreshing with a touch of spice.

    Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway!

  17. 24

    Megan S says

    I love tea. Green tea is my most favorite of all. I love to sit in bed with a good movie and hopefully it puts me to sleep. Those nights are usually the ones when I get the best rest.

  18. 25


    I’m a big Mighty Leaf tea fan! My favorite way to relax is to drink a cup of tea and read the newspaper, then complete the crossword puzzle.

  19. 26

    Pattypro says

    A nice pot of tea always helps me relax. If my feet are up and a book is at hand, so much the better.
    I’m not familiar with Mighty Leaf, but will have to look for some.

  20. 27

    Sheri says

    My favorite way to relax is with a good back and a cup of hot tea . . . that is why I would love to win the Mighty Leaf tea selections! Thanks!

  21. 30

    Tracy says

    I love to sit with my daughters in front of the fireplace with the TV on an old movie and thumb through all the magazines I was too busy to read during the holidays while we talk. Of course I have to have a hot cup of tea or cider to sip on and my toy poodle Gertie on my lap helping to keep me warm.

  22. 31

    Kami Haupt says

    After the kids are settled for the night, I work on a photo book using all our photos from 2010. It’s the perfect way to get some “me time.” I can get lost in memories of the past year and the creative process at the same time! Plus, I’ll have a beautiful book to share with my family and friends when the book’s complete!

  23. 32

    Steph says

    Our favorite way to chill is for everyone to get together in the living room, snuggle up under blankets and have popcorn (homemade and grown in our garden each year) and iced tea while watching some family friendly movie. We’d love to have this set.

  24. 33

    Shannon Brenner says

    I like to unwind by baking…I just wish my hubby’s idea of relaxing was washing dishes. =)

  25. 34

    Constance says

    I like to relax by settling down with my knitting and a cup of hot tea – only thing missing is a kitten. I did have a nightmare last night, though, about the sweater I’m working on for my son – I dreamed he tried it on and one sleeve was a foot longer than the other. All because I’ve been asking him to give me a sweater that fits him the way he likes so I can measure against it. Perhaps I’d best stick to hats and socks :)

  26. 35

    Jennifer says

    Trying a new recipe and washing dishes are actually very relaxing to me.

  27. 36

    Wendy O says

    I lay on the coach with a cozy blanket. I put on the headphones with sounds of summer. Thunderstorms or meadow sounds are always good. Hopefully someone will have given me a cookbook or any book for Christmas. I then take one look out the window at frozen landscape turn back to my book and say ahhh.

  28. 37

    Katie says

    I love to curl up with a blanket and a good book and read to escape the hectic day and just relax and unwind

  29. 38

    abbyleigh says

    i just enjoyed a cup of tea that did just that – helped me chill out while warming me up.
    these look wonderful!

  30. 40


    A hot cup of tea and a good game of Scrabble–that’s my idea of the perfect, relaxing night at home. (I know, I know. We’re a shameless bunch of nerds at my house. And it suits us just fine.)

  31. 41


    I LOVE tea! My favorite way to chill out after the holidays is to undecorate & then sit with a cup of tea (really!) and enjoy the new “stark” look for a while. =)

  32. 43

    Delishhh says

    Oh Mighty Leaf Tea is my favorite. I always order that stuff. And Matcha tea is so good for you, the best green tea out there i love it , i have never baked with it just drink it in the morning.

    Well i do not get a lot of relaxing after the holiday rush – more like get back to work. But in the evenings i try to catch up on all my favorite Tv shows that are sitting on my TIVO.

  33. 44

    Jeannine Glenn says

    I do enjoy a cup of tea in the evening. Blanket, Bluegrass & a hot cup of Brewed tea. I can’t wait to try this beautiful tea!

  34. 46

    Deborah says

    A good book, a few minutes of sewing or snuggling with one of our dogs or cats are all relaxing.

  35. 47

    Donna G says

    My faovrite way to chill is with a book and a warm cup of tea. Decaf, usually.

  36. 48

    Carissa says

    This year, I got a glorious hot stone massage. It definitely helped take the edge off the holiday stress!

  37. 49

    Dawn says

    Oh, how I love Mighty Leaf! I also always order boxes to their tea to give away at Christmas with my cookies. Their mesh teabags are just wonderful, and I love that each teabag is filled with such natural and beautiful flowers, fruit rinds, etc.

    Okay, to answer your question, but I agree with Jane. Once all the decorations are packed away, and my house is back to normal (usually by that time I am suffering from a full bout of what I call Santa Claustrophobia…the stuff everywhere is closing in on me!), I settle in with a good book or cookbook, a cup of tea, with my dogs at my feet and look forward to the cozy winter ahead.

  38. 50


    I like doing crafts- mostly knitting and sewing. But I love to bake, although after the holiday season the last one is put on hold after too many holiday sweets! This tea looks so delicious, I hope I win!

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